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    20 things about me…

    This is my first post, I have been here for several months and thought this sounded like a good place to start.

    1. My name is Kathy.
    2. I am a R.N., I work as a case manager on an acute inpt rehab unit with orthopedic and stroke patients.
    3. I have lived in Baltimore, MD my entire life.
    4. I have been married for 15 years.
    5. I have 2 furry children, Tigger, 16 year old tabby and Sadie, 6 year old Tabby.
    6. I found JE when my tuxedo cat Abbey was very sick and had to be put to sleep.
    7. I have lost several important people to me, the ones whom I would be most interested in contacting are my older sister Anna, and my best friend Darla.
    8. I was raised Catholic, but not really active with formal religion.
    9. I am 41 years old.
    10. I love seafood, especially steamed crabs.
    11. I would love to see JE in person (wouldn’t we all).
    12. I am very close to my family.
    13. I love to watch the waves at the ocean, can’t wait til October, going for 5 days.
    14. I am addicted to the internet, I am involved in many nursing related forums.
    15. I enjoy crossword puzzles.
    16. I love going for long car drives to nowhere.
    17. I have no human children, nor do I want any.
    18. I have one brother and 2 sisters, one here, one crossed.
    19. I enjoy watching JE, my husband does too, he just won’t admit it.
    20. I like to old format of the show better than the new one.



    KathyBear, we’re practically neighbors. :)
    Welcome to another Marylander. You’re the first new member that isn’t a long distance call from me. :D


    Wheew! I think this is going to be hard, but what they heck I’ll give it a try! I think this is a really great thread! …… on that note …….

    1. I love finding things out about people, which is why I love this thread! I take after my dad in that respect, and my grandmother ….. curious and love to talk! :)

    2. I am a libra and therefore cannot make any decisions! I am a follower and not a leader.

    3. My full name is Ann Marie, but my family calls me Ann and only those people who met me after high school graduation call me Ann Marie (and my (((twin)))) ).

    4. My twin is not really my twin …. just a cyber twin! ;) And that is Psyquestor …. so if you see us call each other twin……we’re not really …. only in our soul! ;)

    5. I live in Cleveland and have never been west of the Mississippi. (This will change in March when I go to Las Vegas! Whooppeee!!!!)

    6. I work in a restaurant as the “goddess” because I do almost everything except cook, and even the GM asks me questions! But trust me, goddess pay is not all its cracked up to be!

    7. I HAVE to read everyday or I think I will explode. I read just about anything, but collect Trixie Belden books so that my nieces will have a chance to read something which I loved so much as a child.

    8. I am the oldest of three, I have two younger brothers one who is 32 and the other is 19! EEK!

    9. I am not married, and at the age of 18 I lost the person I thought I was going to marry, which started my relationship with the other side.

    10. I want to work at Disney World! Truly!!!!

    11. I have a MA in history but don’t plan to use it! LOL I just look at it when I pay the student loans!

    12. I am horrible with money, but have always said “you can’t take it with you”!

    13. I am a MAJOR procrastinator and wish I weren’t!

    14. I have lots of friends, but only a few really close ones.

    15. I abhor confrontation, but if I am really really angry I do actually “see red” and then watch out!

    16. I hate ignorance and it makes me really angry!

    17. I don’t like to “relax” on vacation, I can lay around at home (which I usually do) and like to do things ….. my favorite vacations ….. London and Disney World! (see #s10 and 11).

    18. I kill even plastic plants … see # 13.

    19. I can’t cook, mainly because I like instant gratification and can’t wait to eat and also because I buy stuff and never use it! See #12.

    20. I am eternally grateful to John Edward for believing in my own experiences with the other side which in turn led me to this website and to all my wonderful new friends here! Truly it is debt which can never be repaid!

    And gosh this wasn’t as hard as I thought! I could go on for probably 20 more! **as everyone runs screaming!!!**


