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    A one on one reading with John Holland, Psychic Medium.
    January 26, 2007, 1-2:15 pm

    I waited almost four years for this reading. I added my name to John’s list after he impressed me when my daughter and I first saw him in Las Vegas at a John Edward event, March 1, 2003.

    Shortly before the reading, I talked to my father. He was someone who seldom openly demonstrated his love for me and my 5 siblings. He once said he didn’t want us to miss him when he is gone. I asked him to please come through.

    Not only was he the first to come through, he bothered John so much before the phone call that John wanted to call 10 minutes early. I watched the clock and, at exactly 1 pm, my caller ID said Private Name. I knew it was John.

    This is the reading, almost word by word. Anything left out will be because the information was too personal.

    I’ll place John in front of his statements, Gail in front of mine, and Later with things I remembered after hearing the reading.

    I’ll start the reading tomorrow.

    It will be very long unless I leave out parts.


    After we just chatted for a few minutes about my going to see him in person, at the Celebrate Your Life Conference in Chicago this June, and on the Intuitive Connections Cruise in November, John started recording. He began with verifying my name and address so I will receive the tape.

    John: Gail, before I start, I wanted to call you 10 minutes ago. Your father, he was impatient, he wants to open this up.

    Gail: I talked to him today and asked him to come through. I looked at the clock at 10 minutes to 1.

    John: He wants to open this up. Here we go. He makes me aware, Gail, he says he’s been gone more than 5 years, please, yes, I feel like he’s one of the organizers. He’s been there a long time, Gail. Am I right? It’s been 15 years?

    Gail, Yes. Later: It’s actually been 22 years since he crossed. I wanted to hear from him because he seldom showed us his love while here. He was a good provider but not a warm man.

    John: He say add on more years to the 5. He’s also making me aware, Gail, did you lose your brother, Gail?

    Gail: No John: Son? Gail: No. John: He has a younger man coming through, but I feel it’s part of the family. I don’t do above, below like John. I feel a younger male there, but I’ll ask them……come on guys, you have got to confirm who you are.

    Gail: Would a son-in-law count?

    John: Absolutely, absolutely! Cause I’m hearing the word son. So you lost a son-in-law? So this will be your daughter’s husband? Gail: Yes

    John: Let him do his thing, Gail. It’s very strange, one person I’m not getting is your mother. Mom still here? Gail: No, John: I’m not picking her up so let’s see if she comes in.

    John: I’ve got the two guys here. Yeah I understand that. One of the gentlemen here is Michael. Significant, please? If I give you a name, it doesn’t have to be someone who passed. Could be still living and I will hear, see, and feel information as it comes through. Mike or Michael.

    Gail: Phil’s nephew who is here.

    After: Michael is the same age as my daughter and went to school with her. They were very good friends as well as being cousins.

    John: If I’m wrong, Gail, trust me, they do correct me. Yeah. The gentleman who is your son-in-law, did this happen more than two years ago, please? Gail: No. John: OK, it’s recent. It’s funny how I’m getting this, Gail, your dad, even though he passes years ago, is there more of a faster passing with the son-in-law than with the Dad. Gail: Yes. I feel that the dad might have known he was going to pass. I feel the son-in-law goes much faster than him.. There would be, I don’t know, what connection to him, nothing really.

    After: My dad crossed 22 years ago from colon cancer. He knew it was fatal and had 6 months to prepare to go.

    to be continued: John will get very detailed information.


    On the edge of my seat Gail :thumbsup:

    Thanks for sharing.


    John: but I feel that your son-in-law goes over much faster, OK, than he does. I understand that my friend. Yeah, yeah, yeah (John converses with them all through the reading). Gail, the son-in-law, until they start popping in with their names, would he have a son here please?

    Gail: Yes.
    John: Is it just the one?
    Gail: Yes.

    John: I don’t know if there are more kids there so just let me do this. He says please acknowledge my son, my son, my son, over and over.

    John: I’m supposed to say from one of the gentlemen, because they are coming through together, Gail, is this a birthday month for someone, please? Going into February?

    Gail: yes.

