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    Dear Friends,
    It’s been almost a year since I began work on the book about after death communication and asked for your contributions. I’m still collecting, so once again, with Pam’s permission, I am asking that you send me any experience that you are convinced was a communication from someone who has crossed over. My purpose in trying to pull this book together is 1) to enlighten those who have never heard of after death communication that it is not only possible, it happens frequently; 2) to provide validation to those who have rationalized a “visit” as coincidence or wish fulfillment, that they might have been mistaken; and 3) to supply an opportunity for those of us who know we’ve experienced it to say so and to illustrate that we’re not alone in having experienced it. John Holland, with whom many of you have become familiar, has agreed to write an introduction or preface to the book when the time comes. I am gratified by his belief in my ability to pull this off.

    Please do not think I’m only interested in the more sensational contacts. We all know how many different ways the departed use to remind us, “Hi, I’m still here.” One way is no less valid than another. Lucid dreams count. Sometimes it’s only the whiff of someone’s cologne or pipe tobacco. Sometimes it’s a song on the radio, one that meant something special or evokes a special memory of your loved ones. One buddy of mine keeps finding coins from her brother. One friend’s mom loved birds and often sends her robins that perch on her windowsill and peer in. I just talked to a friend whose husband delighted in moving items like her keys, as a practical joke. He crossed over eight years ago and is still at it. Yet it wasn’t until I took a risk and told her of my varied contacts from my husband that she realized that hers has been up to his tricks for some time. Until our conversation, she was concerned that the reason she misplaced so many things only to find them in locations she knew she hadn’t left them was because her memory was seriously failing, this in spite of her doctor testing her and finding her memory far better than most her age. Life beyond physical death never occurred to her because she, like most, thought it impossible. We, however, all recognize it when it happens, even though others might think it’s a stretch. It’s what we believe that’s important. And often it’s the “visit” that isn’t all that obvious that makes someone who’s skeptical or who never even thought about it begin to wonder.

    Initially I asked that if you contributed your story, you sign your name. My reason for this was to offer a means for us to “own” our miracle, in effect, to say, “This is what happened to me, what I know it was and I don’t care who knows it or whether you agree or don’t.” Perhaps that was unrealistic of me, since I too have tended to be circumspect and worry about what others will think. If it will make it more comfortable for you, I leave with you the option of using your whole name in whatever configuration you decide on, or your first name only, but there must be a name. In checking other books I’m using as models, each person signed in one way or another. None are without appellation. Otherwise, who would take it seriously?

    In considering how to handle readings with mediums, it seems to me that the ones that will carry the most weight for those of a skeptical bent are readings during which we were given information that we couldn’t validate at the time but did later. That certainly applies to my reading with John Edward. So if you had a similar experience, please do send it to me. I’m still undecided about using the names of the mediums. I’ll deal with that when my back’s against the wall.

    So please send me your stories to If you have any questions, please ask. Don’t be concerned about how well it’s written, whether the spelling is correct or any other excuse you can come up with. ;) I’m good at editing and rewriting when necessary and I will send it back to you for your approval. Whereas I’m not exactly a novice at this with 25 published books to my credit, (see, the difference this time is that this will be my first attempt at non-fiction. It will clearly take a long time, so I won’t set a deadline for your contributions to be sent. The sooner, however, the better, and the fewer gray hairs for me. I will be using various avenues to solicit stories from others since I’ll need a minimum of 75 or so if it’s to be a book of decent length. I hope that the majority of them will be from you, my Friends. We need to come out of our closet. Perhaps someone unfamiliar with the subject learning that life continues beyond physical death may be one of the instruments of change. One can only hope.

    Again, send your experiences to me at Let me hear from you.

    With light, love and blessings,
    Chassie West :wave:

    Pam B

    I’m making an appeal to our members and readers on Chassie’s behalf also.

    The reason this community was formed and continues to exist, is to share experiences and promote the truth that the Other Side DOES exist — and that Love lives on after our physical bodies.

    I know that many of you have shared your experiences here, for millions of internet users to read, consider and possibly be inspired. I know for a fact that we have many more readers than posters who have seen your stories and have been inspired by them. I get emails from many people who say, “I don’t post, but I just wanted to thank you…”. :love:

    I ask you to please share those special stories with Chassie, who is a gifted and accomplished writer, so that your seed of inspiration can be further sown to those who have not happened upon this website yet. Chassie has the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of readers. Maybe one of those potential readers out there is in dire need of hearing YOUR story — but doesn’t even know it yet.

    Your story could change just one person’s life by touching them in the same place that it touched you — maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of lives.

    I appeal to you, to not wait another minute, don’t put it off. Contact Chassie and offer your story, in hopes that it offers healing where it’s needed most.

    Then we’ll all pray that those who need to hear YOUR message, YOUR slice of the cake, will. :hearts:


    Hi, all!
    I want to openly express my gratitude to both Pam and Gail for encouraging you to send your experiences. This project is very important to me because I’ve come to feel that it is so important to spread the word that the afterlife is real, that it is only our acceptance of our belief systems — and I’m not speaking of religious ones alone, but also the ones based on science — that prevents us from even entertaining the idea. I understand that reluctance to believe and accept. I fought it for a long time until I had no choice but to say, Chassie, you’re being dumb. What’s happening to you is real, what you’ve heard and experienced is real. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be for our loved ones who have made the transition when their attempts to let us know they’re still around fall on deaf ears? Or are ignored by a PhD in rationalizing stuff we can’t explain? One way to break down this wall is to let others know that it happens to their friends, their neighbors, their role models, and just plain folks. That’s what I hope the book will do. Granted, it will be one more of any number of books in a similar vein, but the more of them out there the better.
    So thanks again for all of you who have sent encouragement. With your help, maybe we can make a difference and make this world we’ve created a better place. Heaven knows it can use all the help it can get.



