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    Sorry about last night, Maria, but I lost all 4 bars in the bathroom! Uh…I mean I lost signal when I changed rooms.

    Anyway, what I was saying before I was cut off is that my “client” has Venus in the 2nd House so this could possibly mean that she “attracts” material possessions? (Remember, she says, “show me the money!”) and this is one place that I find money=2nd House.

    She has Pisces on the 2nd House cusp and 4 planets (Saturn, Moon, Venus, Sun and the asteroid Chiron!) in the 2nd. Her Mercury is 22 degrees Aries and in the 3rd House. There are absolutely no major aspects being made to her Mercury (except for the square to her ASC and a semi-sextile to her Jupiter).

    She has Pluto conjunct Uranus AND Mars in the 8th H. Virgo is on the 8th H cusp. (duh! sorry about that, Maria. Of course Virgo is on the 8th!)

    The 2nd place that I find money is in the 8th of other people’s resources.

    Her Neptune (10th H) is conjunct her MC in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus. NN is in the 4th H. Cancer on the Descendant.

    She is wondering if she will divorce. This is the part that I abhor! I do not like Predictive Astrology! It makes me feel like I have a certain amount of power that my client does not share with me……..even if I share the information. (Perhaps this is past life residue preventing me from abusing my knowledge again?) Anyway, I am finding out that Evolutionary Astrology appeals to my senses greatly and I am repulsed by Predictive Astrology…..or perhaps just terrified of misusing it again? (I smell smoke ….does anyone smell smoke?LOL!)

    Okay. This is a fascinating Chart. Great emphasis on the 2nd/8th H axis and that unaspected Aries Mercury in the 3rd which “runs away” with the chart. I suppose I need to do some digging.

    Maria, I so enjoyed this class and all other classes. I will miss you as my teacher and coach and hope that you do not mind if I pop in now and again to pick your brain? I am going to “blame” you for part of my evolution because without your infectious enthusiasm, effervescent personality, and stellar character I would not have been inspired to take up this Art/Science as my calling….and you know why. Thanks for your inspiration, Maria!:hearts:

    Maria, I forgot to save my Karma homework so if you want to post it for me you are more than welcome! Hope to see everyone elses!:D :hearts:

    maria V

    Jamie, would you be comfortable sharing your client’s birth data with us for learning purposes as well as the outcome of your consultation? Do not share the person’s name or your relation to him/her if there is one.

    We do this ALL the time on Noel’s private forum and it’s a wonderful learning experience each time to see the clients horoscope brought to life via conversation.

    I do not have the ability to look at the placements the way you described and adequately get a “feel” for the chart – I need to see the chart complete and in front of my eyes (Mercury in Taurus girl – remember? ;) )

    Don’t abhor predictive astrology Jamie – just rename it to “choice centered astrology” and it will make a world of a difference. You can look at this chart and see the patterns coming up for her that might indicate challenge in her marriage but only SHE can decide if it’s time for a divorce. It’s your job to help her become aware of her changing energy needs.

    Also keep in mind that you have only studied one type of predictive work – transits. Progressions and/or Solar Arcs must also be taken into consideration to provide the most in depth predictive work.

    If you want to study evolutionary astrology, go with Jeff Greene or Alan Oken’s programs (google them for websites).

    And thank you for your kind words. I’m going to miss teaching the more advanced stuff and eventually I might take your advice and design a special private apprenticeship program of my own to turn out professional astrologers. We’ll see what happens…:angel:

    AND DON’T YOU BE A STRANGER LADY!!!! I want to hear how your studies are going and if you have any questions about what you’re learning – you come right here and ask ok???


    “choice centered astrology”……I shall remember that next time I look at Transits.:redface3:

    Okay…here is the birth info. 04/01/1965
    Detroit, MI 02:59 AM……

    Cool….I’ll not be a stranger for sure!:D

    maria V

    Jamie what a dynamite chart! I took the liberty of printing out her Solar Arcs for the year and she certainly does have some major changes coming her way.

    I know you can handle the natal interpretation just fine but since you seem to be a bit nervous about handling the future projections I’ll try to get back to you on what I see coming up based on transits, and arcs.

    Note she has 2 more hits of Transiting Saturn square her Neptune – one on 3/9 and the other on 5/30

    She also has Saturn square the MC on 3/27 and on 5/12 corroborating possible difficulty with authority figures relating to career or husband.

    Saturn rules her Asc – so this is major!!!

    She has tons of arcs coming up as well –

    4/10 – Solar Arc (SA) Venus=Neptune – “love in a swoon” – it’s possible she is being too idealistic about the current situation or not wanting to face reality on the home front.

    7/2 – SA Uranus=Mercury “intensified nervous system – sudden travel plans” and 2 days later…

    7/4 – SA Saturn=Mercury “maturation through heavy responsibility – a sense of depression or heavy burden” – aroun this time she could be under a bit of stress especially with Saturn ruling her Asc. Help her plan ahead now to direct this energy into structured mental discipline so depression can be averted.

    11/21 – SA Pluto=Mars “excessive effort, brutality, extreme force or persuasion.” This will likely affect her status and could be her “taking control” of the situation.

    All of her arcs are building for a most dramatic and life changing one due to occur on 1/31/08 which is SA Uranus=Ascendant. This arc brings with it a major new start and high probability of geographic relocation.

    It looks like she is due for a major personality transformation with Uranus ruling the Asc. and as you focus the timing of the transits and arcs, keep rulerships in mind and realize these changes are going to key her angles dramatically so we know major changes are in store.

    If her marriage is over then there is nothing you can do but it’s for her to decide – these are her life experiences. Based on what’s going on in the chart it looks like major changes are ahead for her and common sense (and my gut) indicates it will be because of an impending divorce based on her reality. You will be there to guide her and help her plan out what’s to come over the next year and if she decides to give the marriage her best effort you can use these dates as advance warning for her of potential stressful times to work through.

    Hope this helps and please let us know how the consult went ok?
    Good luck!:wave:


    Yes, I agree, Maria. This is a dyn-o-mite chart! Thank you for the info on her Solar Arcs as I am not very familiar with this technique. I need to learn though if I want to be a well rounded Astrologer/Counselor.

    I will keep you posted as to how it all goes. Thank you for your generous input!:love:

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