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    Congratulations Pam!

    Can’t wait to see it on tv. Are you going to post some details on the board before?

    Farmer Kathy

    Congrats Pam:)

    I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!:D



    Pam, WoW! I ‘m gone for a few days and you become a celeberty!!!!! :star: Congrats! Oh, and love the new smilies.

    :nachief: ES

    Pam B

    Wow you guys – I am just so warmed by all the nice posts on this thread – I have a hard time taking compliments, so let me just *sigh* and say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I even brought out some lurkers! :lurker2: Hi guys!

    Irishrose said:
    I’ll tell you one thing – I would never have been able to keep my mouth shut about this event. Hats off to both of you – how on earth did you manage?

    I think I was in denial, I was so nervous about it!

    I’m sorry it’s taken to so long to post – I needed some time to “come down” off the experience. You see…after they left, I compared what I said , to what I wanted to say, and I was beating myself up a lot. But thankfully, I realized that the CO crew will cut and splice and copy and paste to make it all come together nicely.

    What a learning experience. I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who works in film.

    The joke about the showgirls arriving with the crew, is a nod to David Cook, who said it was pretty awesome that news travels so fast via this board. (He cited the story being posted about Jesse taking his shirt off in the Gallery.) David said that his boss would probably hear about how this interview went, before he could make it back to New York.

    David Cook the producer, Patrick the camera man and Steve the sound guy were wonderful. They knew I was nervous (because I said “I’m nervous!” LOL) and they did their best to put me at ease. I told them that “I told Jesse I don’t want this to be about ME, and now all these lights, cameras and mics are aimed at ME…” Steve told me that it was all about HIM, and that I should just remember that. So that was the joke the rest of the day – “it’s all about Steve.” :)

    My front porch was transformed into a studio, with miles of wires, huge bright (and very WARM) lights. A mic boom that looked like a huge grey feather duster was hung about 4 inches above my head. A mic was threaded down my shirt (“cleavage floss” is the technical term I believe :lwink: ) Two huge cameras were staring me down like big eyeballs, one of them only about a foot and a half from my face. It was very freaky. I sat on my porch swing for most of the interview before we moved to my office for the “B roll” (after reading Leigh’s post, I knew what that was.) It was a very lucky thing that our usually hot and humid Midwest weather had just broken, and it was a “cool” day. (high 80’s low humidity.) David sat between myself and one of the cameras, and asked me questions.

    It was fairly quiet on my tree lined neighborhood when they started, but as the morning progressed, they would stop me mid-sentence as an unseen neighbor started a weed-whacker, or a saw, or an airplane flew over head. There were times I had to go back and repeat what I said. There were a few times that I forgot what I even said just seconds before! It was difficult to repeat what I had just said in answer to his questions, Thank goodness for advanced editing techniques!

    doodledink said:
    Hope the camera doesn’t really add 10 pounds or people will be asking “how many cameras were on you?!” LOL

    Do you know that I brought that exact joke up?!! It’s from “Friends,” and I did ask them not to make my look younger, but to make me look thinner. Oh well, we’ll shoot for sincerity and hope it sticks ;)

    After the porch shots, they wanted some shots of Jeff and Zachie and I, so David and Patrick the camera man took a walk with us down to the park two blocks away.

    When we came back, they set up a different camera angle on my porch for Paige, and did the interview with her. I didn’t hear much of that interview, so I’m very anxious to see it!

    After that, they wanted some footage in my office here at home, at the computer.

    Originally posted by LeighAEA
    At least YOU didn’t have to fake going online!

    Oh yes I did! I may have really been online, but I had to “fake” type – lots! And they told me to exaggerate clicking the mouse. So please don’t anyone report me to the animal cruelty people about how I treated my poor pointing device, when you see this segment! (roll the credits: “No mice were harmed in the making of this Crossing Over segment.”)

    Patrick the camera man went onto the deck outside of my office, to try some shots from that angle. Thinking I’m alone now, I said to myself – out loud – “this is freaky”…and I forgot that I was mic’ed because I heard a voice say “How freaky is it?” – Patrick heard me through his camera I guess – “very, very, very freaky” I said. And it was.

    After that we had a group picture, because Paige had to leave. I gave them some pictures of my gran and dad, because I ended up talking about them (gran is crossed; dad is not) and I saw how they put the pictures on a black background with duct tape (the universal tool) and took pictures of the pictures with the video camera. We signed some releases, and then we had lunch.

    By then it was around 2pm, and they still had to travel 2.5 hours north to Geneva, IL, and do yet another follow up, with a family who was read at the Chicago seminar. I don’t know how they do it. I was exhausted, and Jeff had promised to help some friends, so I was left all alone with Zachie (yay!) for the rest of the evening.

    I’m still mulling it all over in my mind, but the main thing that sticks out, is that I am extremely fortunate to have anything to do with helping to further a message so beautiful, so peaceful, so comforting, and so spiritual. I am humbled and honored at the same time, that the senior producers of Crossing Over, John and Paul, wanted to do a segment about this site – which really means – they wanted to it about you. I hope I’ve done you justice :)


    Three cheers for Pam!

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!



    Job well done, Pam!

