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    You guys made my day!

    What started as an excitement to share something new with everyone has turned into something much bigger. There are just so many things to do, learn and try.

    Next is:

    Stand in front of the mirror and check out your aura. Now, (even if you didn’t see one), close your eyes and concentrate on the middle of your forehead.

    What color do you see in your mind’s eye or does a name pop up?

    Let me know what happens.

    FD :eek:


    Welcome back, Bea, nice to “see” you again! And thanks for bumping this thread, too! I was just saying (to myself) last week that I needed to get back to practicing this. That very night, my daughter had a dream about seeing auras, and now you’re back, bumping this thread. :thumbsup:

    Looks like a gentle nudge to me… ;)


    I was so excited to see a post by Fairiedust :love:
    I have been trying to teach a friend at work how to see auras. Welcome back friend. :wave:


    I’ve been so busy with work I haven’t had time to stop and post but I would love to get feedback on this.

    A few weeks ago we had a new priest at Mass. He has a heavy accent so I was having a difficult time understanding him during the homily. So I was looking at him trying to read his lips so I could understand. Then I saw his aura! :surprise: It is the strongest I’ve ever seen an aura. It was white/gold around his head and shoulders and extended almost a foot from his head.
    The next week I tried looking for it again. It was there but not as strong. It had seemed to get stronger as he spoke the last time I saw him. But, because it was so warm (no A/C) he didn’t have a homily this week. But I noticed an aura of white/gold around the woman doing the readings.

    I would love to hear any thoughts about this. Thanks!


    Hmm, thought I’d posted previously….

    I was wondering what books are recommended for strengthening your abilities to see auras? I can see the white etheric aura, and can feel the finger twirl exercise (so cool!).
    Thanks much!!!



    There isn’t a great number of books on this subject. I shuffled through the public library and read a couple just to get a base. Then if you are still interested and want to learn more, the book stores and online. There are quite a few web sites to wade through though.

    There are web sites that you can buy tapes that will teach you all kinds of stuff.



    Every time this thread gets bumped, I think…I should really go and try that.

    I finally got up tonight and did it. I must be a fast learner because I looked past myself in the mirror pretty quickly and found a large area off to the left of my head a blue-green color. And not just a pasty/misty color, this was pretty bold. Though, like everyone else, I focused to make sure and lost it. :o

    Oh well, at least I live by myself so I can practice whenever and not having my family wonder why I’m staring at myself in the mirror. The next one to try…looking between my thumb and pointer finger.


    MIght be fun for everyone to post what they have observed…….and if your aura has changed at all over time.

    Mine is green, surrounds my head and part of my shoulders. Sometimes there is a strong yellow around the shoulders, but mostly green.

    When I was practicing on Don, he was blues and pinks around his head.

    I know I don’t practice as often as I should and the only excuse I can give are the 2 babies. Good excuse, huh? oh, and a husband. Better excuse.

    FD :eek:


    Bumpity, bump, bump!

    It’s a fun exercise, doesn’t take long, and we’re all experienced (now?)hmmm.

    We can see that guy crossing the room surrounded by black. I suppose it could be an axe murderer. I’m heading for the back door.

    Has anyone ever sensed a color when a person walks up to you?

    Are you able to sense anothers state of mind before they even talk to you?

    What other ways can we sense things.

    Don and I played a game that really surprised me. I just plopped it on him oneday. Told him to close his eyes and open his hand. I took off the garnet cross that I wear everyday and put it in his hand. I asked to tell me what was in his hand. His answer was red flowers. Garnet is red and the stones are round shaped. If you took off the bottom portion of the cross leg it does have a flower shape.

    Just my 2 pennies.



    So nice seeing you back, Bea.:love:

    For those are you who have never tried seeing auras before, try it. The directions in this thread work! You might not get color but you will see bright and shining people. :)


    Very interesting post. YOur game reminded me of a game my sister and I would play. Dee



    I am interested in auras… any suggestions on where to start?



    I believe that if you take a look at the very beginning of this thread you might find several helpful hints.

    It’s can be quite a lot of fun.



    Sorry… I am still trying to figure out how to access all of the information on the boards… Thanks for your patience.

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