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    dont you feel like you are sneaking past your parents? i thought we were closed….see those moderators love us and didnt want vacation after all (( lol!

    and to set the record straight before it gets out of hand ( again!)

    LONGABERGER are hand woven baskets . thats putting it mildly but dont get me started….

    i am watching the clock as i have dye in my hair, cant go to the CO jail with roots!!:angel: :eek:

    trying to be good, tina..dont go trying to lure me into your lewd ways again! its soooo tempting



    So cool that you’re doing the Sacred Contracts thing. I’m in the middle of the book but I also purchased the workshop “Finding Your Sacred Contract” on CD. I’ll be getting into it soon but I wanted to get a good feel about the whole thing from the book first.

    They say there are no coincidences and I truly believe this. I happened to catch a conversation between two people and one of them had mentioned Sacred Contracts and was talking a bit about it. It sounded so interesting that I barged in on their conversation and asked questions. The ladies were more than happy to share what they were learning from this book/tapes as it helped them through some pretty trying times, and I am currently trying to discover what my purpose in life is. I believe I was meant to hear that conversation as a means to get me to this book/author. So far, the book has been amazing and has been helping me so much!!

    And hello to CanadianMom!!! Mississauga eh? (here I go again!) I work in the City of Mississauga. It’s a great City with lots to do and we’re so close to downtown Toronto. After the Leafs were beat out of the playoffs, I was rooting for Canucks!! Oh well!! But I’m not rooting for the Sens, no way, I guess it’s the whole rivalry thing here in Ontario. Go Ducks Go!!!


    My sister will be glad to hear that there’s lots to do in Mississauga! (I said I’d write her, and the family soon after they got there!)
    You work there? Cool!!
    As for the Sens, it’s Canada’s last chance to get the cup, (where it belongs, after all, we are the country and birthplace of hockey. no?) ;)
    Although the Ducks have lots of BC players…;)



    Originally posted by bewitched_sam
    i thought we were closed….see those moderators love us and didnt want vacation after all (( lol!

    OF COURSE we love ya. We won’t close ’til tonight at 9 :)


    hey Don,
    Which time zone is that in? Your time? My time? aussie time?….;)



    hey don…the armband came out really well. thanks for the image!!

    i am ironing it fresh for tomorrow as we speak!!

    ( and contrary to popular opinion; i will wear more than it and a smile….) whew>>>>!!


    Originally posted by canadianmom
    hey Don,
    Which time zone is that in?

    That be CDT.

    Originally posted by bewitched_sam
    hey don…the armband came out really well. thanks for the image!!

    i am ironing it fresh for tomorrow as we speak!!

    ( and contrary to popular opinion; i will wear more than it and a smile….) whew>>>>!!

    Oh, ouch, that would sting going on, but I’m sure everyone would notice. LOL.
    Seriously… glad it turned out. Have fun.


    Of course, the ONLY benefit to the Boards closing is that I’ll be able to catch up on all the threads without worrying about new posts :-) … I’m sure the moderators can see more benefits – I’m just being selfish ;)

    Wishing a great break to all!


    What a great thread!!!

    Twenty things about myself? I’m not used to talking about myself in such detail but what the heck, I’ll give it a try. No guarentees though.

    1. My name I Jacqueline. (Jacquie to my friends).

    2. I have been married to a wonderful man that I met on line, for 2 years.

    3. I was raised as a Dutch Orthodox Reformed, but I now attend the United Church.

    4. Music is a passion of mine, and I have won several competitions for singing.

    5. I AM CANADIAN, and proud of it. GO LEAFS GO!!!!

    6. I recently graduated from high school, and have a diploma in Micro-Computer Business Applications.

    7. Another passion of mine is cooking and baking. My husband and I don’t eat the baking, but his co-workers just love me to death.

    8. We live with two cats in a one bedroom apartment. One is a polydactyl with 23 toes, and the other is a Maine Coon, that I rescued from the tires of a car that I was driving. ( Funny, the one with 23 toes, also weighs 23 pounds).

    9. I was adopted after being a foster child in the same house for 1 1/2 years.

    10. My birth heritage is Scottish, Irish, and Cree Indian.

    11. I am a housewife, although I do some contract work for a few friends.

    12. Another passion of mine is Geneology. I love family history.

    13. I have done a family tree on my husbands family going back to 1629, and my family going back to 1725. I am not done though so it could be earlier than either of those years. (John would have a field day with all of my relatives who have crossed over).

    14. I feel very blessed to be alive today, and am really glad that I found this site.

    15. I have been cancer free for 3 years now. :jumper:

    16. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters in my adopted family, and 5 brothers in my birth family.

