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    John: I understand, Gail, how is your thyroid now.

    Gail: Hmmm, nothing that I know of, nothing.

    John: Do you have, Gail, remember this is not a prediction, do you have any throat issue going on, please?

    Gail: I have allergies all the time. There’s always a problem with my throat.

    John: Would there be, I don’t have allergies, can that affect the throat area? Oh, No, he’s shaking his head. Don’t go there. Someone in the family, connected to him This is husband. I don’t know if someone has a scar on his throat, or has had their thyroid taken out, or their thyroid looked at. Female. Is his sister still here?

    Gail: He has no sister, he has a cousin that is like a sister.

    John: Still here?

    Gail: Yes.

    John: Are you in touch with this woman?

    Gail: Yes.

    John: Just, you don’t have to freak her out, just, Gail, has she had any, has she had her thyroid looked at? Is there any issue. Is she gaining an unbelievable amount of weight? Is there a weight fluctuation? Just see if that…

    Gail: Her name is Rose.

    John: OK, Cool and that was like his sister?

    Gail: Yes

    John: and see if the thyroid thing, and if she knows you are into this stuff, maybe she’s not going to be freaked out. Just go slowly how you give the information. Other words, he’s keeping an eye on her, OK?

    Gail: Is this a warning for her?

    John: More of a head’s up. More of a caution, a warning is too graphic. I understand. Is Catherine his mother?

    After: I checked with my brother in law, and yes, Rose has problems with her thyroid.

    Gail: Catherine? Let me write down Catherine.

    John: It’s either Caitlyn or Catherine, but on the other side There’s a lot of people between your husband, the uncle, it’s like a family reunion. One second….You tell your daughter, Valerie, he knows, the son-in-law, the husband, this is not her fault. Gail, OK, he knows it, but Gail, you know what, was there a separation between the two of them before this happened?

    Gail: Oh yes, they had recently gotten divorced.

    John: because I see an arrow going one way and an arrow going another way, which means to me, you know, but this is not her doing. This, I feel like this was planned out by him, and not for a long time. It was his choice. He takes responsibility and he is the one to deal with it now. It’s nothing to do with her or the son. She is going to meet someone else, Gail, I’m telling you, and your grandson will have a father in his life.

    Gail: Oh, I am so happy to hear that.

    John: I really do feel that and I always like to back things up like that. A very strong Henry, Helen, Hank, big H, almost like up with the big V. That doesn’t mean who it is, the H. It could still be a communication from the other side.

    After: The H has to be Phil’s mom. Her first name is Mary, second name Helen. She is powerful enough that she is the one who showed herself to my daughter, and verified our frog ADCs are real.

    John: Gail, are you a church goer?

    Gail: Yes, I am.

    John: because your husband says, “I see her in church”. I said, give me something more. Now, are you a once a week church goer?

    Gail: Once a week but also an EM, a Eucharistic Minister and a hospital visitor.

    John: The reason why I’m saying that is when I get a really Churchy Church feeling, I want to say you are a church goer. A lot of people aren’t, and that means to me you are involved in the church. And I know, after the fact, you told me the minister, but he makes me aware I have to put the whole church situation around you.

    Gail, is your husband, no, this could be the dad coming in here now. Is your dad or your husband the one with the hat? Dad, or the husband wore the hat. Not baseball cap, it’s more of a hat.

    Gail: Phil wore hats. He had a hat collection.

    John: Phil is who? Your husband?

    Gail: OK , I gave you…..

    John: That’s ok. That’s OK, because he kept tipping his hat to me. That means not baseball cap, but if he had a hat collection with the brims.

    Gail: He had a hat collection with the old fashioned brims.

    After: Phil did collect baseball caps, but they were always the old square looking style with a large brim.

    John: A fedora thing, because he keeps tipping his hat. This is just more validation. I understand that. He wants to make me aware, he’s not just your husband. I feel like a best friend with this guy.

    Gail: We were.