    John: Who’s birthday because this is a big Happy Birthday to say hello to.

    Gail: It’s my son’s birthday.

    John: Happy Birthday. When is it, February?

    Gail: Jan. 30.

    John: Oh, it hasn’t happened. If you had said May or June, I would say no, you tried to make it fit. It’s a big number for him or they me want to emphasize it.

    Is Margaret connected to you, Gail?

    Gail: I’ll have to write that down.

    John: It’s either Margaret, Margie, Mary. I hate to give Marys because we all have them in our family. Is Margie passed please? Because I feel Margie, Marge, Margie. It’s not like it’s Doris. Mar, Mar…

    After: Margie was the much loved wife of Phil’s favorite uncle, Vince. Vince was psychic and when she crossed over early in their marriage, he continued to see and talk to her. She was the love of his life and a very good, wonderful and loving woman.

    John: Um, hum, I understand. Gail, where is your husband, please?

    Gail: He’s on the other side.

    John: because I’m looking for him in your space here, and I don’t see him, which means he is passed, or separated and way out of state. So you lost your husband also. You’ve got all the guys. Mom is most likely taking a back seat here.

    Gail: Yes, she would do that.

    Is your husband the one who had his own business, please?

    Gail: No, he did not.

    John: OK, who had his own business What male figure has their own business.

    Gail: My son-in-law.

    John: Would he work with his hands, please?

    Gail: Yes.

    John: OK, because when I see some oil on people’s hands, it always means to me that someone had some type of business.

    After: Not long after they were married, my son-in-law, who worked for an alarm company, formed his own, one man, business installing alarm systems. He was proud of it but eventually sold it because it was too difficult to keep it up.

    John: Am I right in saying he also has a daughter? Does she go on to have another child? He acknowledges two kids, not just his own.

    Gail: Not that I’m aware of.

    After: It’s possible he did have another child. He wasn’t faithful during marriage and one girlfriend said she was going to keep his child.

    John: It could be a nephew. He is acknowledging another connection to a kid.

    After: Keven had a young nephew who had no father. He treated him like a son. The boy cried at Keven’s funeral as if he also lost a father.

    John: Is Joseph connected to here too?

    Gail: Yes, that’s his son.

    John: Yesss! see! bang! and that’s not me doing it. They called him Joe, Joseph, Joey, but Gail, has your son-in-law been gone a year?

    Gail: Less than a year.

    John: Yeah, I understand that, and you understand. His wife has not met someone else, please?

    Gail: No, and I wish she would.

    John: It’s going to happen. Gail.

    Gail: I’m so pleased!

    John: Sometimes they have something to do with it on the other side and he wants to say his wife will move on when she’s ready.. He wants to emphasize Joe but there’s another kid he wants to acknowledge. OK, one second…hmmmmm…what state? You’re in Maryland, does dad pass out of state?

    Gail: My dad, no, he passed in Maryland.

    John: It seems one of these guys passed out of your state.

    Gail: (smacks herself) my son-in-law!

    John: OK, yup

    John: You know what I keep getting Gail, very strong? Who’s the Victoria, Virginia, Vivienne, big V name?

    Gail: Vince, there’s a Vince.

    John: Absolutely! Because V always…..who’s Vincent , please? So is Vince gone now, please, because the V keeps coming in, keeps floating. I want to talk about the V guy. Definitely wants to keep coming in. Really Really strong, like the Big V.

    Gail: As he was ready to go, he was able to talk to the other side and give my daughter some messages.

    John: Absolutely! I want to call him, with the greatest respect, the Big V. So this is big in person, big in power, you know. Got to tell you, with his energy, I like what I’m feeling. This is someone I could laugh with, a kind person, and still is.

    After. John described Uncle Vince very well. He lived until 81, was the patriarch of the whole family. Vince was loved by everyone and never got over himself outliving my husband.

    John: I understand you’ve got a lot of people, Gail.

    Gail: I know. LOL.

    John: You’ve got a lot of people there!

    Gail: Well, I AM getting older. lol

    John: Would you have the one sister, please?

    Gail: My one of two sisters is very close to me, the other is not.

