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    1.) My name is Kathy
    2.) I live in central Florida – midway between Tampa and Olrando
    3.) Doesn’t matter how old I am – my birthday is in July
    4.) I’ve been a John fan since forever I think – actually NOT – I have clothes older than he is
    5.) Saw him in Long Island in January
    6.) Married
    7.) Just started a new job.
    8.) Can’t stand mexican food – yuch!!
    9.) I’ve made my own religion but am a practicing Catholic, I call it Kathyism.
    10.) I’m open and friendly but don’t have many close friends
    11.) I get hurt when people talk badly about others
    12.) Politics and religion are open to discussion
    13.) Other than that I’m happy-go-lucky
    14.) I have three daughters and raised my sisters two children.
    15.) I work as a receptionist at an auto auction
    16.) Satisfied with my job and children – would like to retire.
    17.) I want to travel
    18.) I love to cook!
    19.) I am addicted to forensic shows and John Edward
    20.) I hope to make a difference before I cross over :wave:


    I haven’t been here for so long, I think I need to re-introduce myself! I’m going to post 20 things about me, and I hope you guys will post 20 things about each of you, so we can all get to know each other better!!

    1.) This may be obvious… my name is Krissy ;)
    2.) I live in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky
    3.) I’m 20, my bday is May 12th
    4.) I’ve been a John fan since Nov. 2000
    5.) Saw him in Columbus in October last year, front row!
    6.) Engaged to be married [to bf of 5 yrs] in May
    7.) Buying a cute old farm house right now!
    8.) I don’t like peanut butter! Or much Mexican food.
    9.) I’m a strong Christian, but non-demoninational beyond that
    10.) I’m open and friendly but don’t have many close friends
    11.) I get mad when people talk badly about others
    12.) Or when I, or my faith, is personally offended
    13.) Other than that I’m happy-go-lucky
    14.) I want to have a lot of kids!
    15.) I work as a loan processor in a bank
    16.) Want a more creative job, I’m studying to be an interior decorator
    17.) I also want to be a foster parent and adopt!
    18.) I love to cook!
    19.) I collect toys from the 80’s, mostly My Little Pony
    20.) I hope to make a difference before I meet the Maker ;)

    That’s me in a nutshell. *Help I’m in a nutshell! How did I get into this nutshell?!* :jumper:


    Hi Krissy, glad to meet you. :wave:

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

    Let me see if I can even think of 20 things to say about myself. :P

    1) I live in Arizona
    2) I am in my 40’s
    3) I love Mexican food. :) Peanut butter is ok too. :lwink:
    4) I have two wonderful kids.
    5) I work in a bank also. I am looking for a new job.
    6) I am a committed Christian too. Non-denomanational as well.
    &) I love John Edward. (me and everyone else here)
    9) I love animals! Any kind. Birds, dogs, cats, horses……
    10) :mad: Gossips really make me angry!
    11) I love old people.
    12) I love babies.
    13) Traffic is a pet peeve.
    14) Intorlerant people are a pet peeve.
    15) I love learning about spiritual things.
    16) I own 6 cats.
    17) I love going thrift shopping, and to yard sales.
    18) I would love to go back to school.
    19) I like gardening, and plants.
    20) I can’t wait to meet up with my family on the other side.

    Whew! I did it.

    I look forward to hearing from you Krissy.


    Congrats on your forthcoming marriage Krissy. We just celebrated our 35th (anniversary that is!)

