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    This is an article I found while surfing the net. Seems like good words to live by.

    Improving Spiritual Awareness: 7 Steps To Increase Spiritual Awareness
    July 26th, 2008 · 10 Comments

    by Bill Urell

    Increasing spiritual awareness can be viewed as becoming more connected to ourselves, others and the world around us. The more connections in our lives, the greater the chance of coming into harmony with our surroundings. If addiction is a disease of isolation, becoming spiritually fit is about connection.

    There are basically four areas of life, or types of relationships we work toward in becoming connected. Positive spirituality may be viewed as having a healthy relationship and positive self-esteem with yourself, firstly. Secondly there is the relationship you may have or want to develop with whatever form of Higher Power is right for you. It can be God, Nature, a Force of Universe, it is up to you. Please note we are not mixing religion with this idea of spirituality. The third are to develop healthy connections or spirituality is in relationships with family. Lastly is the area which is kind of a catch all, community. This includes casual relationships, work, social situations, etc.

    7 Steps To Increase Spiritual Awareness

    1. Use personal prayer and/or meditation.
    This is quiet time to start to develop time for yourself and to assess how things are going in your life.

    2. Spend time in groups.
    This could be attending a worship service, singing in a choir, acting in a play or any group with positive interaction and direction. This enhances our ability to develop relationships with other people.

    3. Spend time learning.
    Grow your mind. This could be taking a few classes at the community college, book study groups, self-help or mental health material.

    4. Take time for yourself.
    Plan a quiet day just for you, away from family and work. Indulge yourself in quiet. There are many retreat areas where you can find peaceful surroundings for recharging yourself.

    5. Physical fitness and proper diet.
    There is a very satisfying feeling that comes from taking care of yourself physically. Get in shape to be the best person you can be.

    6. Recreation.
    Indulge in some activity just for sheer fun. Explore hobbies, sports, whatever floats your boat, but make time for it. Do not plan to ‘get around to it someday’. Just do it.

    7. Be of service.

    Do some volunteer work or engage in random acts of kindness. It really does feel good and build self-esteem to help someone with no thought of reward. This is a cosmic win-win situation.

    We hope that gave you some ideas about how to improve your relationships with self and others. The key thing is to take action. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Why not utilize the 7 tips for spiritualty to improve your spiritual connection?


    :hearts::dance:Thanks Jeannie … excellent tips! :clap:


    Beautiful, Jeannie! Something worth printing out and sharing — thanks so much for posting it! :hearts:


    :hearts: Aw – you are welcome – Carolyn & Jude. The world would be a happier, healthier more spiritual place if everyone could follow these tips. :dance:
    I am trying – :thumbsup: It’s not easy – but I am trying.

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