    John: Living?

    Gail: Yes. John:

    Just the one, please?

    Gail: Two.

    John: Because Dad, I’m going to jump around with these guys, the father, wants to acknowledge his girls. That’s how I know there is more than you, and I’m sure there are boys. I’m also feeling tightness in the chest. Gail, I’m curious where the lung cancer was, emphysema?

    Gail: My husband died of lung cancer.

    John: Absolutely! Absolutely.

    Pause for now. Need to eat. Hope it’s not getting too long because there is a lot more. I’m still on side one of a full tape.


    hurray up and eattttttttttttt!! Wow that is really exciting to read o.k. i am:jumper:waiting.



    roflROFL! Leighski! I feel the same way. I started reading this morning and was so happy to see part deux this afternoon. Can’t wait to read part 3, Gail!:D


    I see Gail is online. :hearts: The next part should be posted soon! :dance:


    John: There is also a folding of the flag, Gail, which always means to me someone had the military funeral.

    Gail: My husband did, Uncle Vince, Keven…

    John: Gail, you were together when he passed, correct?

    Gail: Yes.

    John, I don’t know if he was your only man, or if the two of you go way back because…….he’s here..yea, yea, I hear you. He’s making me, bless him, he’s making me aware of “My Only Love”. I’m hearing that song from Diana Ross, “My Endless Love”.

    After: Phil signed all of the cards he bought in his last few months with words like, Forever, Eternally.

    John: Do you two go way back?

    Gail: 36 years.

    John. Absolutely darling, Absolutely., I understand. What did you do for him besides Christmas? There’s a special dedication, which means you put a tree at the grave?

    Gail: Christmas and a tree is something that happens to me that is an ongoing ADC for us.

    John: From your husband?

    Gail: Yes

    John: Absolutely, because he keeps….they know there is something about Christmas, but Christmas is so common to everyone. This has to be more than just Christmas.

    Gail: My daughter had it verified with a vision from his mother saying what we thought were adc’s were really from him, and they all think it’s hilarious. It’s a story with a frog.

    John: OK Good, as long as you understand that, because it is a connection to Christmas…some sign. Definitely confirmation.
    He’s also making me aware, and I know I’m going fast, but this is all recorded anyway so don’t you worry. You’ll be able to listen again but it’s just that I’m on a roll with you.

    Gail: I’m really from New York, so…(I was going to say I’m used to fast talking)

    John: Alright Gail so you just gave it away. I was just going to ask why is your husband talking about New York. Gail, let’s go back to the son-in-law. Did your daughter know you were going to have this conversation with me?

    Gail: Yes.

    John: Alright, OK, Gail, let’s stick with him for a second cause this is important for your daughter. Alright, hmmmmm.

    Gail: She thought he would come through.

    John: Yes, is his boy older than 8?

    Gail: He’s 7

    John: OK, because I don’t know how old you are, how old the daughter is, but I do feel 8 years old with his kid. He is very connected to his kid. Either the kid is dreaming of, and I know what he is going through, but with his passing, this was unexpected?

    Gail: Yes.

    John: Yeah, because, Gail, this is very strange. I’m getting a lot of question marks about his passing.

    Gail: There are.

    John: and he’s not really talking about it.. Gail, I don’t want you to make it fit, Gail, but can he take on some of the responsibility for his passing?

    Gail: Yes, he can.

    John: Alright Gail, you know where I’m going with that.

    Gail: Yes.

    John: So did he take his own life?

    Gail: Yes.

    John. Yeah, so if you were sitting here, I’ve got like 15 question marks on my page. It’s always a sign that they took their own life here. You know who’s helping him out, Gail? It’s your husband OK, I really feel, really feel it’s your husband, and he’s with the guys. You tell your daughter he’s in the “Boys Club”. Not a lot of confirmation here from him because I think when someone takes their life, this is what just seems to work with me, people who take their lives are in the process of healing. So others come forward to help with the communication. Am I right in saying, Gail, that your son-in-law passes…..Is David connected, please, living or passed?

    Gail: My brother, David, living.

