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    Pam B

    Marcia and I did contribute to the article about fan organizations in Broadcasting and Cable (that article was posted here

    We knew that the journalist, Allison Romano had contacted John for comment. In email discussions after the article was posted, Marcia asked Ms. Romano, “May I ask you if Mr. Edward said anything that didn’t make the article? Any mention of future plans on the tube?”

    Ms. Romano’s response was: “He also said he would definitely do another show, or host a show that dealt with these topics but didn’t give any more specifics.”

    I’m sure John didn’t know whether or not his comment would make the article, but he did say it. (It would have been nice if it had!)


    What an important piece of information to leave out of the article!!

    OY!! :eek:


    Too bad. :( It would have changed the whole slant of the article if they had included that. Would have kept our blood pressues lower too. :)


    Instead if leaving out what John had to say, it would have been really nice if she left out the stuff about saving CO that no one said.:lwink: It is nice that she wrote such a positive article though, no ‘low-rated psychic guru’ smack like the TV Guide article. It’s funny, since JE’s been on television I feel like I’ve been in a course on media in America. It sure has been eye-opening.:eek:

    Amy Rose

    that is just music to my ears to hear he really did say he would do more TV!! its a shame how the media works.. oh well…

    at least we know he is still interested! yay john!! :lwink:



    Trust them to leave that bit out!


    No kidding! Trust them to leave out some bits that seriously do make a difference. What a shame.

    But, I am very glad to read that he is interested in future tv.

    Today’s CO dealt with Psychics and police work. So having guests on that can answer questions is great. It surely helps everyone understand how the whole process works. I was glad to see that.

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