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    Wow oh Wow.
    John is quite an amazing person I hope he gets to read these posts Gail.

    Sending healing prayers to (((Rose)))



    It will be a very dangerous operation but I’m counting on it turning out fine. Otherwise she would not end up having a scar on her neck. Rose is terrified about the operation.


    If you want our prayers for Rose, you got ’em!!:candle: :candle: :candle:



    Prayers for :love: (((((((Rose)))))))):love: . For a successful operation and a quick recovery. And for her comfort and peace of mind.
    :musicnote :musicnote :rosary: :musicnote :musicnote


    :hearts: Healing prayers going out for Rose. :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote

    Pam B

    Prayers going up for (((( Rose )))) :musicnote :musicnote :musicnote
    John is just so amazing…the Other Side is just so amazing.


    Once Rose goes to the hospital, I will post a prayer request thread for her.

    Phil grew up with her and she is a first cousin of his, but was just like his sister. She is the kind of person who raised 8 ducklings in her garage when the mother was killed. Rose didn’t care about having to clean their mess. She had a pet bunny who lived to be about 18 from the care she gave it. Her two dogs get the best of care from her and they are very old now. She has two beautiful granddaughters who are little princesses.

    Rose is a loving, generous person who has a heart of gold and will help anyone she knows needs it. Anthony, in the reading, is her father.


    I know its been a few months but:

    I just finished reading your reading with John, Gail, and I just want to say that it was just an amazing experience to read. I’m still in awwwww. And the validations, oh the validations, just amazing. 4 yrs is certainly a long time to wait for a reading but I bet you would of waited four more.

    I just want to say that so many things that were in your reading could of applied to my family. The alcoholism, the trips, the squirls, the cashier, the new babies in the family after loved one has passed, the rainbows and so much more. I held back the tears through many of your posts thinking this is for her and not for me and when I saw your post about remembering that many situations can fit other people I knew.

    Thank you again for taking so much time to post and to share your experience. HOW’s ROSE?? is she doing ok?


    Hi Yawnybird. We have a name on here for what you experienced. We call it a “Me Too”. :) It happens often and is meant to. I still find it hard to believe that the reading happened. Rose is doing great! Are you in Chicago?


    Hi Gail thanks for the update. I did run across a thread with a referance to “Me too”

    I am in a town outside of Chicago. I am 15 min from Midway airport. Why do you ask?


    You are located right in the city where the “Celebrate Your Life Conference is being held” this June 22-25. It will be in the Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel. If it’s at all possible for you to go, go for it!

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