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    1. My Name is Doug

    2. I’m married with two kids

    3. I’m a Taurus (wife is a Leo, so guess who’s the boss !!)

    4. My hobby is playing the Steel Drum

    5. I have a 18 Lbs. Manx Cat

    6. I live in a small town in Indiana (3 hours from Chicago, Indy and Detroit)

    7. I love learning about the paranormal, mediums etc. but I do feel strange standing in the “occult” section at Barnes&Noble…

    8. A huge Beatles/Paul McCartney Fan

    9. Although I’m a ‘Hoosier’, Basketball is my least favorite sport…my favorite is NFL Football (Go Colts!!), followed by Hockey

    10. My fav. actors are Tom Hanks and Jim Carrey

    11. My “Brush With Greatness” happened about 14 years ago when I almost ran over Chubby Checker with my car…(long story nobody got hurt….but the man can do the TWIST when he needs to …………………)

    12. The two places I HAVE to go someday are: Trinidad & Tobago and The British Isles…………cool people, cool places :cool:

    13. I enjoy Genealogy….my family has been in America since the early 1700’s

    14. I’m on a Seefood diet (okay you know the joke), my favorite is Mexican food

    15. I’m a Survivor-Nut, I have only missed one show……….

    16. My wife and I were High School sweethearts, so I have been married/dating her for twenty years and I’m only 36 !!!!!!!!!!! :surprise:

    17. I don’t care what you say I like Almond Joy better than Mounds

    18. I’m a big fan of a little known activity called Drum & Bugle Corps

    19. I have never seen John Edward live but I’ve had an ADC and many other strange occurences in my home………

    20. I admire John Edward for the message he is giving and all the hope he has provided to so many people. Although I started out as a skeptic I am now a BELIEVER. According to the Athiest/Skeptics out there I’m “Delusional”, but it’s nice to find a place where their are so many other wonderful “delusional” people to share my beliefs with……… :thumbsup:



    1. I am new, this is my 4th posting.
    2. I was born in Wash DC and live a few miles from the hospital I was born in
    3. My 30th H.S. reunion is next summer.
    4. I have two adult children that are married, and three grandbabies.
    5. I love music and love to dance.
    6. I am a very spiritual person and live my spirituality, and do not embrace religion.
    7. I was raised Southern Baptist.
    8. I have lived abroad and loved it, have been to 14 countries (lived in two of them.
    9. I love to read, and read all the time.
    10. I am shy (most think I am an extrovert), but love people. My Myers Briggs says I am an ISFJ
    11. I love being in nature.
    12. Even though I grew up in the City and am a City girl, I spent my summers on my uncle’s farm so am a country girl too.
    13. I love chocolate!
    14. I have two cats that I adore.
    15. I first heard of John Edwards in 1999.
    16. I have been skydiving, most daring thing I have done (and I have torn up the daring list after that jump!)
    17. My favorite color is violet, then sage green.
    18. My fav number is 3.
    19. My fav word is compassion
    20. I love to hear the frogs and crickets in the evening.


    Nice introduction, mysticsoul. :) I don’t live too far from you.

    Frogs are a special love of mine too, even though I no longer hear them in my neighborhood. In other ways, I see many more frogs than I do crickets.


    Hi PhilsGail

    Nice to meet you. I used to live in Germantown a few years back.
    Even though I live in a hi-rise, I can hear the bullfrogs every night..right outside my unit there are many trees and a small pond.


    1. My name is Alicia Marie.
    2. I am 19 years old.
    3. I live in Michigan, USA.
    4. I love webdesign.
    5. I love reading.
    6. I love my long hair, lol.
    7. I’m 5’8 or so.
    8. I have a big family.
    9. Whenever I go to the library I always look in the section where they have John Edwards’ books.
    10. I run on the treadmill religiously.
    11. I have 2 younger sisters.
    12. I am Mexican and Irish American.
    13. I don’t drive.
    14. I love being around family.
    15. And at times I try to stay away from my family.
    16. My mom and I are very close, especially when it comes to Psychic things.
    17. I’m a daddy’s girl.
    18. I watch Montell Williams just when Sylvia Browne is featured. redface.gif
    19. I’m secretive.
    20. The truth confuses me, saddens me and makes me happy all at the same time.


