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    Pam B

    Who gains by being forgiven and by forgiving? The one that forgives is lord even of him that he forgives.

    Edgar Cayce Reading 585-2

    maria V

    Wow – that quote is so empowering; thanks for sharing it.

    We’ve all had experiences in our lives where we feel we need to forgive someone else in order to move on and we also have been on the other side of the fence where we may have wronged someone else and asked for forgiveness.

    Either side is uncomfortable to be on, but once the forgiveness happens there is a release that can be so powerful. Even if it’s you forgiving yourself because the other person is not capable of forgiving you at the moment. Know what I mean?:love:

    Pam B

    You know, I really do know what you mean. I had that very situation happen to me once (a result of my own actions.) And it took a long time for me to forgive myself for something the other person couldn’t. So yes, it’s very freeing.

    Forgiving isn’t excusing or condoning. It’s letting go, and letting God take care of it.


    Oh – the timing . . .

    Just a minute ago I hung up from a phone call. The person that called had wronged me a few years ago in such a hurtful, vicious way. The worst part was that – with intent – she tried to damage my relationship with my sons. For awhile she succeeded.

    When she phoned just now – crying – she said that she has lost everything . . . her lovely home, her business, her car, her friends, etc. She told me that she believed it was her “karma” for what she had done to me, and asked for my forgiveness.

    Forgiveness is a difficult topic for me. Perhaps part of it is due to semantics. I feel like I let go of what happened long ago. It just seems so – over. Done. Something I rarely even think about, and when I do, I don’t feel anger. More like indifference.

    But do I forgive her? She attempted to destroy that which is the most sacred, the most important to me – the connection with my children. So, if I am honest, I would have to say no. I don’t forgive her.

    So I don’t know. Is it possible to move on and let go of something, yet not forgive? Again, I believe part of the confusion I have about this is related to semantics.

    I’m sorry if I’m not making sense. It is a difficult thing to describe.


    I wasn’t entirely honest with her. I told her she had my forgiveness.


    This is a wonderful test you can take to tell where you are or are not in the path to Forgiveness.

    Spirit Realm

    I know that once I had forgiven someone whom harmed me my life became better, lighter, and I began a path of healing. I forgave for myself not for the person whom harmed. Forgiveness seems to be one of the hardest things some humans do in their life but for me I am glad that I try to forgive all that happens to me.

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