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    Anyone who wants to, can add their pieces of cake to this thread. I’m hoping John gets to see this and how far a reading for one person can go for another.

    All of us who have attended John Edward’s seminars know how many things mentioned in someone else’s reading can apply to us. :)


    (((Gail))) Thank you so much, Gail, for taking all this time to share your reading with us. Your reading brought tears to my eyes in a few spots. :tissue: Its so obvious that Phil loves you dearly.:hearts: I had to laugh at the one spot about Italian/Lithuanian names. My dad is Lithuanian and if someone heard just his first and middle name, they might mistake him for being Italian…lol

    Having a one on one reading with John is good therapy, isn’t it? I know it changed my life for the better. It prompted me to do something I would never dream of doing. I booked a flight to Chicago and met the most amazing people…;) (((Friends)))


    I would certainly have been there with you if I didn’t aleady have another trip planned on those dates.

    Phil’s mother’s parents came from Lithuania. His father came from the Philippines. You don’t see many people with that combination. :) He was tall and often mistaken for being Italian. In the west, he may have looked Mexican. As it is, he looked distinguished and was mistaken for being a doctor. My home is 10 minutes from a hospital.

    Just as John could tell, Phil was an excellent communicator and very intelligent. He was also an “expert” on everything. :) I don’t know if that’s a Scorpio trait but I let him believe he was right. :)

    Gail;130736 wrote:
    Just as John could tell, Phil was an excellent communicator and very intelligent. He was also an “expert” on everything. :) I don’t know if that’s a Scorpio trait but I let him believe he was right. :)

    …… Just as it should be…. :tissue: (sniff) Thanks for sharing Gail!



    Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful experience. I felt like I was right there with you.




    What an incredibly blessed life you have had. That fact kept going through my mind over and over as I was reading.

    Many people find love in their lives. But there is love, and then there is . . . a type of love that I believe not that many get to experience. A love so bonding and so pure, that it is what comes to mind when I hear the expression, “soulmate”.

    Though it was never in the cards dealt to me, it always makes me happy to hear people who have experienced it, describe it.

    You have known such love on both sides now. Again, you are truely blessed with something that continues on, and can never be taken away. I don’t think you needed anyone to validate that for you, but it was still wonderful that John did so.



    Thank you, Julie.:love:


    This part of the reading did not apply to me, but did to my daughter and son-in-law. The last trip they took together, before the divorce separation, was a southern states vacation. They took a boat ride on the Mississippi river, went to New Orleans and walked down the street where the Mardi Gras parade marches. On the way back to Maryland, they made stops in Georgia and South Carolina.

    John: Really! God, you have travelled, Gail You did New Orleans, Mardi Gras?

    Gail: No, we haven’t done Mardi Gras.

    John: Is there any ties to the South of New Orleans?

    Gail: No.

    John: I feel very southern with you, or some people.

    Gail: Florida?

    John: Florida is different for me. I get that when ah start tawking laack this.
    New Orleans, Georgia, Mississippi. I want you to just remember that.

    Gail: OK

    Paula Mae

    Woo Hoo Gail..

    Thank you sooo much for posting your reading here. For those of us who have never been that fortunate you bring the biggest slice of cake we could ever want!! Phil is a wonderful man and you a wonderful woman, no wonder you share such a great bond. Thanks again for taking all the time to share your life with us!! Thanks again to Phil for making it happen! The cake was great and I hope to get more of it in the future!



    Okay so I don’t know if this might be related to the judge reference, but we all were laughing about something that came in the mail when all of a sudden it hit me that this could possibly tie in with the reading. My dad (Phil) just got a jury summons in the mail…..and it’s been more than 5 years since he crossed over.


    :laff2: Oh, that’s funny! :laff2:


    The other side does have a sense of humor don’t they?


    That was an awsome reading. Sounds like you really got a lot of validations. Even the five minute reading I had on the Hay House Radio gave me “goose bumps” Congratulations on your reading.


    I just came back from Walmart after picking up some puppy treats. I pushed my basket around a corner in the pet section and came face to face with Rose, the cousin who is like a sister to Phil. It’s been months since I’ve seen her.

    I had called Rose after the reading and gave her a head’s up about thyroid.

    She told me she is going into the hospital, very soon, to remove blockages from her neck arteries. One has a big blockage The blockages are close to her thyroid and she will have a scar.


    Thanks for the update, Gail …:clap:

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