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    maria V

    :wave: This is where you want to post Part I of your homework assignment for this week.

    A couple of paragraphs on the Sun, Moon and Ascendant on the person of your choice is all we need.


    Libra-leo Damon

    This is from my good friend Roniques chart,
    Her Sun sign is Leo which makes her warm fun loving and very Dramatic.She love attention and is very self indulgent and at times she can be a bit bossy but its only because she feels like a natural “MANAGER” of everybody lol.

    Her Moon is also Leo just like my Moon,and it basicaly gives more of everything I just said about the Sun in Leo,but also being that all leos have pride issues,no matter how well she might pretend different, her feelings are hurt easily and one must use diplomacy in giving her criticism so as not to feel her mighty roar of royal indignant defensiveness.Also a moon in leo gives a warmness of feelings and a desire to rise above petty mindedness.

    She has a Aquarius Rising which is actually the polar opposite of Leo,Ronique shows this side by being a little detached and aloof than her Sun and Moon in Leo would suggest.She also loves to astrology,metaphysics and unconventional subject matters that teach her something new and progressive.She also enjoys dressing and looking different to shock people,which is a bit of her leo and Aquarius comming together in that the leo wants to be the center of attention and get recognition and her aquarius rising is interested in standing out and doing something unusual that is so different it may shock some.She delights in marching to her own drummer and does not mind it if people think of her as strange because if your studying her then your feeding her SUN&MOON Leo need to be acknowledged and recognized for her speacialness.

    Ronique is my speacial Sun Child Lioness:hearts: ,Astrodienst is a very easy site for anybody interested in astrology and its free,I advise that everybody start drawing up natal charts on there and print out the charts,they also give interpretations for the aspects and placements to help us understand more.After awhile you will get so fammilarized with the keywords and concepts that you will be able to look at a chart on your own and complete the sentences that describe the position of planets in the houses and planets in the signs all on your own,look at as astro training wheels;) .

    Libra-leo Damon

    Vickie (Buffers) has Jupiter in Cancer in the 6th house, Moon in Libra in the 7th house, Mercury, Saturn, Venus in Scorpio in the 8th house and Sun in Scorpio in the 9th

    From the information I see about Vickie i gather that with Jupiter in cancer placed in her 6th house which tells me that her positive cheery disposition usually agrees with her coworkers.She will may have a interest in the health field and or work in the health/healing field in some way.With jupiter here she must guard against weight gain and or liver issues because Jupiter can incline one to be rather self indulgent with food and drink.Because Cancer is on the cusp of the 6th she will feel at home(cancer) serving and even mothering people at work.Vicky gets a certain amount of emotional security out of doing a good job and being the person people can find a sympathetic ear to coworkers and friends who need someone to listen to them and understand.

    With the Moon in Libra,(incidentaly the 7th house is Libra’s natural house of operations)the moon feeds itself by flowing freely in relating to others be they partners,lovers,public there is a real need to connect with other in a harmonious way.The nature of these relationships are indicative of emotional bonding to them and she can either be moody or changeable hersel in her relationships and or attract others of this nature perhaps her husband if she is married.The moon placement here is excellent for dealing with the public because it gives a great sensitivity to the OTHER,which is a very Libra thing.

    With Mercury,Saturn and Venus all in scorpio in the 8th house no less!!!! this is a powerful potent conglomeration of planets in scorpio’s natural house and in the sign of scorpio.She can be very mysterious and secretive and will be interested in the mysteries of life or occult,such as life after death and perhaps spirits.With Venus here it gaurantees a passionate if not stormy sexual nature that can be quite jealous and possesive perhaps even suspicious of a partner,also a emphasis on seeking security through a partners resources and inheritance from a partner or marrying for money.This also gives a person a sexy mystique and erotic inclinations.The fact that Saturn is here in this house espeacialy if it conjuncts Venus can inhibit some of the sexyness,but on a positive note it usually helps to make one shrewd about money and buisness.

    With Vicky Sun being in Scorpio as well in the 9th house it can be sure that Vicky is a student for life and enjoys learning espeacialy about the higher mysteries of life and death.And she may have a intense desire for travel,foreign languges as well as have intense faith about her religion or philosophy or whatever it is she believes deeply.:dance:


    I picked my younger brother and I’m glad I did. I have a better understanding of why he does the things he does… and I smile. It’s because he was born with a Sagittarius sun in the 10th house, an Aquarius moon in the 1st house, and Capricorn as his ascendant.

    He is a Sagittarius through and through. He is restless and dislikes routines. He is very friendly, cheerful and easygoing which makes it easy for him to make friends. He likes to tease and laugh in the most loving way. He is optimistic, idealistic, and a little irresponsible which is why he does not have his own business, anymore.

