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    I saw the actor Blair Underwood on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday promoting this book he cowrote, and thought it was absolutely fascinating. If anyone’s mentioned this already, forgive me.

    The book is called Before I Got Here: The Wondrous Things We Hear When We Listen to the Souls of Our Children.

    Here is a synopsis from

    Blair Underwood, known to millions as a star of television and film, has delivered brilliant performances as a lawyer in L.A. Law and as a love interest in Sex and the City; currently, he is the voice of the title character in Nick at Nite’s Fatherhood. But his proudest accomplishment is being a loving husband and father of three children who keep him in touch with the true meaning of life — not fame, but family.

    When Blair Underwood’s young son told him the dream he had about “the last night before there are no more mornings and no more nights,” Underwood asked him, “Who told you that?” His son replied, “God told me when he made me, but I only had one ear at the time, so I could only hear a little.” Through conversations with family and friends, Underwood discovered how very often people have children who say things that have “left them with their jaws on the floor.” As a consequence, he and Donyell Kennedy-McCullough created a Website as a destination for others to share their profound moments with children. The response from people all over the world was tremendous and led to the creation of Before I Got Here, a collection of the best of the conversations and stories from people’s responses to the Website, revealing just how brilliant and spiritually in tune our children can be.

    Before I Got Here makes you smile in the tradition of Art Linkletter’s and Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things, and inspires — with the wonderful photographs of children taken by coauthor Donyell Kennedy-McCullough.

    This book is a wonderful gift for ourselves and others, showing the inherent wisdom that children possess, with the power to astound us and change our lives.

    Blair gave a few examples on the show. He talked about one child who turned to her mother one day and said, matter of factly, “I chose you, you know.”

    And another child, when he was asked why he refused to wear slippers, said: “I wore slippers for sixty five years before I came here.”

    Isn’t that incredible?


    Wow, this book sounds amazing! It would make a great Mother’s Day gift, or perhaps Valentine’s Day? :hearts:

    Thanks for posting this, OST!

    Jude :)


    It sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)
    There are some other great books about Kid’s PL memories in the market too. I have read “Children’s Pasts Lives” and “Return From Heaven” by Carol Bowman and they are excellent!
    She talks about how to recognize when a child is having a PL memory and how to deal with that.
    One of the “four signs” she talks about is the “matter of fact” tone. Some kids just start talking about their past out of the blue.
    She describes lots of cases in her book. Two of them are from her own children.
    Moderators, feel free to delete this post if someone else has already mentioned those books or if i have posted in the wrong spot. :o


    when my oldest daughter was about 4 she told me one day that I needed to sit down that she wanted to tell me about her other daddy. She proceeded to tell me that he always wore a white shirt and he worked in the fields. When he would come home he would be tired and she would sit in his lap and he would just hold her. I asked her who her mom was and she said, You have always been my mom.

    My younger one when she was about the same age told me one day, “I just love you sooooo much, I picked you and I am so glad I got you”.

    That of course does any mothers heart good! I tried to let them know it was ok for them to talk about that with me. they have shared messages with me from my dad who has passed on and my youngest sees angels. I sure hope they don’t loose that. I think my oldest already has but she is very perceptive. A friend of mine was staying with us for a while and my mom was over. We were working on painting my daughters room and after a while my friend said, “do you realize that you guy do not talk”? I said “what”? she said “you answer each others questions or bring the other one a brush or water or whatever but no questions are ever asked”. I never noticed that before. one of us will be thinking of a restaruant we have not eaten at in a while and the other one will say, “ooooh, that sounds good!”

    Sorry to be so longwinded, I got on a roll……


    I was ,I am and I will continue to be.:banana:

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