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    I wanted to share this with you before we left for the weekend. (where we do not have internet access).

    My son Andy is an Acupuncturist and a very special person. He has been treating a fiftyfive yr old woman with stage 4 cancer for some time now and they have become close. She called him yesterday and asked if she could come in “to say goodbye”. She found out that she has very little time left. Andy was so sad and really worrying about today’s visit. She came in today and is down to 75lbs. Andy insisted on treating her to make her as comfortable as possible. During the treatment she noticed there were flowers under his desk and she said to him “Andy, you’re not going to believe this but this morning I prayed to St Teresa and asked her to show me she heard me. And I know you may not know this because you are Jewish, but her sign is a rose!” Andy said to her “And what you don’t know is that those roses are for You. I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me”

    How wonderful that he was the one allowed to help her get her sign.



    WOW! :tissue: What a wonderful story! What a special son you have raised! (((((((Andy))))))) Prayers being lifted up for his patient. :hearts:


    A beautiful story, Beth.:hearts: I would expect Andy to be that way. I can assure you that all three of Beth’s sons and her husband are very special people. The whole family is wonderful.

    At one time Andy pretended to be my daughter’s cousin so he could call an acupucturist she was planning to see. He wanted to make sure she found a qualified one.


    A simple rose can have so many meanings. Thank you for sharing such a heart warming message. :love:


    :tissue:That is such a touching story, Beth, and a powerful validation for Andy and his patient :hearts:

    Thank you for sharing it here with us:love:


    One of the nice things about this story is how uplifting it makes people feel. People of all religions can relate to how powerful it is to receive confirmation that their prayers are heard. And depending on your beliefs “who” it was who sent the sign…

    I can tell you that it has had powerful impact on my son. Although Andy has deep beliefs that we are still connected to our loves ones who have crossed, this was the most significant example for him.



    What a lovely story.
    Andy got something beautiful in return for his unselfish act and his friend got the sign she was meant to receive.




    Beth, what a touching and beautiful story! :hearts: How blessed you are with Andy for a son, and how blessed are his patients! :angel2: Prayers going up for that lovely lady, for a pain-free ending to her earthly journey. :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote

    Amy Rose

    Wow that is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing that:candle:

    Pam B

    What an honor to be used by the Other Side :hearts:

    Pam wrote:
    What an honor to be used by the Other Side :hearts:
    My feelings exactly!

    Andy said when he went to buy flowers they had a spring floral bouquet and a bouquet of roses and he decided to get her the roses. We teased him that he “thought it was his idea”.

    You are all correct about my boy…he is a keeper for sure. (and so is his beautiful wife)

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