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    Pam B

    Thank you again, thank you everyone. Your answers of support have been overwhelmingly touching. I am very lucky to have you as members of this group, and more importantly, as friends. :love:

    I haven’t been doing this alone, and I have to reflect this same support back to Marcia. She’s been doing so much behind the scenes, spending a lot of effort and energy – and just as much emotion on this effort. She deserves a big hug from all of us too.

    (((((((((((( Marcia ))))))))))))))))))



    Thanks for all your help and thanks to everyone on this board!!!
    :jumper: :jumper:

    Ann S

    Thanks Marcia for all the hard work as well
    :daisy: :daisy: :daisy:

    Amy Rose

    marcia we love you too!!!!!!!! here’s a big CAV and a hug to you!!!!!!!! thank you for all of your dedication and determination!! god bless you!:lwink:


    Well done Marcia!



    :shrug: Hello everyone!!
    I have to say I loved the show and watched it faithfully every day. When our local stations stopped carrying it in the afternoon I was resigned to setting my VCR to taping SciFi late night. I am one of John’s biggest fans, I think he played a major part in the fact that I will be a new mommy on April 3,2004. Through all of his teachings and spiritual Beliefs. I have always known I was psychic, but through John I have greatly expanded my Knowledge, and ability to see things for what they actually are!! In my mind I will never be able to repay the gift he has given me.
    Having said that, I always think of “the Boys” John’s guides, and know that whatever happens will be for the Best for John. I don’t think for a second cancelling the show means we’ve seen the last of him on tv.
    Lastly, Pam Thanks for the petition, I signed up some tim ago. If the only thing that comes of it is letting John Know how much we love him and respect what he does, than I say after all John has given to us, it is the very LEAST we can do!!



    I dont’ know if I said it before, but it bears repeating…. Pam and Marcia, Angelina and all the helpers for the Petition and as moderators for the Board……. YOU ARE ALL FANTABULOUS! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!! You ARE appreciated. John has been there for us to learn, and like all new students, YOU have been putting together a place where for all our questions and comments can be made without fear. We are fam-i-ly (was that Sly & the Family Stones?). I couldn’t help that – the song came to me as I wrote, so I had to write it like that!!! Love to all of you ~ Adrienne

    :angel2: ‘s Mailroom



    Firstly as I am computer language illiterate, I will do this the old fashioned way:

    To Pam XOXOXOXO to infinity.
    (Hugs and Kisses in Aussie)

    Secondly, we all know that you cannot stop something like this no matter how people try. It’s like a bushfire (Aussie for forest fire).

    I was a sceptic, I am now an avid fan with my commonsense intact.

    Someone said on this thread “When one door shuts another one opens.” How true.

    We will have the priveledge of seeing John shortly. I sincerely hope he brings his family and has a nice holiday as well.

    I am sure that bigger and better things are just around the corner for him, which I hope not only allow him to continue educating and inspiring us, but also allow him more time with his own loved ones.

    Like that old Doris Day song says “Que Sera, Sera”

    Love and peace to all from DownUnder. I sound like an old hippie.

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