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    Paula Mae

    I had a reading a few weeks ago with Patti. And I thought its about time I posted a little about it.

    Patti is a very kind woman, when she called she explained how she worked as a medium as well as angel readings. She does her best to get in contact with the person you want to speak to most and she did an excellent job with me. Many of the things she discussed with me were deeply personal and very accurate. For those who are looking for a reading and know that John Holland, John Edward and Lisa Williams to name a few are almost impossible to get a reading with, you would not be disappointed with Patti.

    She got “mom, mom,mom” right away.. which was my father shouting out to my mom. She also said he was holding up 3 fingers and that was an important number. March is a very significant month for our family.. My Grandmas birthday, my fathers passing (17th) and step- fathers passing (16th).

    She also got another “father” figure with a military connection, which is my step father. She continued with the fact she got a very different energy between the two.. one she really liked the other not so much. They were very different people and I totally understood what she meant.

    She said that my father was laughing and saying that mom was just not into this and also said if he was still here he wouldnt go for it either. I agreed that my mom was really not into this at all ( earlier in the week we had a little arguement about metaphysics and mom said I was getting way to into this “crap” so to speak). She asked me if it was a religious thing with my mother and asked is she Catholic. Before I could reply Patti said wait.. your dad just laughed and said “WORSE than that”. I just laughed and responded I was raised Baptist when I was younger then we went to Southern Baptist.

    No offense to the Baptists out there but you know.. we can be awfully strict and very judgemental. She went onto say that dad admitted that he never fully embraced his faith. Which doesnt suprise me, his parents were extremely strict and I think he didnt want to be that harsh.

    She went on to mention the “lung death” which was my step father. While I really wanted to speak to my father, Oliver just had to keep butting in.. she commented on that fact that he just wasnt going to stop. At one point she state that he had quite the ego. (oh man is that true, he would be in a room full of people watching tv and if he was done he would turn it off no matter who was still watching and leave the room)

    Patti continued with an apology from both of them.. she said that my fathers was very heartfelt in being sorry for leaving so early ( I was 17 when he passed) and while losing a parent at any age is difficult I was profoundly lost and had no idea what to do or where to go for comfort.

    My step father apologized for all the years of verbal abuse I suffered at his hands.

    I have to say that just hearing those from Patti have really helped me after all these years to be able to start a healing process that I need to make my life what I truly want it to be.

    Dad also went on to say that mom was just “filling a gap” when she married Oliver, almost in a way telling me not to blame her for bringing him into my life. In some ways I did at first.. but I know that I had some harsh lessons to learn from him..and I imagine he had a few to learn from me.

    Dad went on to say to Patti.. “tell her I hear her”. Patti asked if I talk to him out loud and I said yes I do on a regular basis. Its nice to really know that he does hear me.

    My step father then called out Stephen ( my nephew) and said that he was walking in front of him.. and asked about his medals and if Stephen had them. She said that if he hadnt been deployed yet he would be. I really dont know if he is.. I do know he did join the air force so I assume he would be shipped at some point. We really havent talked to his father for years. (there were some big issues with his son and my mother after his death)

    I also got the answer that I have wondered about all these years with an ADC I had with my father a few months after his passing. According to Patti it was him that spoke to me. He also said that this are no accidents, no chance no coincidence.. he believed in them when he was here but now he knows the truth.

    We also had a good laugh when Patti had asked about my siblings names.. we had spoken of the fact I had two brothers.. the oldest named after my father Darrell and a sister. When she asked my sisters name my father shouted out Carol.. Carol.. I had told Patti that the oldest Darrell had a twin sister. When I said Carol, Patti said shit.. your dad was shouting out her name and I was no way would someone name their twins Darrell and Carol.. so I wasnt about to say it. I just laughed and said well my parents did hehe.

    She did say that I had 13 angels around me and that I was an old soul. She also gave me some very helpful things to use in working on some issues that also came up through the reading. She makes you feel very comfortable with her and I really enjoyed the reading.

    So if you can get a reading with her or make it to the workshops that she has I would recommend doing it.

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