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    Solana, I have a problem with concentration. I can’t seem to concentrate long without those nuisance thoughts coming into my head. I am having such a hard time trying to meditate. I know I probably don’t give it enought time, I get very frustrated. I have had only one successful meditation.

    I have ordered some books which I hope will help me. But I truly, truly believe in the healing touch. As I said before, I felt the warmth, the heat, emanating from her hands. It was great.

    As other members have said, I think just watching and listening to John makes us really think about our own capabilities and I am on that journey right now. Unfortunately, my husband thinks it’s all a bunch of you know what, so I really am on my own with this and have to just keep quiet about it. My close friends don’t think too much about it either, so this board is wonderful for me, someone to talk to who truly believes there is more to life than the everyday drudgery!!

    Anyway, I’m rambling again. Thanks for the help, Solana.


    Hi Gypsy

    I am going to do a little sharing here, hope you don’t mind.

    I, too, was having a lot of trouble concentrating and that is because I am also on my own. The problem was that I thought I was going to be interrupted at any minute and I don’t like that.

    As a result I could not concentrate.

    Here is the good news. It makes no difference if you are interrupted. It has to do with discipline. One can immediately get back to where you left off. Of course all of this takes a little bit of time but it is worth the effort. Don’t give up and allow yourself to work into yourself – never mind things that pop in and out of your mind. They don’t fit and so they won’t stay.

    Good luck. By the way, do you have JE’s tapes?



    Thanks for the link IrishRose..

    Actually I am registered there.. but I have been so busy lately, that I have been spendiing more time here….

    I love that site as as well..and have so manyposts that I want to contribute to.. it is almost overwhelming LOL

    But the AIDS walk was saturday, so that will free up some time.. and my son will be coming home for a visit with his fiance.. so I am cleaning and painting like a mad woman.. but once they have gone back home, maybe I will find more time .

    I hope to see youover there soon, though IrishRose :)

    Gypsy… sometimes it helps to use a focus of some kind. A candle, or a crystal or something that you can focus on comfortably. Or, maybe music.. or a scent? ( I use clary sage to meditate and to do Reiki)

    Also a good way to begin is to try using the elevator reverie or going down steps.. or into a pool.. or.. ust picture yourself walking a path to a “safe” place or a beautiful place. You might try telling yourself that outside noises will notdistract you, but will help you go deeper into meditation. There are a lot of good tapes out there.. and that might help you..

    Gypsy, my husband is not a beliver in any of what I believe or do. He scoffs at my Reiki practice and ..
    well, I have found that there is a lot of support in the circle of firneds i have that facilitate healing work.

    maybe you have a local bookstore like this one

    that has meditation classes?

    Belive me, there is something very special about a group meditation.. the energy is amazing! Huge, at times

    once you find others in your community who share your belifs, you will feel so much better?!

    Are you near Webster University? ? I think my son knows of a place near there .. a crystal shop.. or do an online search..

    Besides.. there are some very nice people here that will be supportive of you! :)


    IrishRose.. you are very right.. it is discipline..
    I have not heard JE’s tapes , but have been thinking of trying to get them.. :)


    Good suggestions and links Solana – thanks.

    Don’t work too hard painting, etc. But having family come home is so nice.

    I’ll see you off and on.

    Everyone join us in chat tonight if you have a minute (on this board). We have a great time and there is usually some lively commentary going on about this weeks CO shows or at least about JE’s work. The time is 9 p.m. eastern.



    Thank you for the suggestion.. I might have a go at it.. two window blinds to put up yet though.. :)
    and I am really bad at it!


    Thank you all for the suggestions. I am about 2 hours from Kansas City and believe me, that would be the closest city for me to find more information. I am working hard at this and hope to get there soon. I have ordered some books off the web though.

    I was wondering about the music part of it. Do you think that would help? Or would more of a “white” noise help? Like ocean waves or something????

    I don’t have JE’s tapes, but I am now going to order them. Six tapes must have something I can use:D

    Hope to see everyone on tonight at the chat. I am looking forward to it.