    John: Uh, I understand this. With your son-in-law, Gail, is his head affected at all with the passing?

    Gail: Yes, you want to know what happened?

    John: You know, Gail, was this through ingestion, was it a hanging?

    Gail: You got it.

    John: Hanging, yes hanging, he is taking some responsibility for this, Gail. Sometimes I feel he tried to pull away at the last minute, or he tried to, but, I do think he is taking on some responsibility, but I’ve got to tell you he is going through the healing process with the gentlemen over there. All your guys, not guides, on the other side. Yeah, I understand that. Ummm, hmmm.

    Gail: I have chills going up and down me.

    After: Keven was taking illegal drugs and was drinking when he hung himself.

    John: Is he also, your daughter, what is your daughter’s name?

    Gail: Valerie.

    John: OH, what. Remember I kept saying V? OK this is interesting because V is not a common letter like M or B. You know what I mean. OK, there’s the V. Probably. Do you know if Valerie, yeah, I understand that, she’s in Maryland.

    Gail: Yes

    John: Because he’s saying “close to mom, close to mom”.

    Gail: 15 minutes.

    John: Oh, that’s close.

    Another intermission. My typing finger is going flat again.


    OH WOW!!!!!! Im speechless this is such an awesome thing you had happen to you Gail :hearts:


    :tissue: Gosh Gail! What an amazing reading so far! This is not something to read while at work! LOL


    This is like one of those books you find and ya can’t put it down. Goosebumps galore!!!


    I feel like the energizer bunny. I keep going.

    John: and he’s also making me aware, I usually don’t like to do flowers, Gail, right, but do you know if his wife, your daughter, Valerie, planted a rose bush for him?

    Gail: I don’t think she did.

    After: Later there is a huge validation of another planting for him.

    OK, there is something about a flowering bush. When I get flowers, I don’t like to do that, Gail, because we always get that and jewelry from people on the other side. There’s something about the rose, unless there is a name, Rose. There’s something about the rose and I also want Valerie to watch for blooming flowers, although this weather, it’s been global warming, watch for the flowers. How long has he been gone?

    Gail: Less than a year.

    John: I want her not to just sit and watch for 24 hours, but about the blooming flower when it’s not supposed to. It’s almost like a rose blooming in December. That kind of feeling. See if that can be placed.

    After: So far, this doesn’t strike a bell with us. It might be something coming up

    John: Gail, with your last name, and I don’t like to look at a name, is there Italian blood?

    Gail: There is Italian blood in relatives, but not on my husband’s side.

    John: OK, the reason why I’m getting it is because I got the Vincent.

    Gail: He was always being mistaken for being Italian. He was Lithuanian.

    John: Vinnie, Vincent is Italian to me, but is Anthony connected to you?

    Gail: Anthony, Tony, is Vince’s brother.

    John: Absolutely! OK! Absolutely! LOL because I keep hearing Tony and, wait a minute, those are Italian names!

    Gail: Lithuanian

    John: But really, OK, me being half Italian, Vinnie, Tony, OK, that’s fine. So Anthony is being acknowledged, also the name. I understand that. Yes! I hate to give the name John, but I am getting it

    Gail: My sister is married to a John.

    After, I can’t think of a John right now. Don’t think it is connected to my brother-in-law.

    John: OK, that’s alright. Gail, hmm, your husband, gone more than two years?

    Gail: Yes

    John: Are you still wearing the ring? Please.

    Gail: You are seeing a ring?

    John: He’s showing me a ring.

    After: This part of the reading doesn’t go anywhere but I’ll cut and paste the “ah ha” story about the ring.

    Gail: There was a big thing about his ring.

    John: Ok, cause he’s saying, mention the ring. I don’t like when they give me that as evidence because it’s common and general, but he mentions the ring, the ring.

    Gail: I took his off in the hospital and wrapped it in a tissue, and must have thrown it away with them.

    John: OK, don’t worry about it. It’s more you than them suffering about it. They could give a toss. OK, one second, Gail, is there a ring that you have please, of your mother’s with a missing stone. Just prongs.

    Gail: Hmmm, no I don’t.

