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    recently got attuned

    to snow white healing
    isis blue moon
    sacred moon
    moon reiki

    has anyone tried these or other forms of healing modalites?

    what are your feelings about them?



    Pam B

    Hi Seraphim, welcome to our group.:hearts:

    I’ve had Reiki I training and attunement, and I’ve been studying other forms of energy healing such as quantum touch and healing touch (reading up on them, not actually practicing them except for within my own family.)

    Others may disagree with me, but for me, it’s all the same energy I’m accessing, under different names. It’s universal healing, loving energy. I’ve never heard of the types of energy healing you mention. Could you tell us a little bit about them? :)


    Bea and I attended a healing circle relatively nearby a few times, wherein they used several different methods. It was quite a learning experience, but I’d have to agree that, for the most part, it’s utilizing the same energy, just using a different method of “tapping in”, focusing and interpreting. In all cases, the people doing it cared deeply about helping others with the techniques they’d learned.


    I Ok here is the information I have gathered.;)

    The attunements/systems are unique and personalised for each person. I can’t discuss how it has effected me or how I use the energy.

    I can give this info though.

    Isis Blue Moon was channeled by Linda Vaughn, it is a similar energy to Reiki. It is
    a very soothing cool energy and can also be cold, or freezing. It is compromised of
    2 separate attunements. Many people claim that the energy is very calm and
    soothing, I find it to be very useful in times when a cold energy is needed. The
    main uses for Isis Blue Moon are healing and cooling. It works great at reducing
    swelling as well or brining down fevers. You will receive the manual by Linda
    Vaughn, in it you will learn an invocation of Isis and the 10 symbols that make up
    Isis Blue Moon healing system. You will also learn hot to pass on the attunement to
    others. You can either accept the attunements as one whole or separate it into two

    Isis is an Egyptian Goddess. She is an ancient lady of power. With this attunement
    you will become a part of the spiritual order of Isis and be able to connect to her
    spirit and cooling energy often.

    [SIZE=+3]Sacred Moon ReikiTM[/SIZE]Sacred Moon Reiki was channeled by Shelly Mayer on May 9th 2002. During a sweat lodge ceremony. Shelly is a Usui Reiki Teacher, Chios Healing Teacher and also does other forms of healing and alternative therapies.
    I Just wanted to say I have always had a special connection to the moon I find when full moon is upon us I recharge and healing is a part of that. Since the beginning of time women have been connected to the moon.

    While in the lodge which we consider the womb of mother earth I had a vision that the moon was in the lodge with me even though the lodge is very dark it seemed very bright for me.
    I could see all the others in the lodge clearly. When grandmother moon visited me she spoke to my heart. She said there are many things we as human are doing to the earth and the sky. Grandmother moon was weeping and told me I had a job to do, my job was to share her wisdom of the earth and the sky. Native American (and other cultures) women have full moon ceremonies.

    It is a time when women gather in celebration of being a woman from first menstruation until they become Crone and after. The women share stories about happy times and sad times. The other women offer support during the ceremony for healing. This is a time when women have no judgments or jealousy towards each other only an open heart.

    Grandmother moon shared with me one symbol that I was to pass on to others that have shown commitment to healing themselves and the planet that is why I have decided to offer it only to Masters of a Reiki system. I promised to do the Ritual and pass on all that she has given me since my first encounter with her. She still visits me to make sure I have done all that I needed to do before sharing this gift from her with others.

    Sacred Moon Reiki is good for a wide range of problems just to name a few: addictions, bad habits and suppressed energies from abuse and much more. The purpose for Sacred Moon Reiki is to bring Unity to Mind, Body and Spirit as well as Global Unity among all of nature.

    This is a one level mastership course. Receive attunement, manual and certificate.

    [/SIZE][/SIZE]Moon Reiki
    Moon Reiki is based on the ancient traditions of the moon being the symbol of the feminine.
    The Sacred Feminine deals with out feelings, insights, ideas, dreams, and our intuitive self. It is the belief of the yin and yand and the equality of all things.

    snow white healing.

    This attunement is to reconnect you to your Christ Self (also known as your higher self) and to increase your natural healing abilities.
    Snow White Healing is sure to bring about some personal changes for your higher good. (Even, if you don’t understand why until later and at the time it may not feel like it is for your better good).
    Snow White doesn’t have any symbols it is pure energy. Snow White is very much like Reiki the hand positions from


    Ah, I have experienced different things from each attunement and differing energies depending on who attunes me male /female. i am taking attunements form women only to my christ conciousness/high priestess and higer self. justr eceived froma tarot trade cosmic tarot so hoping it will help with that side of things.

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