    1. I live in Wisconsin
    2. I am three times Krissy, but not twice Sassy:eek:
    3. I like most foods but not mixed with peanut butter (teehee!)
    4. Together we have five great children and six grandchildren and one great grandson (oui!)
    5. I do not work outside the home yet but am thinking about it.
    6. I, too, am Christian
    7. I admire JE for his work and his dedication to his work. Few of us in this world know exactly what we are called to do. I believe he is one of the few that fully understands what he is supposed to be doing.
    8. At the moment the only pet I have is my husband (he is groomed, fed and walked daily)
    9. Perhaps the one thing I do not like is stupidity. One can be uninformed but that does not make them stupid. In my humble mind stupidity is the result of laziness.
    10. Some of the most wonderful conversations I have ever had in my life were with senior citizens and pre-school children. Both groups have the most wonderful outlook on life.
    11. My spiritual life is ever evolving and finding new things to add to my life of life surprises grows daily just from reading what is offered on this board and SpiritDiscovery.
    12. I love reading, knitting, crocheting and making cards.
    13. I sincerely enjoy quiet time just to think.
    14. I find quiet solice at the beach, mostly low tide at sunset – no breeze, few clouds – hmmm, almost meditated on that sentence.
    15. Gardening is a tough job but the results are pure pleasure.
    16. I love to teach. Makes no difference what I teach – nothing special just the opportunity to share what I know.
    17. I like Bach, Verdi and Bobby Vinton:D
    18. I am very happy to be a part of this board. I have made new friends and I am very thankful for that.
    19. I made my first batch of grape jam this week – not bad!!
    20. You all think of the 20th one – I am out of think…..


    Hey Irishrose, where do you get a pet husband? I don’t have one of those!!


    Here is #20 for you:

    20) You are very warm and friendly person. You make newbies feel very comfortable here. :lwink:


    Krissy, Sassy & Irishrose: I was just thinking a few days ago about how some of us long time members need to introduce ourselves to the newcomers. This is a great way,so I hope I can come up with 20 things.
    (I have your 20th Irishrose…you are a kind thoughtful person!)

    1. I, too, have been married for 35 years, will be 36 yrs. in December 2002.
    2. I am a teacher (in many ways), but career wise –8th grade Earth Science.
    3. I belong to a meditation group, which is really awesome, we connect to the otherside through channelers.
    4. I was told my “essence was teacher” at my last meditation group meeting.
    5. I’m younger than Irishrose (if she is three Krissy’s), but older than Sassy.
    6. I have two wonderful adult children, both are married, both will soon be living in Oregon.
    7. I have two adorable granddaughters (my daughters children) and one more grandchild (my son’s) on the way.
    8. I love cats and have two at the present time, our gray female is about 8 yrs. old and our little white and black male is almost 8 months old.
    9. I find massage and music to be necessities of earth school.
    10. I’m very friendly, warm, caring, and try to be a good listener.
    11. I go by POOH on this website, because my mom used to read it to me all the time when I was little, I think she named me for Winniie the POOH or after my grandfather Winn.
    12. I have been a student of metaphysics for almost 20 years, with reincarnation and past lives being my strongest interest when I started.
    13. I am very spiritual and am learning more every day through meditation, reading and talking to others (including web friends.)
    14. I began listening, learning, and following John Edward early in 2000, after my sister crossed in 1999.
    15. I love going to Psychic Fairs, we have a local Metaphysical Emporium here in town who has them twice a year. I have had my aura photographed and videotaped, and explained.
    16. I am a night person and usually stay up too late.
    17. Closed minded people frustrate me.
    18. As a science person I am openminded, yet a healthy skeptic, “energy exists, changes, but never disappears.”
    19. I love television, science fiction, old movies, and Scooby doo.(as well as the Disney Pooh)
    20. World Peace is my hope. (John Lennon’s songs echo my thoughts.)

    Love & light,


    Wow, thanks Pooh.

    It is nice to read about you. I am so excited :jumper:

    Thanks Krissy for starting this thread.


    Hi Krissy, most people know a lot about me already but I’ll do my list. :)

    1. I live in Maryland, born in New York. Can’t really call anywhere home since I was an Army brat and lived all up and down the East Coast growing up. Three of those years were in Frankfort, Germany.

    2. I stay young in mind no matter how old I get.

    3. Was married 36 years to a wonderful man, a great marriage.

    4. Have two wonderful adult children, a son and daughter (Daughter is on here as Daughtie).

    5. Have three young grandchildren, two grandsons and a granddaughter.

    6. One pet, a 6 pound Yorkie-Poo named Gizmo. Love all animals but am allergic to some, especially cats.

    7. I am Roman Catholic by faith and have always been a spiritual person.

    8. Work three days a week in the Public Library system, behind the check-out desk. I absolutely love my job.

    9. Love to travel and have done a lot of it. I’ve been to numerous different states and countries with my husband and family. Every visit was great.