    John: I’m hearing mention the ring with no stone.

    Gail: There’s one that I bought that is missing a stone.

    John: OK, that’s OK , that’s alright.

    Me, I’m going to insert the story here about the ring with the missing stone. It has been submitted to Colette Baron Reid as an Ah Ha moment, after a reading with a Medium.

    John Holland is an incredible, powerful Medium and a very nice person. I’m waiting anxiously for the tape he made of the reading. At one point he kept talking about me having a ring, given to me, that has a missing stone in it. He mentioned birthstone, engagement, etc. My mind went blank and all I could only remember is I do have a ring without a stone in my jewelry box. That wasn’t it and John moved on.

    Last night I couldn’t fall asleep. My body felt electrified and tense. About an hour later of not being able to relax, I received my “Ah Ha” moment. My body finally relaxed.

    About 15 years ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table, chatting with my brother. I happened to glance at my engagement ring and the diamond was missing! It was around Christmas time and I had been to several different stores My brother helped me search my entire house and took me to the stores. No stone anywhere. I went out to my car and checked everywhere I could see. It wasn’t there. I felt devastated.

    My husband took me back to the store it came from and had another diamond put in it. The ring just didn’t look or feel the same anymore.

    Six months later, I was vacuuming out my car and getting it ready to sell. Fate made me see something sparkle as it went into the bag. I took out the bag and dumped everything onto a paper. Yes, it was my diamond. My husband and I took the ring back to the store and had it mounted back in. The other diamond was traded if for some very nice jewelry.

    John: Gail, you are still in the house that you and your husband lived in, please?

    Gail: Yes, I am.

    John: Yes, because I’m saying to him a thousand times, did she move? He’s making me aware, she’s still in the house. OK, one second, Yes. Your husband makes me aware, and I hope he pops in his name, makes me aware he was ready to go. Do you understand that?

    Gail: Yes

    John: Yeah, I feel like he fought it. This is the gentleman with the lung cancer, correct?

    Gail: Yes

    John: Fought it for awhile. Gail, when he was in his youth, was he a big boy?

    Gail: He was about 6’1″, always slender.

    John: Right, OK, more taller than big. OK, one second. Thank you, Gail. He passes in the house?

    Gail: No, he…

    John: That’s ok, Gail. He was more home than the hospice or hospital.

    Gail: Yes

    John: That’s OK, because when someone is convalescing, three month, four months, it’s almost like he passes at home because he spends more time at home before he goes., but, he’s making me aware, yeah, I see you, he’s making me aware you were there when he passed, correct?

    Gail: Yes, we held hands and prayed…..

    John: OK Let him do his thing. Gail, he’s making me aware because I’m saying, Talk about when you passed here. I’m getting him gently going, but he is making me aware, and I always get this, Gail, and this is what I am hearing. Thank you for letting me go. OK, so I don’t know…

    Gail: That’s a relief because I had to make the decision.

    John: I feel like you talked him right to the other side. He followed your voice, went over, went, went.

    After: I did tell him, after he fell into a coma, to go into the light. The Gemini in me couldn’t help noticing he was staring at the television. I said, “But not into the television”. He would appreciate some humor.

    John: He met up with Ann, Andrew, Andrea. I met up with Ann and I feel like it may go back now with you. I don’t know if it’s an old neighbor, and you’ve got this all written down.

    After, I do have a book of family history written in it. Anthony, mentioned before, is the only person I can think of who would meet him.

    That’s it for tonight. Still haven’t flipped the tape.


    (((Gail)))I feel like I’m reading a novel (goosebumps & all!) How intense. Can’t wait till tomorrow–keep pokin’ those keys:hearts:


    You know what was neat about reading all of this is that I could actually hear John’s strong accent when he was the one speaking. LOL

    Pam B

    I absolutely got the chills when he was talking about your son in law, and how he took responsibility, and how all the men over there are helping him.

    I don’t about you, but when he said “V” I thought for SURE he was talking about VAL, his wife, your daughter!

    And the ring without a stone? I common story, but FINDING the original stone like you did, after having the stone replaced and replacing it again? Very uncommon story!

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