    John: and I’m not saying you were, you still are. Gail, now you sound pretty young to me, all right. but don’t give me your age. Why is he concerned about your legs, or your foot, please?

    Gail: I’m not young but I don’t know.

    John: You’re not having any circulating problem with, Gail, with something with your legs, or ankle, or something?

    Gail: Not that I’m aware of.

    John: All right, don’t freak out if you see something. Just be forewarned, is to be forearmed. Wait a second. Make sure the tape is still going….lovely.

    I couldn’t quit when I said I would. The first half of the tape hasn’t finished yet.


    This is so awesome, Gail – thanks for sharing! I saw something in this last one that connects to another – could they be connected as a validation of sorts? This whole thing is so totally awesome. Way to go to all the folks who came through and to John for being the messenger! :banana:

    From next to last of your posts

    There’s something about the rose, unless there is a name, Rose.

    From your most recent post

    John: Just, you don’t have to freak her out, just, Gail, has she had any, has she had her thyroid looked at? Is there any issue. Is she gaining an unbelievable amount of weight? Is there a weight fluctuation? Just see if that…

    Gail: Her name is Rose.


    Yes, John caught onto that right away. Rose is going to hear the tape because she will be copying it for me. She should be able to connect with some of the things John says.

    I’m up, dressed, and had breakfast. Pretty soon I’m going to start writing down the next installment. John knows I’m posting this and I hope he gets a chance to read it.

    I’m still in a state of awe. :)


    Thanks Gail for sharing this with us! What a wonderful experience! :love:


    You know how some people have to soak their feet at the end of the day? You’re going to have to soak your hands when this is all said and done, Gail! :D

    Thanks so much for sharing your very personal, inspirational, and awesome (in the true sense of the word), experience with us. :love:

    :hearts: :angel2: :hearts: :angel3: :hearts: :angel3: :hearts: :angel2:

    Great stuff, Gail… keep it coming :)


    John: Hmmm, right, so you and your husband met in New York?

    Gail: No, we didn’t.

    John: Where did you meet?

    Gail: Right here in Maryland.

    John: Would your…there’s another New York connection that I’m supposed to talk about besides you being from there, OK Do you still have relatives there, Gail?

    Gail: I do have relatives there.

    John: OK Gail, I dunno, he’s getting a yeah, yeah. How long has he been gone please, Gail.

    Gail: 2001

    John: Has your daughter been to New York since he’s passed, please?

    Gail: We’ve been up to New York several times.

    John: Yes, OK cause he’s saying to me, this is your husband, ok, he’s clear and to the point, ok, I don’t feel like I can fool around with him, but I feel like he wants me to say exactly like he’s giving it to me. He’s saying no. Since I’ve been gone, I saw at least your daughter in N.Y. OK, or the trip or trips to NY, OK, Oh! Did you catch the show too? Did you catch a show while you were in NY?

    Gail: We went to see John Edward several times and I have a friend on Long Island.

    John: Ok, Ok, that’s fine.

    Gail: Oh yes, we did go see a show, the Rockettes!

    John: cause they said they caught a show. Alright, that’s not so great evidence, Gail, because it is New York, but I do feel like you probably had an extra seat there, your husband right behind, watching.

    After: New York city is where we spent our honeymoon, at the New York World’s Fair in 1965. My mother, father, one brother, myself, and two grandparents were born in New York.

    John: Yeah, I understand, Ah, really? Hmmm, Gail, would your husband have loved babies?

    Gail: Oh yes!

    John: Most guys are like, they can’t deal with it but he’s making me feel…

    Gail: He had his grandson and loved him dearly.

    John: Somebody, he has a baby there with him, Gail. I think it might have been a newborn or one who never made it here. OK, he’s got one in his arms and I’m thinking, why doesn’t a woman have that, and he says, I’m good with kids. And this may sound strange, Gail, but sometimes when they go over, they can teach, they can do whatever they want. I really feel your husband is somehow helping babies. I don’t know why I’m getting it, but something about helping babies.

    Gail: My daughter miscarried several times.

