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    Hello everyone!!

    One step at a time………..

    I am so excited! I have been waiting a long time for something to turn up so that I may share Reiki with others.

    I did all of my Reiki levels through a local hospital, which I am glad I did.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find somewhere to use Reiki around here. Just finding another person who does Reiki can be a challenge.

    By accident, I found out about a Cancer Resource center, 15 minutes from my house, and they have a very brand new Reiki program for their Cancer clients. There is no charge for the clients, just come and enjoy. So, I filled out the volunteer papers and let it go. Well, I didn’t get the stuffing the envelope job, but I would have been happy to help with that too.

    I interviewed twice (knowing that they were just in the midst of discussing an expansion). Then the program director asked me to come it and do a session on her and we could see where things went. (I would have been happy to be put on a substitute list).

    I went Tuesday afternoon, and by the time I walked out the door, I have my own day at the center and will have my own appointments. I guess I did good! There are only 2 Reiki people in the program at the moment (me and the program director). I hit it at just the right time.

    I am starting out slow and easy….it fits into my schedule beautifully. I don’t interfere with anyone elses schedule, etc. I was concerned about that. How would I fit everything in.

    Just wanted to share my news!



    Omigosh!!!! ((((FD))))) I am SO happy for you! Doesn’t it make your heart sing to do what you are meant to do? :hearts:


    :banana: :clap: Yea! that is wonderful!:hearts:
    Keep us posted on how it works out. I just know that you will fit right in and do well.:hearts:


    That is wonderful news! We’ve been discussing Reiki for so long here and now you are actually doing it for the public! Congrats!


    Paula Mae

    Woooo Hooooo I am sooooo happy for you Bea. I know you really wanted this.



    Terrific, FD!!! We’re so proud of you!!! Keep us posted!!

    Chassie:banana: :banana:


    Oh ((((((((BEA))))))))!! I’m so thrilled for you!! :clap: :hearts: :clap:


    ((((((((BEA)))))))) What wonderful news — I’m so happy for you! :hearts: Glad to see that you’re walking right on through those doors that are opening for you!! You are blessed! :angel3:


    That’s fantastic news, Bea!:clap: I know you are going to be a blessing there.:love:


    Thank you everyone for your good wishes!

    Now comes the nervous tick part and worrying myself to death. I’m sure you all know the syndrome or routine. Although I am much better than I was 5 years ago before learning Reiki. Old habits die really hard.

    My head is just spinning with ideas of things to do, and realized I had better get settled before I try anything new. Thought before action is always good, even if the thoughts are of the best intention.

    I will probably be back for more support and encouragement just because everything is new and uncomfortable, just like new shoes.

    BUT, I am still excited!!

    Thanks loads,


    Well Done, Bea! Wishing you much success and little stress. :hearts:


    ((Bea)) I am so happy for you, I know you have been wanting to do this for sometime now. You’ll be an asset to them all I’m sure!!




    This is so wonderful. I can imagine that you are anxious but don’t be. You will be just perfect. It all comes down to being natural and you can do that with no problem.


    Hugs, Ellen


    (((Bea))) –
    Congratulations! I am so happy for you!:banana:
    Everything happens when it is meant to happen and the fact that you found the Cancer center was no “accident”. ;)

    Come back anytime for support and encouragement! Baby steps are a good way to start. Just take a deep breath and know that you are on your path to helping others in a much bigger way.

    Blessings and much success!:hearts:


    BEA! That is so AWSOME! I am so happy for you. It is amazing how things happen in their perfect timing! There are no accidents and I am sure this will be the start of something wonderful for you!


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