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    Pam B

    One of the petition signers mentioned reading about the cancellation in “Soap Opera Digest” — do any of our members who subscribe to or read that magazine have the latest issue? If so, can you see if there’s a column there? Probably Michael Logan’s? ( I won’t be getting out to the store until late tomorrow evening.)


    I had to run out and pick up a few things so I also picked up the March 23rd Soap Opera Digest. Ran back to my car before they could catch me. :D

    Nooo, I paid for it, I have a friend I give it to. :) Looked all through it and saw nothing about CO and no articles by Mr. Logan. He is usually listed on one of the first few pages if he’s in there. He wasn’t but I still searched to see if there was a short comment somewhere. There wasn’t. :(


    The cancellation of CO was mention In the March 16th issue of the Digest. savejohnedwardtv,com was also mentioned. Michael also said that even though the show cancelled, he would continue to write the column for the magazine. My friend just passed the magazine to me today.


    Can someone get us the text of that article? Very nice of him to mention our efforts!



    Wondering if GL’s Kim Zimmer (Reva) had anything to do with that article? :confused:

    Pam B

    Michael Logan, the author, has been a strong supporter of John’s from the very beginning. He wrote an article about him in TVGUIDE about 2 years ago or so. Around that time, he emailed me to compliment me on :D

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