    This is certainly going to be SOME episode! :)



    Originally posted by Pam
    I hope I’ve done you justice…

    Pam, we’re sure you’ve done WAY better than that! :thumbsup:

    Whew! I’m tired just reading about your day yesterday. Can you imagine doing that for a living? :eek:

    More reasons to be amazed at what John Edward does, and how he manages to do it all so well.



    Pam –

    I didn’t get the chance to tell you, but Dave said you were GREAT!! :jumper:

    There’s no doubt in my mind that you were just as articulate and eloquent during the interview, as you are here on the board!!:teacher:



    More reasons to be amazed at what John Edward does, and how he manages to do it all so well.

    Wait a minute….. Pam has a child she’s raising, a husband to be wifely for, chief cook :chef: & bottle washer, laundry :fumanchu: , shoe the horse & milk the cow & John doesn’t! She’s definitely one up on him!!! :P :love:

    How she keeps up with it all, I’ll never know, but she definitely does a phenomenal job!! Thanks again, Pam, for !ALLLLLLL you do!


    Hip, hip HOORAY!

    I am humbled and honored at the same time, that the senior producers of Crossing Over, John and Paul, wanted to do a segment about this site – which really means – they wanted to it about you. I hope I’ve done you justice.

    Well, all I can add is that it is about time Pam, that you finally got the credit you deserve and you do us more than justice!! I realize the site is about all of us and most of all John’s message, but without you to start it and keep it going so purely, we wouldn’t get to reap all the benefits that this site gives us.

    Without this site I know I would think that I was somewhat alone in my belief system (and probably a bit wierd), fortunately I have a few non-cyber friends that “believe” in spirits, afterlife, reincarnation, etc…..but here I get strong and friendly support almost immediately after a post. It is amazing at times, how wonderful and supportive everyone is who finds this site. Since there are no coincidences we must all be drawn here for a higher purpose…..and Pam we have you to thank for being the catalyst.

    You allow us to grieve, to share, to love, and most of all to be friends. I found a greeting card today that really expressed how I feel, I will share a bit from it…the creator of the message is Emily Matthews. “Our friends are like Angels..who brighten our days…in all kinds of wonderful, magical ways

    Their thoughtfulness comes as a gift from above, And we feel we’re surrounded by warm, caring love.”

    (((((Thanks Pam)))))

    Love :love: & light :teleport: ,

    PS: Does this mean someone from the show (CO) is a lurker??? :lurker:


    So how many neighborly phone calls did you get after they left? There should be quite a buzz around there for a while.

    It sounds like it was a good experience and I’m sure you did it up proud, Pam. Can’t wait to see it.


    Wow Pam! What an experience you have had!!! I am looking forward to seeing your interview on TV. Did they give you any idea when it will air?


    I am humbled and honored at the same time, that the senior producers of Crossing Over, John and Paul, wanted to do a segment about this site – which really means – they wanted to it about you. I hope I’ve done you justice

    It is SOOO Like you NOT to take any credit for anything. It is so like you to turn the table and make it about US. That shows you what a wonderful Host you are in welcoming us into Your community.

    I hope that you take a moment to turn it back to you and realize that YOU are a reflection of this board too…Like attracts like! You honor the process by setting the tone of this board. In that way you have become a teacher as well.

    DO me a favor…for all of us really…. and feel the warn Hug of aopreciation we are giving you!




    Man, this is just too neat.

    I think the neatest thing about all of this is that this site has gained a part of the image of John Edward. He must feel that it is an extension of his work or it never would have to this.

    Then that makes every one of us a part of what life is all about. Being genuine, learning to open up to each other in friendship and guiding each other on this life journey.

    Finding this place was no coincidence. Pam deciding to do something to help further John’s message was no coincidence either.

    This is just great – thank you, thank you all very much.

    Pooh – your greeting card says it all – thanks.



    Just a little story about our star, what she does and how this board can touch people. I met Pam and came to this board while researching an article I wrote about John. Pam didn’t know me from Adam, but not only did she answer my question, she posted a link to the article so you all could see it as well. I’ve been here ever since and have met on the board and in person (Hi Santamaria and Forgiveness) some very nice people and I never fail to come away from a visit here feeling like I’ve had an attitude adjustment. I’ve been entertained and enlightened through visits to this board. I’ve been encouraged and inspired by some more private conversations with Pam. ;)
    Visiting here made me want to do something good for someone without reward (like Ms. Pam) I started a project in my office to send care packages to troops in Afghanistan and got everyone involved. It got the attention of corporate and there are now over 100 of our branch offices who have adopted the program and have even expanded it. I didn’t get the idea from Pam or John Edward, but there is something about seeing others do good things that makes US want to do good things. I see that in so many of you when I read your posts. Kindness and love abounds here, and how can there ever be too much of that??
    Thanks again Pam ………..keep up the good work!!!!!!!


    This is so great!! I think all of the reply’s say it all…..I can’t add anything better…honestly!

    You don’t like taking credit for anything…but you should, you deserve all that is said and more!!

    I know you did us all proud, not to mention John & his work also!! Thanks Pam, for everything!!

    Fran :D

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