    Good Friends,
    I’m reporting in. I’ve just begun the process of sorting through what you’ve sent, categorizing them – sightings, lucid dreams, symbols, etc. I hope to begin the editing process soon, after which I’ll send them back to each of you for approval. Be patient. I warned you this would take a while. I’ve been juggling two big writing projects and am close to winding up both. I’ll be able to concentrate on this project alone very soon.

    For any new Friends, to bring you up to speed, I am a published writer and am collecting narratives from anyone who has received a communication from a loved one, which includes pets, from the Other Side. These are to go into a book about our experiences, a coming out, as it were. The only thing I ask is that you sign your name to what you send. It simply adds validity and authenticity. You can mangle your name any way you wish, use your middle name, maiden name rather than your married name, your choice. Also please include your e-mail address in case I need to get in touch and send it to The previous address ( is still available but since AOL crashed on me a couple of weeks ago, I’m wary of using it.

    So progress is being made, albeit slowly. My thanks to all who have contributed so far. For those who have been considering it or meant to and haven’t, my mailbox is still open. For new Friends, welcome and feel free.

    Chassie West

    Pam B

    For our new members, I want to second this request from Chassie.

    If you have any stories about after death communication that you can share, no matter how significant or insignificant you might think they are, I know that someone, somewhere can benefit from YOUR story. Chassie is an acomplished, published writer and she will handle your story with the utmost care.

    Someone needs to hear your ADC story. Chassie’s work (and a little divine intervention :love: ) will insure they hear it.



    :clap: ((Chassie)). Sending Prayers you get lots of stories to work with. It must be very time consuming all that editing. Can’t wait…..patiently waiting:hearts:



    I just sent an email to you Chassie with some stories from posts that I have written here.. just copied and pasted them the best I could… thanks for doing this! Can’t wait to read the book when it comes out :)


    Thanks again, Nikki. I’ll be in touch.

    For an update, as some of you know, I’ve begun the editing process and categorizing what’s been sent according to the type of ADC it was. I’m perhaps halfway through them and hope to begin sending them to you for your approval and/or comments/additions/deletions, whatever, starting next week.

    As I mentioned before, probably long ago so that you don’t remember it, I was undecided as to whether to include a category covering readings by mediums. I’ve decided I don’t have an option. The book needs to be longer. I have access to three transcripts of readings, two of which will require purchasing the appropriate software since these two are on tape. I don’t dare try to transcribe them going back and forth listening and typing because I ruined a very precious tape trying to do that last year.
    This is not to imply that taped readings are the only ones acceptable. If you have any stories that deal with a reading you had, send it. I’m especially interested in readings where you might not have been able to remember or validate something told to you at the time, but were able to later. These will be more difficult to edit, but I’m willing to give it a try.

    Also, many of you are members of other on-line groups similar to ours. I would appreciate, if you feel comfortable doing it, your spreading the word about the book and letting folks know I’m still accepting material. Make certain they understand that it’s to be a collection of experiences of after death communications of any kind. With luck, that may add a few.

    I warned you long ago that this would take time. A further complication was a novel in progress and with an agent breathing down my neck to get it done, it took priority. Now that she has it, I’m dedicating myself solely to the ADC effort. It will still take time. I’ve talked to my agent about it. Whereas she’s interested, her decision as to whether or not to try to find a publisher for it will be governed by the feelings of the agency for which she works. They may or may not go screaming through the halls, wanting nothing to do with a book of this nature. If she has to refuse, I may have to try to find a publisher myself.

    But first things first. More stories, more stories. They can be sent either to or to . (Note – no “t” on the end of my name.)

    We’ll get there yet. And I’ll send periodic progress reports.

    In spirit,

    Chassie West


    Hello Chassie,
    I will do my upmost best to get the word out. I have started visiting a Spiritualist Church and have meet some wonderful people there. So I will make mention to some of them. They have a different guest each week most times their guests travel from out of town each of these guests are clairvoyants/mediums! Next week they have someone from Montreal who does charcoal drawings for messages neat eh? So I will certainly let them know and maybe they will tell others and so and so on!!



    Oops, I forgot to mention that I’ll be away from the computer this weekend. I’m attending a mediumship training class with Patti Sinclair, who was a guest on John Holland’s radio show a while back. So if you send stuff, don’t panic when you don’t get an immediate reply.



    how is the book coming along,



    Chassie is actually on the Hayhouse cruise for the next couple of days. What she told me before she left was that her editor had asked her to write a summary chapter. It put a little kink into her deadline, but she said she was going to take it on the cruise with her. I don’t know if she actually did, but that’s what I know.


    great to hear, nothing beats a cruise to get the creative juices flowing,


    Stephanie;137532 wrote:
    Chassie is actually on the Hayhouse cruise for the next couple of days. What she told me before she left was that her editor had asked her to write a summary chapter. It put a little kink into her deadline, but she said she was going to take it on the cruise with her. I don’t know if she actually did, but that’s what I know.

    :wave: Got a chance to get a sneak peak at the manuscript on the cruise … sending lots and lots of positive energy to Chassie’s editor that she’ll find a publisher quickly! :hearts: :hearts:


    Great stuff :) I got a few people down here who can’t wait to read it once it is published.

    Gen:banana: :hearts:

    CarolynB;137593 wrote:
    :wave: Got a chance to get a sneak peak at the manuscript on the cruise … sending lots and lots of positive energy to Chassie’s editor that she’ll find a publisher quickly! :hearts: :hearts:
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