    17. I lost my father 4 days before my 16th, birthday, and my birth-father 3 days before New Years Eve 6 years ago.

    18. I am 40 years old, and proud of it.

    19. I was born October 17, 1963, which make me a Libra.

    20. I HATE conflict, gossips, ignorance, and two-faced people.

    I have one other thing that I would like to say about myself, and it is probably the truest one of all.

    21. I would never say anything behind someones back that I wouldn’t say to their face.

    Wow, that was easier than I thought.

    Thanks again for posting this thread. I feel like I know people a little better now.



    Hi…this is a great thread, and I bet if I searched this site more I could find more. Unfortunately, I haven’t read all 33 pages of this thread, but don’t worry I’ll get around to it eventually. :laff:

    1) I was born Stephanie in February 9, 1981. That would make me a true blooded Aquarian.

    2) I have one sibling that is my younger brother…Philip.

    3) Last May I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. Lots of good it did me.

    4) I work at Outback Steakhouse as a Curbside Takeaway Specialist.

    5) I was baptized Lutheran, but I rarely attend church because of work, a difference of opinion between the clergy and myself, and my practices don’t conform to the church’s way of thinking.

    6) I discovered John Edward when he changed his set from the lighted disk to the couch setup. No particular reason why I started watching, well maybe cause I lost my best friend’s father. He was stubborn, but he loved all of us neighborhood kids.

    7) I’ve seen John once at the seminar last November in Pittsburgh PA. Life changing event.

    8) I live with my mother and her live-in boyfriend.

    9) I have two fat cats. One all black cat named Pookey and one calico named Patches. I also have a Springer Spaniel Lab mix named Lady.

    10) I have been learning about Tarot for the past four years, and I have my own deck which is the Sacred Rose Tarot…little known was voted one of the most gory decks made.

    11) I can count my true female friends on one hand and all but one are still in school.

    12) I seem to have a great many older male friends. And I mean older as in decade older than I am. Most of them have been teachers to me in some way. We have just stayed in touch over the years.

    13) Pet Peeves are people who waste my time. You have to be able to keep up with me in order for me to respect you. Don’t ask me why I am like this…maybe cause it is lack of patience.

    14) Pretty much everything you’ve ever read about an Aquarian I am to a tee.

    15) I wish I had known about this message board sooner, because so far I have met and become friends with some amazing people. Even being as young as I am.

    16) Ooh..I just thought of another pet peeve…people who judge other people too quickly.

    17) I have a diaryland account that is just my dream journal. Seems like I dream pretty vivid dreams that almost always involve me being more special than I already am.

    18) And I’m not that special to begin with.

    19) I’ve had one love my entire 23 years, and sadly we aren’t together anymore.

    20) I’m a very open minded person, and I tend to put out all that I am. So it means that I tend to get hurt in the process in more ways than one. If anyone knows anything about tarot, I would say that the card that most describes me is the 3 of Swords.

    Hope that helps shed some light on me just a little bit. Welcome to the board all the newbies…including myself, cause I still count myself as new.


    I’ve been around for quite a while, but have never seen this thread. Here goes:

    1) My name is Heather
    2) I’m 28 yrs. old
    3) I’m Christian, raised Free Will Baptist
    4) I’ve been married for almost 9 yrs.
    5) I have twin boys who will be 8 next month, and another son who will be 5 in July
    6) I was born and raised in the Smoky Mountains
    7) I have a 26 yr old brother (and a new niece) and a 16 yr old brother
    8) I have a dog, a Samoyed named Ice
    9) I am a den mother in my twins’ Cub Scout Den
    10) I am a dental assistant, but quit to stay home with my kids; I now am a home day care provider
    11) I love to read; my favorite books (besides JE’s) are The Bridges of Madison County, and the sequel A Thousand Country Roads
    12) My favorite actress is Bette Midler (saw her in concert in December :thumbsup: )
    13) I love movies! My favorites, which I watch incessantly, are The ‘Burbs, Legends of the Fall, and Dead Poets Society
    14) I love Barbra Streisand, Indigo Girls, Elan Michaels, but my absolute favorite is Aerosmith (hubby calls me a “closet headbanger” :) )
    15) I’m a huge Nascar fan (Go Jeff Gordon!!)
    16) I love the poetry of Robert Frost.
    17) My dream was to be a choral singer; I was in hs, but didn’t pursue it afterwards. I love the Robert Shaw Chorale.
    18) My pet peeve is people who are in too much of a hurry to be kind to strangers.
    19) I recently got my first (and only) tattoo, something I never thought I would do; it’s an ornamental Native American feather, to honor my Cherokee ancestors.
    20) From JE and all of you on this board, I have learned to make the most of each day, learn as much as I can, and CAV everyone in my life with all my might!! :love:


    1) I was born May 20, on the cusp, though I am a Taurus. The only thing I get really stubborn about is the way my name is pronounced, Meeee-gan (as opposed to May-gun or Meg-un). Though sometimes I go by Megs or PB.

