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    I have been watching John for a while and am inclined to believe he is for real, after having looks into separate writings on psychic research for the last couple of years. But I notice (imagined?)one anomaly that shows up in his show. It appears that a disproportionate amount of the readings shown occur in the back or next to back row, and very few in the front row or lower rows. I’ve only been watching for 2 months, so maybe my sample is too small. So,

    is my observation correct?
    Do the editors simply choose the upper row readings because John’s face is lifted upwards and the cameras catch him better?
    Is John disingenuous when he say he doesn’t have control on who he reads, and he ignores the energies from the lower rows for the sake of better television?
    Or does this indicate that those people John knows information about beforehand are seated in the rear on purpose?

    Pam B

    I think you’ve hit on something very important: Your sample is way too small. Also, I encourage you to get to a live seminar as soon as possible, before making any judgements about John’s abilities whatsoever. You need to eliminate the possiblity of “creative editing” and you need to eliminate any distrust of TV production. You won’t have those issues with a live seminar.

    Best of luck to you in your quest for truth!!!! :thumbsup:


    I definitely think you need to watch more shows. John reads people from every part of the gallery. One show might concentrate on a certain row, mainly because several people in that row are related or came to the show together, therefore the energies that come through are together. But he gets energies for people all over the gallery, not just the back row. And certainly the camera shows John’s face. But honestly, the people being read are shown on camera just as much. It’s their reaction to what’s coming through that is the validation.


    Keep Watching!
    It sounds like a “bit” of skepticism working there, but that’s OK. The only way you can truly believe the answers is if you have asked the questions, and have received the validations. I have only been watching for about 6 months now, but I record all of the shows and I have seen many readings of those in the first few rows (as well as back stage, and outside in the parking garage). I think Pam’s suggestion of a live seminar is an excellent idea. In fact, it is one that I plan to take for myself as soon as possible. Good Luck.


    I will do a sort of experiment next week. My guess is that, of all the gallery readings, a disproportionate number will be from the rear row, and there will, I feel fairly confident, be more readings from the last row than from the first row.

    Pam B

    I’m sorry Mike, but I don’t agree that by doing some kind of an analysis on a small sample of edited readings will be meaningful at all. You need to see him live and unedited.

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