    This does seem like fun. Here we go:
    1. My name is Jessie
    2. I live in Central PA
    3. My husband and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary ( could have been longer but it took him 8 years to propose!!)
    4. We have 2 cats Angel- all white typical aloof kitty and Andy- black who thinks we are his feline family w/ just slightly less fur.
    5. My husband and I are in the process of adopting a child from Russia, so hopefully by early next year we will have a new adition.
    6. I have my B.A. in Political Science.
    7. I have among other things sold cheese and arranged flowers.I currently help my hubby in his financial planning business.
    8. I have been watching JE since the Spring of 2001. I’ve been to one seminar in Atlantic City and I call the first Saturday of each month.
    9.Even though I know they are with me I miss my Mom and Grandma.
    10. I am an only child.
    11. I am a Lutheran and am very active in my church.
    12. I love theater and singing.
    13. I love to surround myself with things of beauty.
    14. I love dairy – I don’t think I could make it without cheese and ice cream.
    15. My favorite place to vacation is Maine – I love the woods.
    16. Even though I have a lot of doubts about past lives, when I was a very small child, I had an obsession with all things “Holland” – dutch shoes, tulips, windmills. When there was no logical reason for this.
    17. I love old people and small children – their insights are wonderful.
    18. I love to read – mysteries are my favorite
    19. I am 41 – hmmmm that seem to imply a grown-up?!?
    20. I hate beets too!


    OK, I give it a try. I like this thread!

    1. My name is Kristen
    2. I am not married and am 24 years old.
    3. I live in Illinois in the suburbs with my mom and plan to move to Chicago soon, hopefully :D
    4. I love colder weather – not too much snow but I think it is beautiful! So, Chicago is perfect for me :)
    5. I have two cats, one dog and a parakeet (who is truly my bird – unlike the cats and dog). I love them all.
    6. I don’t currently have a job, but worked for a small marketing company for three years. I am looking to help others – I am not cut out for the business world. So, looking for a job and thinking of teaching, nursing, etc. Don’t know yet.
    7. I also love to read. I read everything and love history. I think I should have been a history teacher.
    8. I am the oldest of five brothers and sisters.
    9. I was raised Greek Orthodox but I do not have a current religion. I am not sure I consider myself Christian, but respect all religions. I believe in God and am a spiritual person after some soul searching. I believe in reincarnation.
    10. I love my family and have a rather big family.
    11. I love all foods :D
    12. I have come to this point in my life only recently where I have come to believe and know there is an afterlife. I went from believing to being an atheist to totally believing in God (even stronger than before).
    13. My father died about two years ago from Lou Gehrig’s disease/ALS. I miss him horribly but only recently KNOW he is here with me. I see signs now :D
    14. I began watching JE only about three months ago seriously and two months ago logged onto this site for the first time. It was meant to be.
    15. I love to meditate and to read all things related to reincarnation, meditation, the afterlife, JE, etc. I am still learning to meditate, though!
    16. I love JE but more importantly love his message. I have come to know that it is important to CAV and love people thanks to JE. My life is changed, and as so many have said like it was divided into two parts: before and after.
    17. Ignorant people also make me angry, especially closed-minded and mean people.
    18. I adore this discussion group. Thank you Pam! I have made many friends and feel so very comfortable sharing with all of you. I would do anything for you guys! I love you!
    19. I respect all people and love to learn about different cultures and religions.
    20. I am trying to become a person who does good for others rather than who I was before – selfish and materialistic and envious. I long to learn from you all, and to be of use in this world.

    That was easier than I thought it would be. Very nice to learn about everyone! Thanks!


    This is a great thread going here. It’s nice to hear about everyone and how so many of us have the same feelings and thoughts on certain subjects. I hate beets too! :lwink:

    Anyway, I’ve ordered books and tapes, and hope to get going on the meditation. I tried the deep breathing, and I see what everyone is saying about it, it does work. It can really calm a person down!!! I think I am going to incorporate that into my daily life. It made me realize that I breathe very shallowly (is that a word???).

    So now I’m gazing at the mailbox, waiting for my new “toys” to arrive. I am very impatient. I also love to read and have to read every day, so this is going to be great. My husband is just going to shake his head and laugh. (Though the day of the JE marathon, he did watch quite a bit of it).

    I’m rambling again. Nice to meet everyone though. This is a great place!


    Okaaaaaaay I think I can do this :D

    (1) My name is Vanessa but I’m never called it… only ever when in trouble….. I am usually called Nessa or Ness

    (2) I’m British and live in South Wales in a village called Caerleon, where the romans once settled… I think they started building my extension because somehow it never gets finished lol

    (3) I dont know what beets are….. unless they’re the purple things you eat with salad, in which case I like em :rolleyes:

    (4) I hit the big 50 this year …… where did that time go?

