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    Pam B

    First off, let me say that I am not trying to detract from any belief system. I believe the authors of this video have a specific intent that I don’t necessarily agree with.

    However, the facts presented in this video are very strong indicators that the authors of the bible knew astrological terms and considered them important to the story they were telling about Jesus, and the Picean and Aquarian age.

    Let me know what you think:



    Extremely interesting video. I think I would have preferred the word “archetype” over “myth” however. I believe this more accurately conveys the nature of the phenomena of duplicate renditions and recitations of similar stories throughout history.

    I’m at work now so I don’t have time to go into all of it now, but I’m interested in hearing what other people think.


    Fascinating video, Pam. Thanks for sharing. :hearts: Although I agree with you about the author’s intent.

    maria V

    Pam, how do you find this stuff??? LOL

    I thought it was interesting and I’m not sure what the person’s “agenda” is, but I will say that he gave a fabulous explanation about the meaning of the Precession of the Equinoxes and if anyone wants to understand what this means just listen and view the excellent video presentation on it.

    There is a great disagreement between astrologers and people in general about whether or not we are currently in the age of Aquarius but I personally have no opinion either way since my feeling is that since we’re so close to it “technically” then we’re on the cusp of it and definately will be feeling the energy.

    The Precession of the Equinoxes is also the reason why your birth chart cannot be replicated for at least another 25,000 years (the exact number is given on the clip).

    Also, the person made lots of references to the center of an astrology chart being the Sun (his metaphor for God or Jesus) and he’s gravely mistaken from what I’ve learned. The center of an astrology chart represents YOU. What is interesting is that we can take this a step further and prove then that God is in all of us. :wave:

    Pam B

    Thanks for stopping by to comment Maria! I was hoping you’d have time to stop in and drop a few words of wisdom on this topic!

    How do I find this stuff? Synchronicity I suspect, as I’m currently reading Manly P. Hall’s [ame=”″]The Secret Teachings of All Ages[/ame] and the night before I stumbled across the video I had just finished reading his chapter on “Mystic Christianity” where he quotes ante-Nicene Theologins and historians such as St. Iraenaeus and Justin Martry, who themselves could not agree on the facts of Christ’s birth, life and death, in that period that the church prefers we all forget about. St. Iraenaeus admits in his writings that they used Pagan (i.e., earth based religions who would have known and used astrology) references to help convert them to the new religion.

    I don’t post this stuff to cause ire or to threaten anyone beliefs, I do it to foster talk about it, that would hopefully cause people to think. I’m hoping that would show the connections between what truly resonates within us, and what we’ve been “taught”.

    Pam B

    Thank you Carolyn for providing this resource that speaks to my original topic:


    Thank you Carolyn for providing this resource that speaks to my original topic:

    You’re very welcome!

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