    10. I am the oldest of 6 children and was a built-in baby sitter for them. :) Two sisters and three brothers.

    11. Love reading a variety of books, watching a good movie, buying presents for family, doing illustrations and other artwork as a hobby, surfing the internet. I’ve never been very athletic.

    12. Grew up being a huge fantasy and science fiction fan. I am thrilled to know some of that fantasy is real.

    13. Always trying to lose weight but love salty items too much. Could have cloned myself three times with my weight loses. Being athletic would have helped. :)

    14. Live in Maryland now. but do not like seafood….give me chicken any day.

    15. Have been to numerous JE seminars and was read at one…once in a lifetime experience.

    16. Love looking at beautiful gardens and yards, but do not like working in them…too many allergies.

    17. I can not stand seeing or hearing about cruelty to other people or to innocent animals.

    18. Have several very close life long friends, one in Germany.

    19. Am extremely friendly, will talk to strangers, not shy with people, and have a hard time controlling my wild sense of humor.

    20. Thank God for finding JE and from the many ADCs I receive from my deceased family, especially the frogs. :D

    Gail :D


    This is a great thread. I have been hoping to learn more about those who come here.. It is touch to catch up when you are a newbie! Thank you for starting this, krissy!

    1.My name is Kathy

    2. I live in S.W. Pa.

    3. I am 49, and a Gemini

    4. I have been a JE fan for about 18 months, since I first found him on tv.

    5. Read his books Crossing over and One Last Time..Never saw John , would love to attend a seminar though! Or the gallery.

    6. Took my first steps on my own spiritual path very young.. but began to stride firmly along when I was 12 and met up with an Edgar Cayce book.. ( The Sleeping Prophe by Jess Stern)

    7. I was raised catholic, but do not consider myself Christian. I believe in a more.. hmm.. generic sort of One source, all life and living things are sacred type of thing. Not attached to any religion, but moreso to what I feel is true within them all. Buddism, Native American, Universal law sort of thing. I wish sometimes I could put a name on it. I have Faith, and feel that I follow a spritual path.. but is is uniquely my own. ( I meditate, smudge and follow the path I feel is right for me. Just following the guidance I receive from Spirit.. the Universe.. God.. all names for the same.. )

    8. I am painfully shy on a personal level. I can be fine when I am anonymous, such as on the job or speaking at an event… but not walking into a room ful of people as just me.

    9. I believe that lack of resect for all living things and greed is what is corrupting our society today. And I am beginning to fear it is gone beyond repair.

    10. I have no real fear for my personal safety.. but fear poverty. I have been very very poor in the past. We live pay to pay now, but we have some small security.

    11. I have been known to step in if I see someone else being threatened , human or animal.. and I tend to pick up hitchhikers ( don’t tell my daughter)

    12. I have 4 grown children, 3 sons and a daughter. I would give my life for any one of them at any time.

    13. Married for 31 years, but.. .. well… happily is the last word I would use to describe it

    14. I am a Reiki Master/pratitioner/teaching level. I have studied many alternative healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Theraputic Touch, Tellington Touch, herbalism, homeopathy, aromathereapy etc.

    15. I was an office manager in an holist animal clinic for seven years. I am an animal advocate and do whatever I am able to help our four footed companions.. domestic and free. Five cats and a dog share my life and home. I now work for the local Aids Service Organization.

    16. I would love to be a grandparent someday…My children are ages 25, 26, 28 and 30. No one is married no one has a child.

    17. I use the name solana online to honor a wonderful woman I met at an holistic health fair in Albuqueque who set me on the healing path I walk today. Her name was Giva Solana, and she worked at the Light Institute with Chris Griscom. I have lost touch with her, and would love to find her again.

    18. I think the internet is a gift. I have made some very special friends online, that are now friends offline as well. They have enriched my life in so many ways.

    19. I have been an avid reader since age five, and I tend to collect books. I have well over three hunred on subjects of a spiritual nature.. everything from the Bible to the Rig Veda. Among these I include my books on healing modalites and certain other cultures, from Native American, to Celtic to Mayan etc.

