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    Never say never, Pam.

    Maybe Cbob has had a vision(?). (Could be, you never know). :D I think you would be an excellent guest for Larry.


    Paige, you are so funny! :stick:

    I can’t wait to see both of you on TV. I bet you are so nervous. So you didn’t get a tape of this yet? Will you get your own personal tapes from the show????



    After reading your post to Angelina about the USA Weekend article, I popped onto the “Friends” homepage. Since I have found my home here at the discussion board, I forget to go and check things out there. I just wanted to say that everything looks wonderful, and the *Special Notice from the Webmaster* is great. Thanks so much for all you do.


    Ihave the day off Monday and I can’t wait to see the show!! I have the opportunity to see it twice. Once on our UPN station and then again on FoxNet. Pam deserves the recognition this will bring her. Sheila

    Pam B

    It’s not about me at all….it’s about you. Here’s what I posted at

    * * * Special Notice From the Webmaster * * *

    My name is Pam Blizzard, and I created in November of 2000. I also created our sister site, the discussion group located at in July of 2001.

    On behalf of myself, and the entire membership (3000+ and growing daily) of, I would like to express profound gratitude to John Edward, and the production staff of Crossing Over for inviting me to appear on a special segment of the show. I was invited to talk about these websites, and to share our special online community with the viewers of Crossing Over. The segment is not about me, it’s about you, the supporters of John’s work.

    These web sites are proof that the healing message of John’s work is heard and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people world wide, as evidenced by the traffic to these sites, and the membership of our online discussion community. The average page views per month combined for both sites is 221,000 (as of September, ’02.) Our visitors and discussion group members span the globe.

    I would like to thank John, Carol, Paul, Jesse, Liz, David, and all of the production staff at Crossing Over who work to bring us this inspirational and healing message, and who consistently show their care and concern for their viewers. And a special “thank you” to Sandra for being such a sweetheart :)

    Please join me on Monday, October 14, on the first half hour of Crossing Over in syndication, where you can “meet the webmaster” and learn how, and why these sites came to be.

    Dedicated to the message,
    Pam Blizzard

    The way I see it, being invited to be interviewed for the show, is a warm hug from John, to all you you., and this site especially, is simply a reflection of the support from the believing world, back to the Other Side, and to John for the work that he does. My being on that show to talk about these websites, is really to talk about you because that’s who the sites are for, and who the sites represent, in addition to representing “the message.” Even though I don’t claim to speak for you – I am not a self appointed spokesman – when you see me up there on the TV screen, I’m there symbollically as your “thank you” to John, and being invited on the show, is John’s way of recognizing all of his supporters.

    :thumbsup: way to go, John :)


    Hi Pam and All
    I’m new to Friends, only joined yesterday, but I love the atmosphere. This is my first attempt at talking with you. Being Australian, I don’t know if we’ll get this special episode on the 14th. But I tape every show anyway, so I won’t miss out.
    I’m one of the fortunate Australians who have been able to watch John on satellite for most of this year, unlike many here who are only just beginning to get the message on free-to-air.



    Originally posted by Gypsy
    Paige, you are so funny! :stick:

    I can’t wait to see both of you on TV. I bet you are so nervous. So you didn’t get a tape of this yet? Will you get your own personal tapes from the show????


    The funny thing, is that I was not one bit nervous about the interview! Dave (producer?) asked me afterwards if I had spent alot of time in front of the camera! He said I was a “natural” and very photogenic! We’ll see……

    I was very honored that Pam asked me to do the interview! Like Pam said in her “Special Note,” my main concern was expressing my gratitude to Pam and John, for all they have done and reinforcing John’s message about the process!! (I didn’t mind hangin’ with the “Zackman” for a few hours, either!!) There wasn’t enough time or tape to allow me to truly express all my feelings, beliefs and emotions, about my JEFriends, Pam, John, Sandra, JE Moderators, God and the Other Side!!!

    I have had so much going on that I literally forgot all about the CO interview! Hearing that it is going to air on Monday is very overwhelming! I don’t think it all really sunk in! Sitting in front of a camera on Pam’s front porch is one thing – seeing Pam and myself on national tv, is a whole other experience!!



    Your release was wonderful, Pam, & yes a great big thumbs up to John–but also to you for making this website what it is–a place to find friends with the same belief system & understanding of John’s work. I am truly grateful to have found this site & to you for running it so smoothly. So here’s to Monday’s show:jumper: I can’t wait to tune in. I know we’ll all be proud of you (& Paige, too):D



    I just saw the show that Pam was featured in. I had no idea that such a site existed and I am thrilled to know that there are sooo many people with intrest in this area.

    I apologize to Sharpie because, I have been on this site for only a few minutes and read a few postings. One of the few I read was Sharpies lament that it would be harder to log on after the show aired. I can already tell that I am going to feel right at home with Sharpie, all of the people that have been here since Pam signed on and all of the people (like me) who were lucky enough to see the show and find this new home.

    So, Sharpie, when you have trouble logging on, please think of me and enjoy a little giggle.:lwink:


    I just watched Crossing Over For the Millionth time and I saw the interview with Pam. That is why I am here. It’s very nice to see that people believe in the possiblity of communication after we cross over. And are NOT skeptics like most people I know.


    This is great!! Look at all the new people (About 80 so far today). Pam did you see that at 1:00 today, there were 336 people logged in. That beat the marathon day. WHOOOO HOOOOO!


    Needless to say, SOME of us have yet to see the CO show with Pam/Paige’s interview but it sounds like it is a big success. Welcome to everyone who joins us as a result!! This is a wonderful site and I know you will enjoy all the people you meet and everything that you learn and share here!!!!:jumper:

    Diane:lwink: :wave: :clink:


    :hmm: wondering if we’ll get to see that episode over here(UK)
    Apparently we’re 2-3 months behind you guys in the US
    Cant wait for the new shows ’cause I’ve seen them all now!:D



    Welcome to all you newbies! :) This site is “the best”, thanks to Pam. But darn it all….. I was waiting all morning to make sure I taped the show. Got the tape in, rewound to the beginning, & didn’t think to see if my clock was right. I simply don’t believe it! When I turned it on, Pam’s interview was almost over, & I didn’t even get to see Paige! :mad: :( :angel2:


    Yes, I watched the show today (here in Canada) and you were so awesome, I taped it so I could get the details of this site and join in on the fun. And here I am your newest member!!!
    Whatta fun experience it must have been way to go girl!!!

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