    (5) I am married and have three grown children none of whom are married but I have a grandson by my youngest daughter

    (6) I have always been a legal secretary, as time has gone on though I’ve taken more and more responsibility and now I do minor court work and a lot of other stuff that takes the heat off my boss

    (7) I dont think I could be called religious but I do believe in something far greater than us and I’ve always believed in the afterlife
    (8) My first conscious thought that I can remember was “i’m here!” when I was about two and a half – three…. its never left me, and I can even remember where I was when I thought it. My kids say I’m odd lol

    (9) I was a prison kid….. like an army kid except my dad was a prison officer.. same principal – we moved up and down England a lot !!

    (10) My first and strongest feeling of deja vu was when we were moving once, we were lost, but I somehow knew where we were and knew the right road…. strange because I was nine at the time.

    (11) I didnt stay close to my family, I know my mother has passed but I dont know about my father and wouldnt know how to begin to find him… I have one brother who I dont see very often, one nephew and two nieces.

    (12) I like to think I’m open to experience and I have twice smelled freesias when there have been no flowers around, or anyone likely to have been wearing a perfume like freesias. The only connection I can make here is the flowers at my mother’s funeral

    (13) I hate the number 13

    (14) My grandson is called Owen, his nickname is Chewy because he moans a lot like chewbacca from Star Wars (he’s seven months old)

    (15) I have two cats who were both rescued, they are both around 11 now

    (16) I’m a big fan of JE, have been since he was first brought to Living TV in the UK, but the only psychic medium I have ever seen in action was Stephen O’Brien, he comes from quite close to where I live I believe. I havent had a reading but I would love to.

    (17) I love music and reading, my musical taste goes from classical to right up to date, the kids keep me young. As for reading, anything and everything, I also have to read every day

    (18) I saw a butterfly on my window ledge at work today, it was there for several minutes and the first thing I thought of was this message board. I said hello to it in my mind, hope it was listening

    (19) I collect cat ornaments and just recently stuffed cats have been coming at me as well. guess I’m a cat person

    (20) I’m still reading all the threads on this board. My kids are beginning to complain that they cant get on the computer

    Thats it lol nice to meet you all



    Hi Nessa. I am very new to this board, but not new to John Edward. I’ve been a legal secretary all my life, straight out of high school. And isn’t it great when they trust you enough to actually do some legal work? But I have been kind of drifting away from that, looking for something new.

    When you mentioned smelling flowers when none are around, that is something that happens to me quite often. But I have not been able to place it to anyone in particular. Another strange smell that comes to me periodically is popcorn. My step-father (deceased) liked popcorn, and sometimes I wonder if its him.

    And do you get any deja vu feelings anymore? I haven’t had them since I was a child, when I had quite a few.

    Anyway, nice to meet you. Everyone here is so friendly, it’s great.


    Originally posted by Gypsy

    And do you get any deja vu feelings anymore? I haven’t had them since I was a child, when I had quite a few.

    No, sadly I think I grew out of those as well, they happened a lot as a child, I think children see far more than most adults, because they havent yet been told these things dont exist.

    I always encouraged my three to tell me if they saw anything or anyone, but we’ve had no imaginary friends, although the baby looks at things/people that arent there, and my cats do too !!

    you mentioning the popcorn reminded me….. I’ve smelled other things that I cant place. Pleasant smells that remind me of something I cant put a finger on.. or put a time to….. but are somehow reassuring, I’ve never really thought about it before, but maybe I’ve been missing things.

    I’m new here as well…. I lurk a lot, dont get time to post because I am too busy reading, This thread has brought me out though :lurker:

    Nice to meet you Gypsy



    This is fun! I love reading about everyone, but it’s only fair that I post too, so I guess I’ll take a stab at it…..

    1. I’m Kim and I am 40…Hi Jerri! (jjharts)

    2. I have been married for 16 years

    3. I have two children…a 13 yr. old daughter and a 10 year old son.

    4. My kids are the light of my life….. but they sure do wear me out!

    5. We have a beloved 14 1/2 yr. old cat named Rozi (short o sound) who has skin cancer on his eyelids and the tips of his ears due to being a “fair skinned red-head”. He just refused to wear his hat and sunscreen LOL !

    6. I have been teaching first grade for 7 years. Every September I say “Next year I’m moving up to second grade”, but by June I say “I love first grade!”

    7. I am a soccer mom complete with minivan and Starbuck’s Latte in hand…but in my mind I am still “Slim Kim” driving that red Camaro with the T-Top and the stereo blaring!

