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    From elsewhere on the internet: According to his wife, Susan, our fellow-site-member, friend and respectful-skeptic, Bob Lancaster, suffered a serious stroke last Monday night (8/4). He’s currently in the hospital, and is paralyzed down the left side of his body. I figured I’d put in a prayer for him, and thought some of you might like to do the same.


    Prayers ascending for ((Bob)) to have a full recovery Prayers of comfort going out to his wife ((Susan))



    :candle::candle:Prayers for complete healing for Bob:candle::candle:


    Prayers and lots of healing white light for Bob to hasten a full recovery.:candle::candle:


    Pam B

    Sending out love and prayers for our good Friend Bob :love: and his wife Susan, may he be healed completely and up and back to questioning everything very, very soon!!!!


    :musicnote:musicnote:musicnotePrayers ascending for Bob, Susan and his medical team. May his healing be swift and complete. :candle:


    Prayers going up for Bob, for quick, complete healing and prayers of comfort for Susan. :musicnote:musicnote


    I can’t tell you how upset I am. After meeting Bob on this site, we have maintained a close friendship. He is a wonderful man and a wonderful friend . . .

    Pam B

    Julie, if you have his home address, can you please PM or email it to me, so I can send a note?

    Pam B

    Please continue to send healing prayers out for Bob, as he is showing signs of improvement! He went from being completely unconscious to squeezing his wife’s hand and attempting to open his eyes.

    Bob is a very, very special person to us here at Friends and the world really, really needs him, as well as his family of course. :musicnote:musicnote:musicnote:musicnote:musicnote:musicnote:musicnote


    Whoa. I am so sorry to hear this news, but glad to hear that our good Friend, Bob, is showing some signs of improvement! Prayers for continued strength and healing for Bob; comfort and support for Susan and family.

    :hearts: :musicnote :hearts: :musicnote :hearts: :musicnote :hearts: :musicnote :hearts:

    Oh dear. I just saw this. Sending lots of healing pryaers and energy to Bob and Susan. :candle::candle::candle:

    Gosh I hope Bob pulls through with flying colors.

    Healing Blessings


    Hello all! I am Robert Lancaster (I don’t go by “Bob” much any more}. I was in various medical facilities from the day of the stroke (08/04/2008) until I was discharged home on 06/30/2009. I just heard yesterday about this prayer thread, and thought I wuld pop by and say “thanks.”


    For those who don’t know me, here is a thumbnail sketch of my invlvement here:

    First and foremost, I am mostly known around the web (when I am known at all) as a skeptic, and the creator of the skeptical sites Stop Kaz ( and Stop Sylvia Browne ( I am a loyal fan of James Randi, and am well-known on his site’s forum.

    Back in (I think it was) 2001, I became interested in finding out why some folks were fans of John Edward, whose TV shw was just getting popular at the time. As part of researching that, I ended up on this site (or the site which was later replaced by this one), where I became known to some as “the nice skeptic.”

    I struck up friendships with many here, and am glad to say that some of those people (such as Pam and JBannister remain my friends to this day. I fondly remember getting some sage advice from Pam when I was receiving sme vaguely threatening emails from a cyber-stalker of sorts.

    Back to those thanks: There are some skeptics who wuld object to people praying fr them. I am not such a skeptic. even though I don’t believe in the efficacy of prayer, I still can and do appreciate the kind gesture of a heartfelt “I’ll pray for you,” and will accept it gratefully. Last I counted, there were four prayer circles praying for my recovery, as well as a couple of skeptic grups “not praying” for me. I take it all in the spirit in which I believe it was intended, which is a generous, loving and caring spirit. So, to all of you here who prayed for my health and my wife’s comfort, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yes, skeptics have them. :)

    For those curious as to how I am doing: my left side still has nerve damage. My left leg is fairly useless, and I am now a wheelchair guy. My left arm is stiff, and my left hand is frozen in a fist, pretty useless. My speech and cognition are pretty good, but could be better.

    I won’t pray for you all, but know that Pam and this forum(including the denizens thereof are in my thouights and heart.

    My very best to all,

    Here’s a link to a post I made here some time ago. It made me several friends: Dorothy, coyotes, and an old song

    -Robert L.


    :wave:Hey Robert – glad to see you’re back in cyber-space as well as out and about! Keep us posted on your progress. Lots of healing energy continuing its journey your way!:dance:

    Pam B

    Robert, you have no idea how it WARMS MY HEART to see this particular “skeptic” posting on this forum.

    I am so glad you are recovering – it’s better than the alternative ;) :beerhere:

    I will continue to pray for your continued recovery, because, well, even though I don’t know 100% “fer sure” that it works, I know it doesn’t hurt!

    Keep working at it Robert, medicine is not a perfect science either, that’s they call it “practicing”. You’ve proven them all wrong by coming this far, now prove them all wrong again. Keep up the good skeptical work. I support your work totally for a number of reasons. Mainly because I believe in freedom of thought, belief and speech, and mostly because I believe you set a good example for skeptics, in your respectful approach, always factual in word and deed.

    ((((((((((( BIG BEAR HUG ))))))))))))))

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