    Sagittarius in the 10th house works toward a goal of success and accomplishments because power is the name of the game. He has done this all his life. As a youth he held offices in the youth group, at church, all the way up to the state level. As an adult he has held offices in his church and community. I think if he still lived in town he would be a town board member, now. Because of this drive for power he has worked at jobs in management and owned his own business for a few years.

    His moon in Aquarius in the 1st house. He does take pride in being an indivilual and independent person. He does things his way and will continue to do so even if it is the wrong way. He goes through life at the beat of his own drum. I find it interesting that he played drums in the school band. He loves his family life and mom can do no wrong in his eyes. This is so true of him, as long as he can be himself, he can be a trustworthy and loyal friend. Just never tell him what to do… and I smile! He is forgiving if you do!

    His ascendant is Capricorn. He is image conscious as he wants to wear top label clothes and look successful and rich. He is here to learn responsiblity, so that is why he is in this mess! He has not learned it yet. He is big on family life and always wants the family to get together. He is in his late 40’s and has never been married and has no children. I think this is because he is so independant and his own boss that he does not want a wife or children controling him. He really does not like being told what to do. But, I’ve found a way… and I smile!


    I picked my good friend Eric who I used to work with at the restaurant. He worked in the office, behind the scenes. He’s definitely a character.

    Eric’s sun sign is in Sagittarius in the 10th house of Reputation, Career, and Social Responsibilities. Sagitarrians typically are the seeker of life’s truths of the zodiac. They are the fun seekers and the party animals. With his sun in the 10th house, he has a great need to learn and be in a social position. He has to becareful about not being underhanded and unethical in his search for power. He might look into a career in politics. (He’s in law school right now to become a District Attorney.)

    Eric’s Moon is in Scorpio in the 8th House of Transformation. With the Moon in Scorpio, he can expect to spend a lot of his energy protecting himself from his own emotions. He could be suspicious, quick to judge, and wants to understand deep meanings. In the 8th house, he likes security and is interested in the afterlife and psychic ability. Instincts point him to understanding other’s needs, almost to the point of being in their hearts with them.

    Eric’s Rising sign is Aquarius. He will come off as cool, calm, independent, and forward-thinking. He is magnetic and can attract unusual and all different kinds of people to him. He will go through life seeking adventure and loves to travel.

    I sent this posting to him, and he replied back. “We were just talking the other day about how I wanna see a psychic! And I definitely attract all the crazies.” Of course, that’s his humor showing through too. :)


    I have chosen my son’s chart. And BOY, it fits him to a “tee”!

    Rod’s sun sign is Aries, in the 9th house. Energetic, High Spirited, fiercely independent, takes risks, very competitive, blunt-simple and direct.

    His moon is in Leo, in the twelve house. Very proud of himself, very stubborn, willful. He needs respect and admiration from his friends and family. He would rather play then work.

    His rising Sign is Leo. Loves to be the center of attention, confident, dominant, vain and charismatic. In otherwords – “he is full of himself”!:hmm:

    maria V

    I just read all your wonderful posts and I have to say, I’m impressed!

    Each of you managed to communicate the essence of your chosen person through explaining only the Sun, Moon and Rising sign brilliantly!

    Isn’t it fascinating how we can encapsulate these three main points of the birth chart in order to provide a character analysis of absolutely anyone? Those of you who participated in this exercise know for sure that it CAN be done.

    This is astrology coming to life and I’m so glad you guys are seeing it for yourself. Well done everyone!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

    See you all in class tonight!:wave:

    Amy Rose

    I picked my best friend Virian to look into her Holy Trinity. Her sun sign is Aquarious in the 3rd house, Moon in Capricorn 2nd house, and rising sign of Scorpio. Virian lives up to the true definition of her air sun sign. She is a very intellectual person—one of the smartest people I know (and the Valedictorian of my high school class and continues to do extremely well in college). This makes a lot of sense because the 3rd house is the house of knowledge.Being Aquarious a fixed sign, I can see the stubbornness qualities in her personality at times. She is definitely independent and when she sets her mind to something she accomplishes it. Virian has a Scorpio rising. Virian is passionate about everything she does. She does like to control situations, but she is learning that there are some situations where you have no control over. Virian’s moon is in Capricorn. People with their moon in Cap, can be reserved and remote, which is very true about Vir. She can be shy at times. She does thrive on challenges and success. She is disciplined and very determined. They do need to feel in control, which corresponds to her Scorpio rising, which makes sense since Scorpio is water and Capricorn is earth.Her moon is in the 2nd house, which is the house of Self Worth. She does have a strong set of values

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