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    To all of you practicing Reiki. Is anyone a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals? If so, I would appreciate it if you would PM or email me to tell me of your experiences with this organization. I am trying to evaluate it but don’t know anyone personally who belongs. Thanks for your help.

    It looks like I may have found a space to work out of. I’ll know by Wednesday night and if it works out my practice will be ‘up and running’. :banana:

    (BTW Maria, if you read this – is this close enough for the 19th date you gave me to watch for?! :D Everything has been sliding into place over the past 10 days.)


    Hi Sue,

    I am so excited for you! A place to be a reiki practitioner. Congratulations!!

    The only person I know of who belonged to the IARp was my Reiki instructor.

    She does the Reiki classes for the hospital, and worked as a practitioner for the hospital patients, and chose to have thar coverage. She also has her own business besides the hospital. That is the program she chose.

    Hope that helps.



    Thanks Bea! Yes, opening this practice has been a dream.


    I am so happy that the Reiki is geting off the ground for the both of you. I pray that it all goes smoothly for you and that you have rewarding and growing experiences.:musicnote

    Sue, I have heard of IARP, but have no first hand experience.

    Best wishes to you both.
    Love and blessings

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