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    Hello, I have had biblical dreams before but this one stood out. I dreamed I was in a holy temple of some sort wearing a shroud and listening to Jesus and what he wanted me to do. There were 2 very wise children in the dream also. On the floor was symbols and the only one I can remember was the crow and the ancient axe. He wanted me to pick up the axe and place it in another part of the temple. I floated to the other side of the temple and I remember fealing such peace. Where the axe was going was a pile of hay and an ancient hammer. I picked it up and placed the axe where it belonged and there was a burst of white light that did not hurt my eyes and jesus said “Tell them not to be afraid and to follow the white light.” I woke up fealing bliss. But I know that there are more dreams coming and there are alot of people having these sort of dreams.



    I had another one last night where I was back in ancient times and I was sitting by a rock and scrolls rolled up by me and of course when I opened them their were instructions for me to do things to save the people. I did everything I was instructed to do like place holy objects back where they belong and Jesus always left something to help me. Like one hall was dark and he lit it with beautifull blue fireflys. Then I woke up. I know this dream is not over.


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