    It has been a long time since someone has posed anything here so I thought that I might introduce myself because I have been here for nearly 6 months so here is 20 things about me – Wish me Luck :love:

    1. Jennifer is my name
    2. I was born on April 25th 1986- I’m a Taurus :D
    3. I am Australian. I live in Campbelltown in Sydney’s South West which is about 30 mins away from the city
    4. My favourite colour is purple
    5. I love listening to music
    6. I have been a fan of JE since he first came on to Australian TV back in August 2001.
    7. I have read every book written by JE
    8. My initials are JE ( Sames as JE) YEAH !!
    9. I love anything psychic and spiritual
    10. My favourite numbers are 14 & 22
    11. Love wearing PJ’s
    12. I am 5’6 with dark hair and green eyes
    13. I love watching my footy ( Go The West Tigers)
    14. I had a feeling that I had to watch JE when at school back in July 2001 I couldn’t stop thinking about the letters C & O and I knew it had something to do with my Favourite TV channel Arena and when I got home that afternoon the August 2001 Foxtel magazine( which is cable here in Australia) arrived in my mail and so I check to see if there was a new show starting on Arena Starting with C and it happen to be COWJE. At that time there was no show on that channel that started with the letter C
    15. I am right- handed
    16. My favourite saying is ” Say What”
    17. I finished school in 2004
    18. I would love to see JE in person one day – Also I love the fact that he has helped so many people including myself
    19. I am the eldest of 3 girls
    20. I love this website :D



    Hi everyone I really enjoyed reading about you all. O.K 2guess I”ll give it a try.

    1. My name is Leigh
    2. I am 39 yrs young
    3. I have two wonderful children My daughter Jaymie-5,and my son-13 and an angel in the sky her name was Robyn.
    4. A “rent a husband” we’ve been together for almost 21 yrs(I call him that cuz he is a Chef and any who is the wife of a chef knows, ya never get to see them.
    5. I too LOVE John Edward, I’ve read all his books
    6. I am a extremely excited about going to his show In T.O. in July.
    7. I must be CRAZY cuz his tickets cost me a fortune but I know It’ll be worth every penny:clap:
    8. I work in the Dietary department in a senior’s home here in Ottawa.
    9. I love my residents. I get so much back from them.
    10. I love going to the library
    11. I have two cats and two huge fish tanks(which my husband is always telling the kids”see that fish on your plate it came right outta the tank”LOL
    12. I am a very spiritual person who would love to connect with my spirit guide/guides.Just can’t get into that darn cabin
    13. Love to go for walks down to the lake near my home
    14. Cherish my family and my friends
    15. Rude and impatient people irk me!!
    16. I love everything in music from ACDC to Mozart and Love Linda Eder(thanks to JE)
    17. Miss my grandmother very much She crossed over 4 yrs ago
    18. Hate bacon even the smell
    19. My favourite movie is Anything Tom Hanks
    20. Love Friends Communities…:musicnote I did it I did it:wave:

    Well, heck, I havent posted here for ages, popped in and found this thread! I always enjoyed the posts here and would like to participate.

    1. My real name is Barbara
    2. I am originally from Canada but now live, just like Krissy, in the middle of Nowhere, Kentucky LOL
    3. I am 47 years old and just starting to see the world in a different, more spiritual way.
    4. I have a daughter and a 20 month old grandson who is the joy of my life
    5. I have recently been married (again, LOL) and feel this one is a keeper
    6. I saw JE in Cincinnati a few years ago with my then fiance plus his mom and now he is a believer. Of course, he and I did experience a few other things that really helped him out.
    7. My first husband, the father of my daughter, passed away 5 years ago and he has made contact with both myself AND my new husband on separate occasions in a very dramatic way. My new husband just COULDNT ignore the huge billboard LOL.
    8. I have been trying to wiggle my psychic abilities to co-operate but havent had much luck.
    9. I tend to give up much too easily as I am a prove-it-to-me kind of person
    10. I have two jobs with the US Post Office and my hubby works there too.
    11. We have 2 1/2 dogs (neighbors dog spends months at our house just hangin out), 4 cats, one 15 yrs old and diabetic and one who is just plain ancient. The other two are under 10 yrs and doing fine.
    12. I have always been fascinated with the human mind and why people choose to do and think the things they do which has ultimately led me to search for a more spiritual life. It has also convinced me to hopefully study hypnotherapy with the goal of using Life Between Lives to help others.
    13. Im longwinded LOL!!
    14. I have met my Master Guide using JE’s cd’s and found out his name is Cleo. Yeah, I know it sounds weird and I didnt believe it at first either. Told my husband that I must have been thinking about Ms. Cleo so I ignored blew it off and just rolled over. That is until I had it confirmed inadvertently, several months later, by a friend who’s own guide told her my guide’s name. I was in shock for about 8 hours because I had put it out of my head so well, I had to confirm with my hubby that I had even spoke to him about the name! She even got a description that fit what I had seen.
    15. I had a reading by a medium several years ago that was pretty darned good but hope to someday get one from JE.
    16. I have much too much trouble meditating.
    17. I really admire those who are able to utilize their abilities effectively
    18. The book I have gained the most from, big time, is called Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. Highly recommended!!
    19. I am a prolific reader and try to learn as much as I can from each book.
    20. Im not much of an angel follower

