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    is there any canadian tv that carries this show? isn’t there any way we can get it?
    it’s been a few years since CO and you have no idea how much i miss watching his shows. :(
    we don’t get WE tv here,so i’ve never seen CC. it sucks. i miss him :(
    i wish there was a way we could get it here.


    Bounce, I completely understand about wanting to see CC. I live in Canada too and I would love to see it on TV. I used to watch CO all the time – and I too miss it a lot.

    There’s so few quality shows to watch on TV that we get over here which have to do with the afterlife. There’s Medium and Ghost Whisperer & other than that…not much. I wish CO was on DVD, I would buy it.


    I know it really is a drag that Canada’s cable companies won’t carry the WE station. I know when I went to see JE in Toronto last yr the first thing he mentioned when he came out was that he knows alot of Canadians were upset about not being able to watch his show anymore. He said “All you can do is write to your local Cable company and complain, complain & complain some more” :hmm:


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