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    :love: (((Gail)))

    You have given me so many slices of the cake. I can’t believe it.

    How absolutely wonderful that John was so accommodating for your reading. He seems like such a warm, gentle soul.

    It truly was worth the four year wait – in more ways than one.

    I know Valerie must be so relieved. Bless her heart, I think of her every now and again – that terrible bi-polar illness. Now she can truly understand.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I were closer to help you type…


    Wow! Incredible validations! Waiting patiently for the next installment…:hearts: (((Gail)))


    John: Talk to Valerie about Niagara Falls. He’s mentioning the falls. Could be Niagara or some other nice beautiful place where there are falls. Valerie, remember the falls.

    After: Our whole family visited Niagra falls and stayed on the Canadian side. They were beautiful and inspiring. Valerie could not think of a place she and Keven went to that had falls.

    John: I’ve never been to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls means nothing to me so I’ve got to give it just as I’m getting it.

    Gail: You should go, it’s nice.

    John: lol OK uh hmmm, one second. Yes, is Valerie in a condo?

    Gail: No

    John: Is she in the same house, has she moved, cause I know you said the separation. Has she moved?

    Gail: Yes

    John: OK, that’s fine. I got a condo. I moved from a house to a condo. So she’s moved since he passed. Good thing. This is a good thing.

    After: Valerie bought her house while Keven was still here. He had a chance to see it, but not often because you didn’t know if he would have a bad personality change. She made sure he had no key.

    John: He talks about the nurse, the nurse, the nurse. There is a nurse but I don’t think he knew her as well. Who is the nurse, Gail?

    Gail: My brother is married to a nurse:

    John: Living?

    Gail: Yes

    John: that’s fine, I have to emphasize that nurse here. There’s a hello to the nurse. May not be coming from him, but I got to acknowledge the nurse.

    Gail: Wonderful nurse.

    John: Wait, wait, wait, is she more than a RN, please?

    Gail: Yes

    John: OK That’s her, because I don’t want you to feed that to me because I’m saying quick and he says to advance her, which means to me Head nurse, specialized in something, not just a RN. OK What does she do?

    Gail: She is a Head Nurse.

    John: OK, it’s almost like a RN with stripes. Like the sergeant. OK.

    After: My brother finally married the nurse he has loved for over 30 years. She was at my husband’s side on the day he crossed, and called us over to say he was going. Phil, and all of us love her.

    John goes on here talking about the people Phil is hanging out with. Phil mentions me knowing a Judge or someone on the Supreme Court. John is sure of it but I don’t think I do. At least at this time.

    John: How old are you, Gail?

    Gail: 62

    John: God!, You’re old! Right, if you had said 92, I’d say ok, well but he talks about meeting up with the Judge. I feel like your husband is a communicator for other people.

    After: John talks more about the people Phil is with. He says, just like you’re in Pam’s group, I feel like he may be part of the group too. John talks about Phil being goofy with him. Yes my dear husband could be Goofy, otherwise he couldn’t have survived living with me.

    John: He’s goofy with me too. He’s showing me Elvis, Elvis.

    Gail: He was told he looked like Elvis all the time.

    John: At your house in Maryland, do you have a nice sized yard, please?

    Gail: Yes, he loved his yard.

    John: Cause he’s taking me to the yard. He’s talking about… I don’t know if this is significant, while he was here, or you did it afterwards, did you have to cut down the tree?

    Gail: Ah, yes.

    John: Ok, what is that, Gail? Why does it happen? The reason I’m asking is I just want to see how he is validating. Does it happen because it’s a dead tree? Big, Too much shade? Does it happen after he passes?

    Gail: It happens after he passes., It died.

    John: Ok, I feel like that’s a sad thing. OK, I feel not that he is sad about it, but like, we had to cut down the tree. So did the tree have some age to it?

    Gail: It was one he planted.

    John: That would be it, yes, that would be it. OK ( John is laughing at this point ) and this tree is in the yard, Yes? Cause he’s saying, go to the yard, tell her I know about the chopping down of the tree.

    Gail: It was in the front yard and was a beautiful blue spruce.

    John: That’s nice, That’s ok.

    Gail: I killed it.

    John: What did you say it was, a spruce goose blue?

    Gail: It’s an evergreen tree and they call it a blue spruce because it has a blue color to it.. I killed some weeds..

    John: And you took the tree with it.

    Gail: I didn’t mean to kill the tree.

    John: (Audibly laughing at this time). That’s OK, lol, Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. ( We are both laughing) Trust me, you are still the one that’s here, that’s still here with this. I understand.


    ROFL! Another plant assassin! You and Pam…;) :D


    Oh… now that is funny…. Any more assasins in the group we need to know about? ;)


    hmmm… is THAT what’s bringing us together PLANT ASSASSINATION???? :angel:


    Quick – we need to gather all the healers to stop the senseless destruction of plants! :laff2: Sorry Gail, I guess too many of us have been in that boat – I know I have – although I haven’t gotten as far as a tree yet.

    I am so enjoying your story. You are a peach to share it with us.


    As soon as I drink my tea and read the paper, I’ll start listening to the tape and transcribing it.

