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    I don’t know if I’m posting this in the correct place or not, feel free to put it wherever it needs to be. Anyway, here goes.

    Our little Quincy dog left us today. She had been with us for 14 years and she was simply wearing out. The last few days she started going downhill. Today, we took her in to the vet to stop her pain. She was a special member of the family (they all are, really, I know) and one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever known.

    Well, the vet said “She’s gone” and left us to say our goodbyes just one more time. While we were standing there, loving her and telling her what she’d meant to us, the lights flickered. They didn’t flicker “off” – they flickered brighter. There was an actual quick flash of a bright light. I looked at hubby, he looked at me, and we both smiled.

    I told her again “I love you” and dang if the lights didn’t flicker a second time. And again, brighter.

    It helped so much to have that from her. She knows we love her, and she’s doing fine now. And I don’t really care if it sounds all woowoo or not. We know.

    thanks for reading,

    Pam B

    (((( Nan )))) I’m so sorry for your loss. Pets truly are special members of our families, and they are earth angels in their own right. Making that decision is a hard one, but the most self-less thing you can do.

    I absolutely believe that it was a message from your Quincy. Electricity is one of the forms of energy that’s easiest for a spirit energy to manipulate. The fact that it got brighter, instead of flickering is a nice touch Quincy :thumbsup:

    Prayers for a continued smooth crossing for Quincy, and for your family’s adjustment to life in this new way.


    (((Nan))) thanks for sharing your experience!. No doubt Quincy was saying “I’ve got great ENERGY now!” :hearts::wave:Good to see you again!


    What a sweet little story I am so happy for you both that ((Quincy)) was able to aknowledge your love for him It turned a very sad moment into a comforting one:hearts:




    I have no doubt that not only was Quincy telling you “I love you too” she was also telling you “Thank you”.



    Thank you all for your kind and loving words.

    Yes, it has been a huge comfort. I do miss her; I keep expecting to see her here or there. I’m very grateful we had those “signs,” whatever the reason. They really have made such a difference.

    Thanks again,



    I am so happy you were able to identify the communication from your puppy. I am a big time dog person. My first beagle passed at 5 and it was horrible. It took awhile before I recognized a sign from her. When we moved I invited her along. Little did I know at the time, but she came with us. My present beagles are aware of her as well.

    Today I moved out of my latest and hopefully last house. Before I left, I told Friday da cat that she was welcome to come with us. Friday passed at 17 years in that house. I knew her longer than my husband.

    I swear that sometimes I see Alyx and Friday out of the corner of my eye. I know for a fact that Alyx is with us. John Holland told me so. I know that Friday will come too because she loves us and we love her.

    It is all about love.


    What a wonderful story. I know how painful it is to say goodbye to a creature who has been a member of the household. I’m so glad that you recieved some comfort after she passed. There is truely nothing to compare to their unconditional, seemingly unending love and devotion, their innocense and trust. I am sorry for your loss.


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