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    maria V

    Hi Silly,

    I was just wondering if you could tell us about your reading. Will it be televised? What an amazing experience it must have been

    Thanks, Maria;)


    Hi Maria,
    Yes it was already televised. Both shows. My husbands and his sisters was about two weeks ago. I was touched by my husbands show because I didn’t know what my sister in law or my husband said in their post analysis. I do have it written but it’s so long, i’m not sure if i can actually post it. I’ll try though.

    Laughter is the best medicine-Silly


    I know what you mean about seeing it in print. I did exactally this. Then after I posted it, I had a feeling like I wanted to take it back. I am now glad that I posted my testimonial, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten to see the funny episode that aired Monday. I really liked that better than our show! (I didn’t say anything!)


    I’m sorry Gail, I don’t understand what this means. Can you explain? :confused: Is there supposed to be a post from Oscar somewhere. Thanks Silly

    Pam B

    The first post in this thread:

    Contains a listing of all members who have had readings, been in the Gallery or on Crossing Over :)


    Silly, Oscar has already posted, but not on this thread. She will post her reading by John story after it is televised on the 25th. This is just an ongoing list I started and maintain on here of everyone on this site who has been read by John somewhere, been in the Gallery, or had anther special connection with John. I love the fact that the list continues to grow.
    Gail :)


    I thought that I missed it. Thanks for helping me understand. I know what you mean by “I love the fact that the list continues to grow” I too love this fact, because in my eyes it means that he is touching so many people’s lives. He is doing a wonderful job of spreading the love of our families with us. I hope everyone that sits at a reading be it in the gallery or a seminar, or anywhere else can be touched by the love that is present all around them.
    Can’t wait to hear from Oscar! Thanks for keeping us updated!
    :lwink: Diann


    I hope to be added to your list. I was able to get through the phone line to recieve tickets to the gallery! I will pass on all info If we are selected to get tickets.


    Hi Gail! I am a bit new at all of this, so I haven’t read through all the boards, but I too have been read and would love to be added to the list.
    Our family was first read Feb.9,2002 at a SanAntonio seminar.It was a me too and then some!
    Also, just this past Feb.22,2003 we won a private phone reading from a local radio station in Dallas.
    Both experiences were amazing to say the least!!! so many details! :jumper:


    Hi juie:) Adding members to my list is one of my favorite things to do on here. First I and everyone else on here would love to read more about your two readings. Please give us any details you are comfortable in revealing. It would be best to do it on a separate thread since this one is extremely long. Testimonials of readings by John are always exciting.

    I have both of your dates noted and ready to add.

    Gail :)


    OK Nauset, (Susan), you are now on the list. :jumper:

    I know some of you said you have been read but have not told us anything about it. Just a short description of the reading, along with the date, will get you on this growing list. :)



    Thank you Gail for adding my name to “The List”!:jumper:



    A few month after my brothers passing my mother and brother attended a seminar in Albany NY and were read by John (I think it was 4/4/2002).

    They missed my grandmothers funeral to attend because we all hoped my brother would come through. We prayed all that day for him to go to John…and he did.

    There was a message for each and every member of our immediate family and a few of his close friends.

    We are a close family and while I personally didn’t get read, when we tell people about our experience …we say the “family had a reading with John”, because in reality we did :daisy:


    Originally posted by MsEss
    …we say the “family had a reading with John”, because in reality we did :daisy:

    Congratulations, MsEss! I agree, and I’m glad you all got the validations you needed!



    Bumped for some special people and for our many new members. :)

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