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    I apologize in advance if this is not the location to discuss this. I have a question and am confused as to where it should be posted as I am brand new to this wonderful community.

    Reading Dr. Brian Weiss, I understand that we have many past lives with many souls who have been a part of our lives in the past. When we are contacted, whether directly or through a psychic/medium, can or do souls from past lives ever communicate with you?

    For instance, if I had a long, loving relationship in a past life, would that soul ever try to contact me in this life? Or is that communication forbidden?

    Does anyone know the answer? I am trying to learn and appreciate any comments.

    Thank you!


    Hi Mabel, welcome to Friends! No one here can answer that question, except of course, as expressing a personal belief, LOL. In my opinion, before we come here we choose who we’ll have contact with in this life, including those we knew in another. There might be a reason why we choose NOT to connect with someone we had a long and loving relationship with, but there also might be a reason why we choose TO connect with that person. When I look at my astrology, for example, and compare it with some other people on this board, I find evidence of past life connections – even getting hints of what our past relationship(s) might have been. I believe in free will, but I also believe that part of that is in choosing life lessons I need to learn in this incarnation. So I picked my lessons, rounded up some of my soul mates, and perhaps some soul acquaintances and asked them to help me out with my lessons. At the same time they were doing the same, and where our lessons needed our paths to cross again, we do so. I believe that there is a part of ourselves that remains outside of the physical body (our “higher self”) that tries to keep us on track with those lessons (sometimes unsuccessfully, I fear, LOL) and that if someone we made an agreement with is unable to keep it because they got off track (or I did), my higher self continues to negotiate with others’ higher selves to assist in getting me back on track and learn those lessons another way.

    My 2 cents … someone else may be of another mind and I’m sure will jump in and say so!


    You’re right on track, at least according to the life between lives regressions of Dr. Michael Newton. I’m rereading his books and they’ve filled in blanks I didn’t know existed. Therefore, it would seem unlikely to me that we’d hear from someone from a past life, especially as it appears that most are among our family and friends in this life, albeit in different roles than they filled in previous lives. Like you, CB, that’s my two cents.




    Thank you so much! This makes so much sense – duh – why didn’t I think about it?!?!

    I truly appreciate your help! Hope to see you ’round the boards…so many questions, so little time!

    Heh heh,
    Warm wishes….

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