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    I have some OOP decks

    Shining woman rachel pollakc 1992
    a.t mann astrologicla mandala
    murray hopes olympus oracle
    Atavist presentation pack

    all of which are in mint condition

    I have no idea of the rarity and how much they are worth

    I have been offered for the atavist pres set

    2 decks of my choice

    ananda tarot
    ancestral tarot
    tantric dakini
    songs of the journey home
    goddess oracle vega.

    cosmic tribe tarot set.

    please advise.

    thanks sorry to pick your brains just don’t know loads about tarot.

    howp everyone had a fantastci easter!

    Pam B

    You would probably get a quicker answer over at

    They are the experts of Tarot on the ‘net about tarot cards :)


    Thanks Pam,

    How are you?

    Will try there:hearts:

    going to look over at the dreams forum

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