    2) I have one younger brother, Andrew, who is the coolest brother a sister could have ever been blessed to be related to.

    3) I graduated with a Bachelors of Theatre Arts and English Lit, which I actively use with the community theatre in town, but alas, not in my day job as an admin assistant.

    4) I work for a foster care agency that helps hurting families. The agency not only does foster care but offers a wide array of services to children and families through out northern CA.

    5) I was baptized and confirmed in the protestant christian faith, however I am not a church goer. Partly because I am still trying to figure out where I belong spiritually and to what community. Over the past few years I have vascilated in my faith so much that I haven’t figured out where I fit yet. So I stick to my beliefs and try to be as spiritual as I can. My husband is a huge non believer, he is a man of science but I love and respect him for his beliefs.

    6) I discovered John Edward when I got the Sci Fi station! I discovered him when he first came out but about a week after his show started to air, the Sci Fi Channel became a special cable station and the hubby and I weren’t about to pay extra for it, but when we moved into our house and got satellite, I was able to watch whenever I wanted!

    7) I’ve attended the SF seminar last August and had the coolest experience and the best time. I definitely hope to repeat the experience at another seminar. (don’t need the reading, I just like listening to John and his stories.)

    8) I live with my amazing husband, my baby girl Cadie Aria (border collie) and my wonder fish, Celeste – the gold fish that went from Boston to CA on a plane.

    9) Cadie Aria is a member of the family and was rescued from the pound Christmas 2002 and has lived with us ever since. Celeste I won at a fair in college and is a really cool gold fish.

    10) I have always had an interest in ESP, spirits, mediumship, etc. for as long as I can remember. Though I didn’t start actively studying it until a few years ago.

    11) I value all friendships and I’m lucky that through my move to the west coast I’ve developed two sets, one on the east coast and one on the west.

    12) I am still very close to my childhood best friend, she and I were into the paranormal studies, and psychic studies as kids. We’d spend hours pouring over books and learning as much as we could. What’s funny is consistently without fail, every Christmas we’d get each other the same gift without consulting with each other. It used to crack our mom’s up.

    13) Beyond the mispronounciation of my name my other pet peeve are listening to closed and narrow minded people or people who think they know everything and inflict their views on others. (my apologies to those who may fall into that category, I’m not making a judgement, it’s just that this is what truly bugs me.) I try to be an open minded individual but I’ve come across a few people in my life who seem to think that they and their views are the only thing that matter, and it just bugs me.

    14) I love the movies! Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie and I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve seen it. My favorite way to watch it is the extended DVD versions with the cast commentary, they crack me up. I can hardly wait until Return of the King (extended version) comes to DVD. I am also a huge fan of the books!

    15) I love books! I love going off to other worlds and how a well worded story can have an impact. My current book I am reading is Wicked! I am loving every page, it is fascinating!

    16) I feel truly blessed to have found the JE Talk website, the folks here are incredible.

    17) I have tried over the years to keep a journal, and some years are better than others, I have this dream that one day I’ll write story about my life… but I haven’t lived enough of it yet to tell a full story.

    18) I am a theatre rat and have been since I was a kid. I love the stage and all aspects of it. My mom used to wonder how on earth I could get up and front of people and do a song and dance for them. I don’t know how I just do it. I’m blessed that there is an active theatre in my town, it is so much fun. The coolest acting role I ever had was playing Peter Pan a few years ago! It was amazing and it is one my most treasured memories. After that I started directing in the kids group and it has been an amazing journey working with them. I love it and it is my true passion.

    19) I’ve never had a reading with John, but some how through him my family validated our Blue Rose and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had.

    20) Despite the fact that I live so far from where my family lives, we are a really close family. I am truly blessed to have been born to my parents, and brother. To have the best husband who I am passionately in love with, and very very cool in-laws.

    Not sure what else to add, other than that is a glimpse of me.




    This is the first time I’ve seen this thread too. Twenty things about myself, hmmmmmmmm……….