    1. My name is Renee. To my family, I am Nay nay.
    2. Born and raised in Florida
    3. I will soon be 34 y/o. Age is only a number. My advice on aging: Wear sunscreen, start on Retinol or Retin A ASAP, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Only wrinkles scare me, but hey, I live in Florida. I’ve seen some scary wrinkles!!!
    4. Married for ten years. I’ve known hubby for 16 years, we were friends for two years before dating.
    5. We have three children and we are completely done in childbearing!!!! At least I am…………….
    6. I’ve watched JE since early 2001.
    7. I attended one seminar in Jax, Fl.
    8. I learned of mediumship by accident. I went garage saling one day, felt bad for the person having garage sale person sitting in heat, I picked up a dollar book and bought it. The author was someone other than JE. I was hooked. The rest is history.
    9. I’ve been on my own spiritual learning for a few years. Haven’t found anything, I feel like quitting. Not that this isn’t real, I just don’t think there are any answers for me.
    10. No denomination. Definitly christian though.
    11. I love jokes. I’m famous for practical jokes in office and with docs I work with. I miss that now that I am working at home.
    12. Hobbies are sewing, reading, nature walks, museums, anything new that can be experienced with children.
    13. I collect pixies and elves since aquiring my grandmother’s nick nacks.
    14. I intend to finish college one day. I am not sure what I want to be though.
    15. I hate to cook except Italian food because I don’t eat Italian food in restaurants. I haven’t found anything authentic in our city.
    16. Love music! Favorite group since early 80’s and still my favorite is U2. I could name a thousand loved artist,
    but they are the ultimate.
    18. I have met great online friends that have taught me much.
    19. My dad was my greatest friend in the world.
    20. I hate beets! (sorry, I couldn’t think of anything more).



    Hi Gypsy!

    Glad to meet you. I think you will like it here very much.

    I missed the chat tonight. :( As a matter of fact I
    have missed the chat something like the last 3 or 4 Sundays…….

    Hope to see you soon. Hopefully I will be able to make the chat next Sunday.




    The best advice I can give you is to do what works for you. And most likely that will change as time passes, and even … eventually… from meditation to meditation.

    I am not a big white noise fan.. but have on occasion used nature sounds..

    Drums are very , sort of hypnotic to me.. and can help me to fal into a meditation .. sometimes..

    Once you get started, you will see that it is not the same every time.. and that the dog can bark or the neighbors horn can get stuck on their car.. and you can sort of either absorb it.. or let it simply flow off of you.

    More advice… know.. that you can do it. We all can. Try not to be afraid of it. There is no right way to mediatate ( or to do Reiki, or Intuitive work for that matter) there is only the way that is best for you.

    Just as we are all different in our thoughts and looks, we are all different in our abilities and how we use them. If meditating to the sound of a high school band practice works.. then .. well, it does..

    I would suggest that you practice breathing, as breathing is important. Learn to really breathe. It really helps to breathe correctly.. fill your body with air from your belly.. up. FEEL the breaths..

    Be patient with yourself

    To quote Edgar Cayce, “Patience is allowing the spirit to bear upon what you want.”



    and Rainay..
    I hate beets too!


    :) My turn:

    1.) My name is Jerri. I was named after my dad.
    2.) I hit the big 40 this year.
    3.) I am married to a wonderful guy – been together for 9 years.
    4.) Have two great daughters. Oldest one is 17 (from first marriage) youngest is almost 4. Even though there is a big age difference between the two, they still fight!!!
    5.) I am a stay-at-home mommy (best job I’ve ever had!!)
    6.) I have lived in Colorado since I was 4. Love it here but I would like to move to a less populated state.
    7.) I also love mexican food, and don’t care that much for peanut butter or beets. My biggest love is CHOCOLATE!!
    8.) Animals that reside at my house – 1 dog (she’s a wolf hybrid), 1 bunny,& 1 cockatiel. Have had many more animals in the past but we are trying to downsize.
    9.) Greatest lesson learned in life so far- “The quality of my life is greatly effected by the quality of the people I allow in it” (I ran with a pretty rough crowd in my early years and my life improved greatly when I finally learned this lesson!!)
    10.) I have started and stopped going to college more times than I like to admit. Someday I will figure out what I want to be when I grow up!!
    11.) I love to listen to the acoustic guitar – have tried to learn to play in the past but I never stuck with it. Luckily hubby plays!
    12.) I was a volunteer at a bird-of-prey rehabilitation center for 5 years. I loved it but had to give it up after daughter #2 came along. Especially loved working with the owls.
    13.) I like adventure. I have bungee jumped, skydived, white water rafted, hotair ballooned, parasailed, and I make it a point to always order something I have never tried before when I go to a restaurant.
    14.) I have never seen JE live. Someday maybe, but I don’t feel like it is something that I just have to do. Been watching JE since Dec. 2000.
    15.) I go to the library every week. I don’t read very much fiction. I usually head to the philosophy or metaphysical section.
    16.) I love puns. I judge a person’s intelligence on their sense of humor (I shouldn’t do this but always have!)
    17.) I try to live for now. I don’t worry too much about the future and tend to forget the past very quickly (that could just be an age thing :))
    18.) I have very long hair. I doubt I will ever cut it.
    19.) I don’t like telemarketing calls or door-to-door sales calls:mad: (I know people gotta make a living but I feel this is such an invasion of privacy!)
    20.) I am happy to meet all of you :)

