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    Hi Gail!
    I’d love to be added to your list. Attended gallery June 25, 2002 not read, but hopeful for a reading next time!!:)


    I attended a Gallery taping on June 18th, I wasn’t read (although after the fact, I believe in my heart it was for us)..

    Cool thread.


    What a terrific idea! thank you for doing all of the research..
    its great to know so many have been read… I would love a reading..

    who knows? anything is possible!


    Nice work!
    Thank you!


    My sister, niece and I attended the seminar in Chicago in June. No one in our group was read. Jill


    Hi Jill, I didn’t include people who attended seminars unless they were read because there are so many of us who have been at seminars. Just being in the Gallery is a rare and exciting thing even if you are not read so I decided those people should be included on the list.
    Gail :)


    Hi Gail,
    I just stumbled upon this thread and I was in the same gallery as stressedwayout.
    I found this site after my reading and read her gallery review and realized that she was sitting right behind me! She also took notes for me and my family (I am forever grateful!)
    Poop :)


    I just added Doodledink (The other Tammy) to the list for her special appearance on Crossing Over.

    Pam will certainly be added to the list soon.
    Gail :jumper: :D


    Wow, thanks for remembering to include me since I rarely post here anymore!
    It was certainly life-changing, being read. I know exactly what some of you mean about being so thrilled with it but still wanting to keep it to yourself, like a private treasure. However, I did finally put my experience down on paper because I had a plan to write a book filled with OUR experiences–those of us who have been read. Chapter One was about my day in the gallery, and subequent chapters would be about any of you here who wanted to tell your story. I sent the sample chapter in to Jodere, who told me it was “delightful” but not needed by them this year. I was pretty disappointed, but have not ruled out the idea altogether yet. I may try a different publisher in the future. The title of the book is “Validations.” Each chapter following the first one would be an interview of sorts. I wanted to know several things:

    How did you hear about JE?
    What circumstances in your life drew you to seek a reading with him?
    What were the details of the reading?
    Most important of all, how has JE’s work and your reading changed or impacted your life?

    I think it would have been a great book. I may finish it yet! I will revisit this idea after the first of the year. My time until then is going to be pretty busy, moving from Vermont to Florida!



    A very special thanks to TXJude for arranging all of the readings in a nice neat order for me with my permission. It is so much easier to read now.

    Everyone keep on getting read or in the Gallery and this list will keep growing. :)



    The revised list is great, and I can’t wait until the day you can add MY name to the list ;)

    (Waiting for that 3 year waiting list to dwindle……I just know I’m gonna get through one of these days……)


    Last interview John said the list is down to two years !



    If any of our new members have been read by John at a seminar, in the Gallery, privately, or at a seminar…just say the word and I’ll add you. :)


    Good idea to bump this thread, Gail!

    Have any of our new Friends out there been read? Anyone? Anyone? (doing my best Ben Stein imitation :D )

    With all the new seminars coming up this Fall, perhaps we’ll have a few more names to add to the list.

    Pam B

    Where is PhilGail? This thread needs to be updated….we have our new member Sherri who was read on Crossing Over in the Gallery (and moved to “the couch”) and who will be having a follow up.

    Heather C going to the gallery on 10/29…

    and moi, in the same section as doodledink please :)

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