    Well, thats it, pretty much!


    Kathy, have you ever heard of reconnection therapy with Eric Pearle? Just curious since you seem to have done all the others.


    Wow this thread was started 4 years ago and is still going! I have really enjoyed reading all this info and will try to give it a shot. I, like many of you, can’t believe I will think of 20 things to write, but here goes….

    1. I have 2 daughters, Jo is 14 and Audrey is 10. They are my joy.
    2. I have been married for 16 years to Mike, who is an electrician.
    3. I am 49 yrs old and an Aries.
    4. I have had the same job since I got out of college, I am a broadcast engineer at a local ABC station.
    5. I have a cat Trixie who is probably around 2 yrs old and a cocker spaniel named Cookie who is 4 and the baby is Sirius Black, a black flat coated retriever who is 18 months old. All are adopted from shelters.
    6. As you can tell by the youngest dogs name I and my daughters are huge Harry Potter fans.
    7. I found JE right after my mom passed in 2001.
    8. I converted to Catholicism in 2000 and I love it.
    9. I am outgoing and love to meet new people.
    10. My job is changing and I am hoping to get a “buy out” this coming summer. I would love to work with senior citizens.
    11. I love to sing, but cannot carry a tune!
    12. I volunteer in some capacity every week at my daughters school. They go to Catholic school and we rely heavily on volunteer moms.
    13. I would love to live on a farm someday.
    14. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a kid and changed my mind when I saw how long I would have to go to school. That will always be my biggest regret.
    15. I pray every day.
    16. I dye my hair to match the seasons, red in fall and winter and blonde in spring and fall.
    17. I had a terrible heart stooping fear of dentists and so I did not go for almost 30 years! The fear and shame was a terrible load to carry. I finally found a dentist who specializes in terrified patients and I now have a healthy mouth and I truly love my dentist and his staff.
    18. I am terrible with finances.
    19. I like just about any kind of music and love to dance.
    20. I love to read and to go to the movies.

    Yikes! I think I gave myself a headache!:laff2:


    1: My name is Deb
    2: I married my soul mate almost 9 years ago. It took me a long time to find him.
    3: I became a grandmother at 38. My husband’s daughter married a man with 2 of the best kids ever.
    4: My dogs have unique names. Seamus and Matthew (gift from God).
    5: I have lived in a variety of towns in Massachusetts and Vermont.
    6: I have never voted for anyone only against the other person.
    7: My sense of humor can sometimes hinder me at work and in life.
    8: At 40 years old I moved back in with my Mom (wicked long story)
    9: I lost 30 pounds in 2 months and didn’t even try?
    10: I am very spiritual yet no longer religious.
    11: I don’t sleep much.
    12: My Mom is my best friend
    13: I am proud of my sister. She has kept her family together despite all odds.
    14: I have been read by both John Holland and John Edward.
    15: They both freaked me out a bit.
    16: I am writing my second book. The first one was easy.
    17: Kaydy is my friend.
    18: My passed Dad is very powerful as are a few of my friends.
    19: I love Warren Zevon, James Blunt, and Uncle Kracker.
    20: I drove 80 miles a day for 2 weeks when my Dad was passing. He died in our arms at home. Wow he passed in this room. I live in the house he built now!!!!

    is that 20 already ;)

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