    Originally posted by Rainay
    9. I’ve been on my own spiritual learning for a few years. Haven’t found anything, I feel like quitting. Not that this isn’t real, I just don’t think there are any answers for me.

    Maybe you should try asking different questions. I don’t mean that to sound callous – I have been there before too. Sometimes you have to take a step back and get your bearings in order to see what answers you are really searching for.


    Twenty things about me :hmm:

    1. PsyQuestor is not my given name … my name is Tammy.
    2. I have four children; two girls, two boys.
    3. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
    4. I love the water, and have always lived by the shore.
    5. I love to fish.
    6. I’ve been with the same wonderful guy for 13 years.
    7. English is not my first language, and I’m a terrible writer.
    8. My past work history (in no particular order):

    • A tee shirt designer / artist.
    • A clerk at a grocery store.
    • Night auditor / assistant manager for Ho Jo’s.
    • A cashier
    • A bookkeeper.
    • An Administrative Assistant.
    • A CENA
    • Waitress

    9. I have three brothers and one sister.
    10. I have 7 neices and nephews.
    11. People tell me I have a sexy telephone voice ;) ha ha ha. They love to put me on the radio on those call in shows.
    12. I don’t have a best friend, though I have alot of friends.
    13. I’d rather go fishing with the guys than do girly things.
    14. My own Mother (who named me) cannot spell my middle name. (no no don’t ask).
    15. My favorite perfume is Giorgio, second favorite is Cassini.
    16. I’ve never been married – YET.
    17. I was born legally blind, and remember the day I got my first glasses. I was two years old. [my folks just thought I was clutzy they had no idea I couldn’t see!]
    18. I went to nursing school for two years (#2 in my class), but never finished.
    19. I’m a Navy brat and darn proud of it!
    20. Oh, I like to watch Crossing Over :D

    whew, that wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be.


    I’ve really enjoyed reading all of these! Ill give it a try.

    1. I live in Arkansas, always have and guess I always will.
    2. Married to my highschool sweetheart, going on 28 years.
    3. Two daughters, grown and on their own.
    3. Will be 1st time grandma in April.
    4. Have 4 dogs. 1 pug, 2 border collies, and 1 adoped granddog, part engilish and american bulldog.
    5. I have become more tuned in to my spiritual side since watching crossing over.
    6. I dislike it when people are rude or just down right hateful!!!
    7. Also am bothered by people who think if you live in Arkansas you are instantly a Hillbilly with no education , teeth, or running water. (Im sorry, had a customer from another state with diamonds the size of dimes make a snide remark about people being hillbillies and I haven’t gotten over it
    8. I love to crossstitch, craft, and read.
    9. I have not lost anyone really close to me, but know when I do, they will still be close to me.
    10. I love all animals!!
    11. I am a Christian. My beliefs are very important to me. I like what a post made earlier said. I hope to make a mark in this world before I meet my Maker.
    12. I plan in the future to make my own labrynth.
    13. There aren’t many foods I don’t like!
    14. My husband flies a powered parachute and I hope to get my nerve up one of these days to fly with him.
    15. I don’t like being a emptynester!
    16. In the future I would like to have a new volkswagon beetle! ( yellow or red)
    17. My daughter dared me to get my navel pierced two months ago
    and I fell for it!
    18. I try to find good in all people!
    19. I love to go on cruises, but haven’t been in 3 years.
    20. I love this web site and read it every day. Don’t post too often but read each post.

    Thanks, this was fun and I look forward to reading more!!!.


    14. My husband flies a powered parachute and I hope to get my nerve up one of these days to fly with him.

    Woobeesmom: Is that the same as an ultralight??

    If so, I think they are neat. My hubby flew one and loved it – I told him no…because I KNEW what was coming next…LOL


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