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    Im sure all of you have seen the show – Medium … about Alison Dubois.
    I have been watching this for a few months now and must say Im mesmorized. This is exactly how I will see things in dreams. The way she dreams off and on all night and just jerks awake- well that is it! Exactly.
    Sometimes though, Im exhausted as I have gone somewhere, like on a long journey. Lord knows where. I think I feel better now that I can actually see that someone else see’s things that way.
    I began dreaming again a couple weeks ago. For a long time, the dreams were non-existent. I believe that with so much going on in my life right now, Im not open to anything. My life is to busy even in my mind at night now. Actually , it could be that I dont get alot of sleep lately.
    What do you all think? Am I on the right track? Im not saying this means Im a medium.. Far from it actually.. Im just a baby learning to crawl when it comes to these experiences. I did find out from Doreen Molloy how to “quiet” the sleeping time. LOL
    It was awful as the dreams would be almost nightly and I was everywhere. When I would wake up, I felt as though I had never been asleep. Confusing to say the least. :confused:


    In my experience, I have learned that we are the best judge when it comes to dreams, interpretation, and message delivery. Several teachers, including John E have mentioned that when it comes to dreams or moments of ESP, write it down. When you write it down, its there in black and white and it’s harder to go back and say well did I make that up? What was that detail again…?

    The more you practice at writing this stuff down, the clearer it may become for you and the answers you are seeking may start to work themselves out. I am by no means an expert, but in my experience I have found the simple act of writing dreams and experiences out to be helpful.

    Are they messages from the other side? Is it your guides giving you a heads up?

    In any event, sounds like you are embarking on an incredible journey :musicnote

    daz uk

    well calliel, dreams dont work for me but i find when i lye in bed before i go to sleep with my eyes shut i wait to see if anything comes into my darkend vision, things to come, people, messages etc and sometimes they do. however when i am over busy body and mind , which is to often i see nothing why not give it a try ask in thought and see what comes.:wave:

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