    8. I love most music except heavy metal and rap.

    9. I’ d love to lose 20 pounds but if I lost 40 I would DEFINITELY pierce my navel.

    10. I was born and raised in Plymouth, MA but have lived in CA for 16 years.

    11. I have a 2 yr. old niece and 6 mo. old nephew on Cape Cod that I adore and miss terribly.

    12. I am the oldest of three with two younger brothers that are my best friends.

    13. My kids have middle eastern middle names because my husband is Iranian, although he’s lived here for most of his life. He is most definitely *not* a JE believer or a believer in any after death communication.

    14. I love all kinds of food except Sushi, hence #9 (see above).

    15. I am a dessert queen and could give up all other food groups, except lobster.

    16. I love going home to the cape every summer and re-connecting with my huge extended family and all that lobster!

    17. I have two grandmas that I love dearly and am very close to, still living, one is 89 and in ok health and one is 96 and in better shape physically and mentally than me! (see #3 and #9 above).

    18. I have several best friends, 2 are my brothers, 2 from elementary-high school school, 2 from college and 2 from motherhood.

    19. I am HORRIBLE with managing money (Hi Amfie!) but really, really want an addition on my house and a trip to Europe. I’m hoping that meditation and constantly learning about past life regression, the afterlife, etc. will help me find some answers and some self control.

    20. Tonight is Back To School Night at my school and I should NOT be reading and writing this…I should be getting showered and changed!

    I truly love this message board and treasure my time online here reading and learning from so many incredible people. I have seen JE at two seminars, both in San Francisco and had a reading last May (2001). I loved that experience because it strengthened my beliefs and led me here. You all have no idea how important this board is to me and how special I think you all are.



    I think this is a great thread, and am really enjoying getting to know you all. I guess I’m gonna jump in here.

    1. My name is Terry and I love this site.

    2. Born and raised in Star Valley, Wyoming. Was almost 30 before I left the timezone.

    3. Lucky enough to be called Mom by 2 of life’s greatest teachers, ages 20 and 16.

    4. Usually very easy going. I enjoy people.

    5. I’m the proverbial fence walker, and can have a debate when I’m the only one in the room.

    6. I love to smile, and sing.

    7. The worst part of my personality – unfortunately drives my car.

    8. Love animals! Spent 5 years volunteering for the Humane Society. (Served 3 years as Secretary on the board of directors). However, I now live in a menagerie, all rescued from the pound or adopted from the H.S. (2) dogs; (1)16 year old cat; (1) 5ft Iguana; (2) turtles; (1) tarantula; (1) parakeet; (2) rabbits; (1) sugar glider; (1) hedgehog. Our family now has a “no replacement” policy.

    9. Recently was forced to euthanize the purest source of unconditional love, my Bassett Hound, Abbey. I could swim in her eyes.

    10. I worked 3 years as a CNA for a Respite Care Program. Lost so many, but learned so much. (BIG TIME lesson about priorities.)

    11. 5 years for the State of Wyoming as a Youth Casemanager for the Job Training Program through the Department of Employment. (Working with youth 14-21 with serious barriers).

    12. For the last year I have been employed as the Secretary for the Public Health Office. Was hired just in time for Bio-terrorism preparedness training. Very Interesting.

    13. I have never been married, and am more content with that fact now, than I was 10 or 20 years ago.

    14. I have a strong belief in God, and the Afterlife.

    15. I believe that if I can get through each day without intentionally hurting anyone, and take responsibility when it happens unintentionally, things will be OK.

    16. It took John Edward to teach me that I don’t know how to breathe.

    17. I watched my 1st episode of JE on 4/28/02. I have only missed 3 episodes since. (This includes reruns). I tape all of John’s shows, but I have to watch while I tape so I can edit the commercials. (I know it’s anal, but I’m a Virgo. What can I say).

    18. My hobbies include reading; writing poetry, short stories, songs; logic problems; and fishing.

    19. I am a size 8 in my mind’s eye. A little larger in the funhouse mirror called Life.

    20. I have 1 1/2 years until my baby girl graduates from Highschool, then I am planning to load up my car, and travel from Coast to Coast. Doing and seeing all of the things I haven’t yet. It’s a big list. I want to get it out of my system before grandbabies start coming along. (Of course this plan hinges on the number of pets I still have at that time.)

    That’s it for me. Next?
    Terry :)


    Originally posted by kimk

    19. I am HORRIBLE with managing money (Hi Amfie!) but really, really want an addition on my house and a trip to Europe. I’m hoping that meditation and constantly learning about past life regression, the afterlife, etc. will help me find some answers and some self control.


