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    I haven’t been on here for awhile. I have a really big prayer request I am hoping you can help me with. My daughter had her ultra sound on the 15th of this month. She was 21 weeks along. It was done in the morning and was called to come back to see the doctor that afternoon. I thought of everything possible, but what we got told I would have never dreamed of. The baby’s upper brain and skull did not develop. She had the brain stem though so she had a strong heart beat and was kicking. The doctor said if she made it to being born she would not live for long at all. She said it would be any where from 1 min. to 2 hours at the very most. She was told the easiest way to deal with this was to end it now. Now comes the good part. The only place the surgery in this area could be done is at an abortion clinic an hour away. And of coarse they was closed friday and the weekend so she had to wait until monday just to go and talk to them. They started it then tuesday. It was a 3 day procedure. The first 2 days was just getting her ready and the final was the … well you know. My daughter dealt better with it then I think I ever could have. I am so Proud of her. What I am afraid of though is she has dealt with depression before, and I am afraid of it throwing her into a really deep one. I am really sorry if it is to much for some people to handle, but getting it off my chest has really helped. Oh and the baby’s name was Destiny Dawn , Mom – Amber Wood, Dad – Adam Wood God Bless Everyone.


    I am so sorry for you loss. I will certainly pray for your family. :rosary::rosary::rosary:


    Know that your wee granddaughter is back in the nursery in heaven and will undoubtedly try again. We pray for strength for your daughter and son-in-law — and for you. Keep the faith.



    Thank you Jeannie and Chassiewes for your Prayers they are greatly appreciated.


    Prayers going out for you and your family.


    Thank you CarolynB it means alot to me and my family. They are dealing with it as well as can be expected. It was hard today, we went up and picked up the ashes. Bless you all.

    Pam B

    Prayers ascending for you, for your daughter and her husband and the entire family. Your little granddaughter’s soul is a teacher, and I echo what Chassie said too. Sending you love and white light for healing


    Thank you Pam and everyone. The love you all spread is so wonderfully expressed. I agree with you all on the spirit. It is almost word for word what I have told her. I also do believe that this little soul will be back. God Bless you all.


    (((bluangel))), I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of little Destiny. Prayers for a smooth transition for her, and for comfort and strength for Amber, Adam, and your entire family.


    Thank you Jude. I honestly think all the prayers have really helped. They seem to be handling it better then I think I ever could. Bless you all for your prayers.

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