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    can anyone tell me what it would mean if someone dreams they are on a ship and it is sinking, it was so bad they were unable to get back to sleep
    any advice would truly be appreciated


    Hi, Dee! :wave:

    For the most part, dreams are quite personal and the dreamer is the only one who can really interpret. For example, the signs and symbols in a dream may have completely different meaning for you than for me. But there are some symbols/themes that appear to have universal meaning, like water symbolizing emotions.

    Dream books and online references don’t usually give the dreamer a complete interpretation, but it seems there are some common themes. Here’s a website you might be interested in. It is by no means an authoratative guide, but it may be helpful in putting the pieces together for the dreamer’s own interpretation. So much depends on what was happening in the dreamer’s life at the time of the dream, how/what the dreamer felt during the dream, how he/she felt upon awakening, etc.


    Here’s another website you might want to check out also…


    thank you for your suggestions , I guess the dream has something to do with what is going on in the present time, alot of stress and worry .
    I will keep you posted on the outcome if this continues to cause sleep disruptions

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