    John: OK, hold on, Gail. Let me flip this tape. I don’t want to miss anything.

    Gail: I’ve been waiting four years.

    John: He makes me aware, he makes me aware. Alright, OK, this is your husband. He’s got all these guys and I feel like, I don’t feel the mother, but I can’t validate her until she gives me something, but I just feel her energy in the back.

    Gail: She was like that:

    After: I’m pretty sure John is not talking about my mother now, but Phil’s mother. His mother has a lot of energy over there. This next part of the reading is astounding. I didn’t know how much so until my daughter listened with me. It wasn’t about who I thought it was.

    John: Hmmm, Really? Now, I don’t know if this is a dedication or, Gail, or this is something…was there any type , first of all just say yes or no, was there any type of tree planted for the husband?

    Gail: Uh, no.

    John: You know what he’s giving me, Gail, was there any type of ceremony? I don’t know if he was alive for this, was there any ceremony in memory of your husband or you son-in-law in a park, out doors in nature. I feel like he is giving me trees. I don’t, because, but I don’t want to. Just say yes or no to the dedication. I just feel like there was something done outdoors for him, but it was more like a memorial.

    Gail: He had a military funeral but I can’t think of anything else.

    John: I just feel like, in Maryland, in Maryland, is there, where you live, a favorite park where you used to go for cookouts or something?

    Gail: I’m getting a blank here. Maybe when I hear the tape, it will come back.

    John: OK, I just feel like I’m here, Gail. Is MacArthur’s Park in New York, like that song, (John sings) MacArthur’s Park is melting in the snow. It’s either MacArthur’s Park, the name MacArthur, or he’s just showing me the event at the park, but I feel it’s a place with picnics, a picnic table. Where you could do the grill, and there might be a lake there, also, that’s involved.

    Gail: I have a block on it right now.

    John: That’s alright, that’s OK

    After: Valerie and I listened to the tape together, this part had her crying.
    Joey loved going to a park near their home with his dad. John described the park exactly, including the lake. When Keven crossed over, Valerie’s co-workers took up a collection and had some trees planted, as a memorial to Keven, in that park. I believe they are near the lake.


    WoW That was simply amazing, thank-you so much for sharing it with us all:hearts: :hearts:



    Thank you, Gail, for sharing this. What a wonderful reading!:hearts:
    Wow! Lots of typing! Treat yourself to a manicure after you’re done!:D



    What a reading :dance:

    Keep it coming. Look forward to each installment:clap:



    John: Gail, are you working?

    Gail: No, not at this time. I recently retired and worked for many years.

    John: OK, He still, to me, he’s saying you are still working. That could be how busy you are, but, Gail, who was the, this could be your daughter, I’m not sure, did someone have a supermarket connection? Supermarket. Hmmmm. Did anyone work out like a check out person or something?

    Gail: My son.

    John: Yeah, because I’m seeing ca- ching, ching. You know where they do the check out and that means supermarket. So wherever this is, your son was a check-out person.

    Gail: He started out that way.

    John: That’s right and your son is still here.

    After: My son worked in a large grocery store while he went to college. He worked his way up into management and later into a nice government position.

    John: That’s right and your son is still here. Yeah, Umm, hmmm, Lovely.
    yeah, yeah, yeah I understand that. Your son has children, Gail, correct?

    Gail: Yes.

    John: Am I right in saying your son, his wife, gave birth to the baby after your husband passed?

    Gail: Yes

    John: Yeah, will you please tell your son, he knows he’s a grandfather again.

    Gail: Thank you, I will tell him.

    John: I get 50/50 on this, was it a boy, the second one.

    Gail: No, the first one.

    John: Ok. As long as you know. Please tell your son. Is that Steven?

    Gail: No

    John: Ok, there’s a Scott or a Steven I’m supposed to acknowledge.

    Gail: That’s the nephew’s name that Keven treated like another son.

    John: Are you still doing the crossword puzzles.

    Gail: Occasionally. He (Phil) was the crossword puzzle person.