    My daughter-in-law called this morning and she read the thread. She has validations she’s emailing me for things I didn’t know about.

    Glad you all are enjoying it. :) John seemed to.


    :hearts: Awesome… and more validations … even more awesome. Thanks so much for sharing Gail!:hearts:


    I never used to be a plant killer. I’ve had two very healthy aloe plants now for over two years. Guess what? They are both dead now, and I can’t get them to come back. I also bought “Cat Grass” for my Ayla. I can’t get even the grass to grow! :eek: :o

    CarolynB;130688 wrote:
    hmmm… is THAT what’s bringing us together PLANT ASSASSINATION???? :angel:

    Don’t they have schools for that?


    John: With the greatest respect, darling, although it’s still winter, I know you’re in Maryland, are you having a squirrel issue?

    Gail: Oh, lots and lots of squirrels, but it’s my fault, I’m feeding them.

    John: OK because he’s (laughing) , Gail, you know what he’s saying, this is what I’m getting from him. “What are you doing?” When you were here, would you still feed the squirrels? He would say something, or he is just commenting on the squirrels because this happened after he passes.

    Gail: He may be commenting on the squirrels. He would put up little barriers for the squirrels.

    John: Yes, yes, to keep them from eating bird seed or something, and you are feeding them?

    Gail: I’m feeding the birds.

    John: Alright, this is just validation.

    After: It’s impossible to try feeding just the birds. Squirrels are smart and get past most barriers.

    John: Gail, he’s a bit of a romantic, by the way.

    Gail: I know.

    John: OK, let me see if I’m right with this, OK. I’m hoping you say yes, cause this would be beautiful. Did you go to Paris?

    Gail: Yes, we did.

    John: LOVELY!, because he’s showing me, because he’s making me aware he’s such a ladies man with you, such a romantic, and he shows me the Eiffel Tower.

    Gail: Yes, we went up the Eiffel Tower.

    John: Absolutely!, who knows, you probably kissed up there too. He’s making me aware he wanted to give you the best in life, OK, because of what you gave him. Alright, and he’s making me aware of the romance and the love still between the two of you.
    It’s like, look, you went to Paris. You can’t be any more romantic than the city of Paris.

    After: Our son and daughter went with us and we walked all over the city. It was a wonderful experience.

    This next part does not apply to us but could apply to my daughter and Keven, or my son and daughter-in-law.

    John: Really! God, you have traveled, Gail You did New Orleans, Mardi Gras?

    Gail: No, we haven’t done Mardi Gras.

    John: Is there any ties to the South of New Orleans?

    Gail: No.

    John: I feel very southern with you, or some people.

    Gail: Florida?

    John: Florida is different for me. I get that when ah start tawking laack this.
    New Orleans, Georgia, Mississippi. I want you to just remember that.

    Gail: OK

    John: Something about the south, but It’s not like watching a TV program, Gail, it has to be more significant, and it could be a trip coming up. As you know, as you know, doesn’t mean for you to make it happen.

    Gail: I’m going on a Caribbean cruise with you.

    John: Well, yeah, that’s the Caribbean and that’s south, but when I start tawking laack this, this means to me it’s on the southern connection…but on a side note, Gail, what I’m also getting, ummm, and this comes up, but I don’t think, I don’t believe it’s your husband. Who’s the alcoholic?

    Gail: My father.

    After: My son-in-law, who committed suicide, was also an alcoholic. I do not drink alcohol because I’m afraid I will like it too much.

    John: OK, because that kept coming in and I’m like, I’m not going to that yet, because this reading is so positive, so positive, not that the alcohol can be a negative, but I keep getting that alcohol condition. If your dad was an alcoholic, or is, then that would come up here.

    John: But you are in a process, Gail, too. This is coming to me in an intuitive level. You’ve got a lot of endings and starts this year., like God, that’s ending. Not every ending, Gail, means a door closes, it means watch for the window that’s going to open. I’ve got a lot of doors closing, but a lot of them opening. Some people are always stuck in a nothing happening. I don’t feel that way with you. Doors closing and other doors opening, constantly, one after the other.

    After: John gives me an intuitive warning about some tax problems.


    All good things have to come to an end, and the tape just did. The reading went on a little longer and I chatted with John awhile. I asked him if it’s ok to bring multiple books of his to Chicago this June for him to sign and his answer was a big yes.

    There is no way to say thank you enough for this gift I received. I feel tears in my eyes just thinking about it. There was a reason I waited four years for this reading with John Holland. A few years ago, a lot of my life altering experiences wouldn’t have occurred yet.

    Hope you all enjoyed getting to know my husband. He’s still in my life and made a promise to me those last few months he was here. He signed all of his cards to me with love forever, always, and eternally.

    Thank you John, for being the wonderful messenger you are.

    Gail, formerly PhilsGail, but the Phil part will remain in my heart.


    :hearts: Awww … thank you so much for sharing! What a wonderful experience and you shared so many :cake1: :cake1: :cake1: :cake1: :cake1: :cake1: :cake1: :cake1: with us all!:hearts:

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