    1. First name is Linda
    2. I live in Manassas, VA
    3. I’ve been married (to the same man) for 31 years
    4. Three children and three children-in-law
    5. Six grandchildren, ages ranging from 1 year up to 10 years
    6. I have two kitties (brothers born on June 1, 2002)
    7. Born on June 10th, which makes me a Gemini!
    8. I am of Norwegian descent (both parents)
    9. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
    10. I’m the oldest of 3 children
    11. I was raised in the Lutheran faith
    12. I’m an Executive Assistant for a Director in Human Resources
    13. I love to read!
    14. I have a weakness for See’s Chocolate.
    15. I believe in ADC and have received messages from loved ones who have crossed over.
    16. I’ve been watching John Edward since the Winter of 2002 and have been to three JE events since October 2002.
    17. I would like to lose 30 pounds or more. :hmm:
    18. I love being near the ocean. I tell my husband it’s my Viking blood. :laff2:
    19. I have been a huge Beatle fan since I was 8 1/2 yrs. old and first saw them perform on the Ed Sullivan Show back in 1964.
    20. Another favorite hobby of mine is shopping!!

    Blessings to All,
    NO. VA


    1. I am Angela J Sheppard
    2. I am 20 years old
    3. I have been engaged for 2 years
    4. I am doing a diploma in Community services
    5. I have lived in the same house all my life
    6. I would like to go to canada(go leafs go!) and japan some day
    7. I have a gorgeous lil god daughter named Miranda she is 14 mths old
    8. I was born on the Cusp, 21 December 1983
    9. I live in Australia
    10. I work in a Super market
    11. My favorite colour is purple
    12. I love shopping
    13. I love Scrapbooking
    14. I love being with my family, i am very attached to my family
    15. I love the band Live – i saw them about 2 years ago
    16. I dont have too many very close friends, my fiancee is the closest due to being stabed in the back by people i try to get close to
    17. I hope to get married in the next 2 -3 years
    18. I am waiting for my sister to turn 18 before i get married, so she will be my one and only bridesmaid..(may be one more.. we will see) she has to be legal age to sign the wedding certificate
    19. I dont own any pets, i am alergic to cat and dog fur, dog saliva, (it makes me sneeze, and itch, and i am an asthmatic with hey fever and ecthma YAY! :hmm: )
    20. I would love to meet JE and have a reading done!! (as would many other people)


    Amy Rose

    i too never saw this thread either and im glad its being used again!!!
    ok so here are 20 things about me…

    1. my name is amy rose and i was born on november 17, 1986, making me currently 17 and also a scorpio!! :)
    2. I got my license 5 months ago and enjoy driving in my new car which i call Gracie.
    3. I’m a junior in high school and been on the high honor roll my entire career in high school. i play field hockey in the fall and lacrosse in the spring
    4. i recently was tapped into the National Honor Society and my induction is next month!
    5. i love to travel. i want to run my own travel business someday.
    6. the first time i found out about john edward was from my neighbor’s aunt who had a reading with him before he was famous, and then came his TV show and i was hook at about the age of 12 or 13.
    7.while people my age are spending their time going to concerts, ive been going to john edward seminars. ive seen John 8 times in the past year–chicago,NYC,wallingford CT, Long island, atlantic city(twice), freehold nj and long island again. i was fortunate to meet him twice which was a dream come true and also get a mini psychic reading by him in december and then a reading by him in march.
    8. my parents got divorced last january and its been a difficult year of change and adjustment.
    9. i have a brother dan on this side and 2 siblings on the otherside
    10. i absolutely love these message boards and im so happy that i have made all these wonderful friends!! you all truly mean a lot to me!!
    11. I love Snoopy and the whole peanuts gang!!! i collect tons of memorabelia.
    12. i am very interested in psychic stuff/mediumship and everything else in this type of category.
    13. like in the 6th sense “i see dead people” is a normal phrase for me! lol yes i have had many visits from my loved ones on the other side and somedays i also can see people’s auras. i have had countless psychic phenomena expereinces. im on a mission to develop my abilities so i can help people.
    14. besides crossing over with john edward, Will and Grace is my favorite tv show!!!! i absoltely love jack!!!
    15. i have a dog named daisy but she lives with my dad.
    16. i come from a huge family and absolutely love all my cousins. they are amazing. many of them live around the country and i enjoy traveling to see them.
    17. i used to be really involved with music ministry at my church but im currently taking a break from it. ive also been playing the flute for almost 10 years now.
    18. my job is being the neighborhood babysitter which is just awesome!!!
    19. i am currently single and havent had the best reccord of dating–my one true love who i just adored he turned out to be gay but now we are the best of friends. i have a crush on this kid in my school… but who knows.
    20. i love my life, God, my family and John Edward!
    god bless!

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