    20. I like Folk music and Irish Folk Music and miss people like Pete Seeger and Joan Baez etc. I also tend to like “oldies” and easy listening sort of music.. I use the so called ” New Age” sort of music in my practice of Reiki .


    Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate that. I enjoy making people feel at home. This is the perfect place for it.

    Sassy: Where did I get a pet husband? Long story really, but what it amounts to is that over time he finally came around to my way of thinking – hmmm, well that is not exactly it either. Actually we kinda met in the middle. He hears my every thrid word and I fix supper at 5…:D

    I agree, this is a good thread. Nice to meet all of us again.;)



    :read2: Okay, here goes:

    1. My name Denise.
    2. I am 49 (closing in on the big one).
    3. I live in Missouri, in a small, small town.
    4. I have been married to my sometimes wonderful husband for 20 years.
    5. I have two grown children, a son and a daughter, and have 2 grandsons, one from each child.
    6. Both of my children live in California.
    7. I miss them and wish they’d move to the midwest.
    8. I have one very good friend who thinks I’m nuts for believing in John, but she tolerates me rambling on and on about him.
    9. I have been a legal secretary most of my life, but am looking for a different path.
    10. I have been searching for a different path for years, can’t find it.
    11. I love babies and small children.
    12. I love old people (I was raised by two wonderful old ladies who loved me dearly and the feeling was mutual).
    13. I love animals, large and small. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse, 1 mini donkey, and I think every bird in Missouri in our yard.
    14. I also love John Edward. He is an amazing man, but I have not had the privilege of seeing him in person.
    15. I have reached an age where I seem to be searching for a meaning for everything.
    16. I have been trying to learn the art of meditation (any hints would be helpful)!
    17. I am an avid reader, reading is one of my passions. I am waiting for something new from JE!
    18. I am a huge fan of scary movies, late at night, sitting in the dark.
    19. I love beautiful days, watching big white puffy clouds floating by, with the birds chirping in the background (just like today!).
    20. I also love being a member of this forum and reading all the posts that I can relate to.

    There, I did it!! I’m happy to meet everyone!



    Hi Gypsy… 3 of my children live in other states.. one of them, in Webster Grove.. he works at SLU. I know how hard it is to have them so far way. I am glad to meet you .

    I think this is a fantastic thread. Its hard when everyone is just a screen name to get to know people.. and nice when we share, a bit, I think :)



    Hi Solana. It is nice hearing about the people. But something you said in your “bio” brought to mind a lady I have not thought about in years. You mentioned healing touch. Many moons ago, when I would have terrible headaches, there was a woman where I worked that would take me into the back room (very quiet back there) and just place her hands around my head. She would never actually touch me, but I could feel the warmth from her hands as if there was a heating element there! After just a few minutes, the pain was gone. She was wonderful, just wonderful. I was so upset when she moved, she was my healer.

    Anyway, thanks for jogging my memory about her. It brings a smile to my face. She definitely had a talent.

    Do you practice the healing touch?



    I do, Gypsy. I incorprate that and theraputic touch and chakra work in with my reiki.
    Gypsy.. honestly, we all have the ability to channel the healing energies from the universe .. I bet you can do this for yourself..

    first.. center a bit.. surround yourself with .. prayer energy or positive energy, or however you feel most comfortable.. a healing light with the intention of protection has the same intention as prayer..

    then you can do your own healing work.. so I believe and teach.
    I believe that healing is much like any psychic work, and that we can all call on that energy and channel it.. but practice and training makes us makes us better at it.

    If you place your own hands down on your head and ask for the energy to flow.. rather than setting my intention in too focused a way, I often ask for relief of the pain I am feeling.. or the client is feeling.. that way, it sort of tidies up odds and ends :)

    Often too, I will ask for the help of those guides who will be most helpful with each specific treatment.

    I tend to touch.. when working on physical pain, and work in the energy field when I am working on emotional or energy related pain..

    I believe that touch itself is healing..

    If you have any questions, I would be very happy to try to help :)



    Solana, go over to

    and register. There are many
    subjects that I know you can
    contribute to. I would love
    to hear what you have to say
    about as many as you would like
    to do.

    There is some VERY interesting
    subjects over there. Take a
    minute and peek…


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