    John: Ok, Ok because the crossword puzzle, I don’t do those Gail. I can do tic tac toe but I….He’s talking about about crossword puzzles, so, I, it’s almost like you looking over his shoulder or him looking over yours because that is what he is giving me. Ummmm, I understand that, clever man. He makes me aware too, Gail, would he have known how to handle a deck of cards?

    Gail: Ohhhh, cards are HUGE.

    John: Yes, because he’s saying, he’s quite cocky, alright, he is a love though, Gail. I’ve got to tell you this, this is the kind of guy you could have a beer with or a cup of tea or coffee, but he is making me aware and says, I’m awfully good with cards. So I say OK, that’s cool, that’s cool, and you know what I keep getting, Gail, over and over again? This is a different kind of name. Is somebody called Gus, or Gussie?

    After: Like I said, cards are huge. Most of that group over there got together, frequently, to play penny ante poker from the time I met Phil. They also loved pinochle. One by one they crossed over, until just Phil, his Uncle Vince, and brother, Ted were left. They continued playing until Phil was no longer able to. Like John, I’m good at tic tac toe. The name Gus is driving me crazy because I feel I should know who it is. It’s just hiding somewhere in my memory.

    John: Now Gus isn’t sure. I don’t know what Gus is short for. I just feel like Gus and it will be a last name or a first name. I don’t want to give you names you don’t know, so if it keeps coming back, coming back, I have to do it. I understand, he’s also making me aware there is a Peter or Cat. I hate giving names if you can’t validate.

    Gail: That’s alright.

    John: That’s ok, Gail. Did he take you to California?

    Gail: Yes, he did.

    John: Because he’s making me aware, remember our trip to California. I don’t know if this is business or pleasure. Yeah, because you are in Maryland, he’s making me draw the map to California. Oh, did you? Did you also go to Arizona in the same trip?

    Gail: The same trip we went to Las Vegas.

    John: OK, Las Vegas, Nevada. Cause he’s making me aware, and I never know, Gail, is Las Vegas considered Arizona or Nevada.

    Gail: Nevada

    John: It is Nevada, it is, but he is taking me to two locations, California and I said Arizona.. No, no, no, oh clever, sorry, my correction. I love when they correct me. Have you done Sedona?

    Gail: Yes

    John: Sorry, he’s telling me, this is your husband, I took her to California. Now I didn’t say Vegas. I told you to go to Arizona. Alright, then he showed me the red rocks, which means to me Sedona, which I’ve never been to. Did you go there without him, though.

    Gail: No, we went together.

    John: OK, that’s cool. See, so he took you to California, nice guy then, Gail. Takes you to California and Sadona. Oh, you went together. Who else went with you, please?

    Gail: We went, we did a lot of trips. California was our last vacation.

    John: OK, see Gail, they take that with them.

    Gail: He was going through all our vacations, just before he went.

    John: Looking at all the pictures, which is beautiful.

    After: John asked who went with us. I remembered the trips were bus tours and a lot of people went with us.

    Amy Rose

    Wow Gail!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience!!! :hearts:


    John: Gail, in your house, where is the rainbow prism thing?

    After: John goes on awhile trying to get the rainbow connection to me, but I couldn’t connect with it. There IS a big rainbow connection to my son’s father-in-law, who died a month before Phil did. Rainbows were showing up often and everywhere. I would get calls and hear stories about the rainbows showing up.

    John: Either he sent a rainbow when you asked for it, but there is a definite rainbow connection, and I don’t do rainbows, butterflies, or foo foo, unless there is a Dorothy or Judy in your family. Then I get the “Wizard of Oz”.

    Gail: There is a rainbow connection with my son and father-in-law.

    John: As long as you know I’m not just throwing it out there. You say, well I used to have those (prisms) it’s easy for me to say, that’s it. No, they are making it bigger than that.

    John: You know what he’s making me aware of too, this is your husband now taking over, Gail. OK? Ah, Yea. What is his name, please?