    Hi Kim! Money, schmoney who needs it! LOL

    It’s amazing learning about everyone. And how it makes you take a good look at yourself and those around you. I was thinking about my brothers and how we are alike and different. My one brother (the older of the two) is very successful (family, career and money) and is very anal. He had a checklist back in high school that I swear had listed when/how he would do things like get married, get a MBA, have a family etc. And honestly he has done it. Me….I go with the flow.

    One of the nicest things my Mom ever said to me was that she knew, no matter what happened to me in life, I would make it through, because I weathered some tough things at an early age. Things haven’t always gone as planned. But my brother is more, I don’t know, exact? Things are always so planned out, maybe not so much now, but nothing really “bad” has happened (thank God) to him, whereas I think I could survive just about anything.

    Anyway Kim ….. here’s hoping we win the lotto! LOL



    Ok, I guess it can be me.

    1. My name is Jeannie. My husband started calling me Twinky when we first started dating and has been the only one who does.

    2. I am 42 years old and only have 6 gray hairs (yes I counted them) my children are always working to change that. I have 2 for each child.

    3. I have been married to a wonderful guy for 21 years but have been together for 23 years.

    4. We have 3 children. Our son is grown and is in the Navy. The middle child is a dancer and is a Kilgore Rangerette. The baby is 10. She has aspergers autism and thinks her purpose in life is to drive me mad. (not really, I think that she is here to teach me patience and understanding among other things).

    5. I live in Texas and have lived here all my life except for this past year we lived in New Mexico – another beautiful state.

    6. I spent most of my growing up years living in an orphange with my mother who worked there 23 years. I had lots of interesting experiences there.

    7. We don’t have any pets right now. We had to give up our 2 cats in NM. They were getting to old to make the long trip and my husband who loves them is very allergic to cats. My daughter wants a dog very much so I guess we’ll get one from the local humane office.

    8. I am an R.N. I work in a hospital and love teaching prepared childbirth classes.

    9.I love to travel with my family.

    10. I started watching JE when it first began on Sci Fi. Thanks to him I know that the things I have experienced since a child are real and a natural part of my life.

    11. I love to read mysteries, spiritual books, biographies and adventures.
    (really I like to read almost anything)

    12. I enjoy working puzzles and puzzle books.

    13. I like to sew and crochet and am starting to learn to quilt.

    14. I have never had a reading but would very much like to go to one of JE workshops.

    15. I am always trying to lose weight. It has its ups and downs.

    16. I like most foods including peanut butter. Beets are ok but I hate brussel sprouts. I love chocolate and I am addicted to coca cola. (hence the wt problem)

    17. I like most music from Bach to Train. Classic, country, rock, pop. I don’t really care for Maralyn Manson or 9inch nails but when my son is home I’ll put up with almost anything.

    18. I am a christian. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer.

    19. I have JE tapes and love to mediate. I have trouble making sure to make time for it with my changing schedules.

    20. I love this group and the new friends I’ve made. Thank you Pam for all you do.

    Wow! I made it:lwink:



    Wow Amfie, maybe you are a triplet! :)

    When I read your reply I went back and re-read your list and saw so many similarities. I have also heard that very same comment about being a survivor. Maybe it comes from being the oldest and the only girl in a family…you kinda have to be tough!

    My brothers and I are all very different. My youngest brother recently re-located to CA (Yay!) and spent most of the summer with us. He is single and I have not lived with him for almost 20 years. In the past I would have thought he and I were very different but I noticed that we are in fact, growing more alike the older we get. He is 34 now. I used to think I was more like my middle brother but now I wonder. He is very precise, exact and anal and is turning out to be a lot more like our dad than anyone would have imagined, so who knows….life is about change. But, they both manage money very well! I sure missed the boat there, as my husband will tell you. I wouldn’t trade either one of them or our childhood growing up together.

    So, yes, here’s to winning the lottery! :clink:



    Originally posted by Twinky
    16. I like most foods including peanut butter. Beets are ok but I hate brussel sprouts. I love chocolate and I am addicted to coca cola.

    Oh !! will someone Please tell me what Beets are? its going to take over my life I tell ya…. lol

    I can find similarities to me in a lot of these posts. I guess I was meant to come here :)

    more ! more ! please please more :D

    Nessa :wave:

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