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    Pam B

    I couldn’t share with you before, (in case it didn’t actually happen for some reason), but the production staff of Crossing Over asked if they could come to my home and do an interview with me. I thought about it for about a 1/100th of a second and said “yes”.

    After three fast and furious phone calls from Jesse Shafer, we arranged for them to come here at 9:00 this morning. David Cook, a camera man, and a sound man arrived this morning to do the interview and just left (after we fed them cold cuts and soda.)

    Another one of our members was here too, and did an interview also, but I’ll let her share her version with you, herself :)

    I’ll tell you more later, because Jeff just left to run some errands and I’m alone here with Zach.

    I just wanted to say that David and his crew were the friendliest bunch of people, and that the 12 showgirls they brought with them, didn’t even eat that much. :chef: :party:

    More details later after Zachie goes down for a nap.. :baby: :sleep2:


    Wow! Wow! Pam!:jumper: How exciting!
    Will you be on a future show?
    Gail :party:


    Can’t wait to hear more! Congratulations!


    I’m picturing a new show in works … “Pam’s Parlor”. Hehe… can’t wait to hear the details.


    Yippee! High five girl! How about ten?
    Then turn around and take it downtown!
    And special dance around the end zone touchdown celebration….

    I don’t even have to know what the interview was specifically about to know you did a good job. Oops, there’ll be a shot at the “cult mentality” thing again. But knowing my “friend” the way I do, I feel secure in saying that.

    Now let’s see how much actually makes it to the program and isn’t edited out onto the cutting room floor. Can’t wait to see ya on the screen!

    I’m so excited for you! Definitely can’t wait to hear more…..


    :lwink: :musicnote :thumbsup: :star:

    How wonderful!!

    I have not posted to a thread here before. I just had to congratulate you on your visit from the crew!! :cool:

    I have been lurking here for awhile now, and Pam I am so thrilled for you…………..


    HELP! Everytime I try to read this post, it prints up to the part about the cold cuts and then is blank except for the little pictures. All the replies are there, but not Pam’s entire post–& if you know me, I NEED DETAILS:jumper: Why is this happening? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance;)


    “Why is this happening? Does anyone know? “

    I find it happens if I’m trying to view a popular thread or many people are trying to write replies at the same time. Just my un-educated observation…. system overload is my guess…. maybe not.


    Congrats Pam. I am so glad you got to have a great experience like we did! David was also the producer that visited our home in July. What a great experience. I know you agree when I speak of how sweet and genuine they all are!

    I can’t wait to see how our episode turns out. Ours was about “appreciation” and how JE and all have totally changed my outlook on life.

    Hope the camera doesn’t really add 10 pounds or people will be asking “how many cameras were on you?!” LOL:lwink:


    That is great news. I am so glad that the visit could be arranged.:thumbsup: Nice idea “Pam’s Parlor “:bulb:
    Imagine how many people will looking up yours site when it airs:crowd:

    can’t wait to see it.:thumbsup:

    :bulb: Now if only John can come and visit.(((((sigh))))))



    I am so happy for you Pam and also happy for all the Folks that watch crossing over. Now they will get to know the wonderfully generous, bright caring and loving person we know!
    Pam, I know that you did a great job and I CANT wait to see it!
    Congrats and a BIG HUG to you!


    I think the neatest part for me was when John called me personally to thank me for sharing our story with everyone. He was so sweet and sincere!

    I was so nervous about the interview (they were hooking up the equipment when his call came in) that I didn’t even remember what I said to him for about 3 hours after the call. The next day I was cooking dinner and dropped the spoon in the pot as I thought “OMG! I talked to JE yesterday!” it was awesome!



    How neat!

    To have the crew at your homes to be interviewed is so very special.

    Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I’ll tell you one thing – I would never have been able to keep my mouth shut about this event. Hats off to both of you – how on earth did you manage?



    Congratulations Pam :D How exciting for you. You deserve to be recognized for all the hard work and dedication you put into this site. You must be walking on clouds. Please let us know when it will be aired.



    Hopefully, it all works out!

    …But then again, we BOTH hope that, don’t we?

    At least YOU didn’t have to fake going online!



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