    Gail: Philip

    John: Ah, Philip, that’s right, you said that. Gail, he makes me aware, one of the choices of deciding to leave, they always do this, Gail, and I’m supposed to reiterate this. when they can’t be the husband, the father, the grandfather to the best of their ability, usually it’s a man thing. Some women can last sickly much longer, but when he couldn’t be the man, the husband, the father in the way he wanted to be, that’s when he knew it was time to go. He can do more there physically, than you know. He can appear physically. Do you understand that?

    Gail: Yes, I know exactly what you mean.

    John: Yup, you know what he is making me aware, Gail, you’ll say no to this but, did you go to the UK?

    Gail: UK? Yes, we went to the UK.

    John: OK, he is showing me Big Ben. Alright, that always means to me, going to the UK. Did you go just once?

    Gail: England it’s self, only once.

    John: He makes me aware, I don’t know if you loved it so much, you wanted to go back, but he is giving me the Big Ben sign, which means to me, there is some connection to the UK. So that’s good the two of you did this travel.

    Gail: We loved traveling when we could afford it.

    John: You know what I’m getting, Gail too? In my room, currently, I have a candle lit here.. Who’s the cigar smoker. Or pipe, this is not cigarettes. I got kind of a lightness smell so I know it’s not cigarettes. There’s definitely a cigar sweet tobacco.

    Gail: His father was a cigar and pipe smoker.

    John: Big time! Yeah.

    John: Also, I like the way your husband works, good communicator. Gail, that means you too. Sometimes they’re quieter here, but they get louder there, but sometimes I like it when I think they are a good communicator.
    He’s telling me to go to my middle name and to just use it. Albert.

    Gail: Yes, I just heard about your middle name.

    John: There’s an Albert connection, or an Al, or Allen, or Alice.

    After: I couldn’t think of it right then, but there are several men named Vince there. The big V Vince’s middle name is Albert.

    John: OK Gail, I know you said you were older, but you don’t sound it to me, darling, neither does your spirit. I feel it here.

    John: I understand. You know the son-in-law, Gail, does this happen in the garage?

    Gail: Yes Because I’m saying back to you, my friend, what else?. Because when I talk to you, I’m talking to your husband. I’m talking to him like you shout it out on different wave lengths. I’m saying, where did this happen? Give me more validations. Give me more validations.. I said, did you do this in the house? He makes me aware, in the garage, in the garage.

    I also have to say, Gail, I don’t want to pop in another name, but is Robert connected to you? Or Bobby. You know, when I get RT, it always means Ruth or Robert. There’s an RT connection I need to give you. One second… You know, Gail, too about your son-in-law. Sometimes, Gail, when someone takes their own life, there are signs of it like they had mental illness. Am I right there were no signs of this.

    Gail: No, there were plenty. He was bi-polar.

    John: Alright, was he OK for awhile?

    Gail: Yes, when he was good, he was wonderful.

    John: Because I feel like, I just feel like, I know he’s bi-polar, you are telling me, but I feel surprised when this happened. It is a surprise when someone passes tragically, this way, but sometimes it is expected. I don’t expect this from him.

    Gail: You know we didn’t.

    John: Like someone who’s not threatening it at all, but someone who is threatening it all the time, you say, yeah, they used to say it. That goes back to her thing, this is not her fault……Yes, I understand that. I forgot to tell you, because this is adamant, he’s been gone almost a year, the dog is passed since he’s been gone?

    Gail: The dog, my dog?

    John: Yes, OK. You lost your dog, because he’s saying, “I’ve got the dog that passed, which means that the dog is with him. It has to be the dog joined him afterwards, or joined the family after his passing.

    Gail: Yes

    After: Has to be Gizmo


    Aww, Gail … thanks for posting this!!! I’ve been having a lot of fun reading it in capsules …:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


    I like doing it I’m able to go over the reading in detail this way. There’s about half of the second side left. It will end abruptly because the reading kept going beyond the hour. Since my name was probably located near the end of John’s list, keep checking to see if it’s available again.

    As you can see, he’s incredible. :)

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