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    Hi everyone! I just thought of this and thought I would pass it on to all of you, that if there was something that you wanted to buy as far as Crossing Over merchandise, that you should do it now, before it’s gone. I doubt that they will be making anymore…..I just bought my T-shirt. :D


    That would be a nice post Christmas gift to myself.:) Where did you find a T-shirt?


    I believe the only Crossing Over T-shirt available for sale is the Australian one on John’s site. There was a shirt given out to some Gallery attendees but I don’t know if it can be purchased anywhere.


    Hi ladies!

    It’s on John’s site….

    In his online catalog…..yes, there is an Aussie t-shirt; however there’s also a Crossing Over one if you scroll down more.

    I just thought that this would be a good time to get something if you’ve been like me….going back and forth on whether to buy something or not. Now’s the time! Who knows if they’ll make any more once the current supply diminishes. I wish they had a windbreaker with the logo on it….That would really be fun to wear!

    :D :cool:

    Amy Rose

    wow its funny you started this thread because yesterday I had this sudden urge to purchase the Aussie T that i have been wanting for months and also the CAV T-shirt and my mom was meaning to by it for my for christmas but she forgot. so yesterday i was like we better buy them before they get sold out!! so yesterday i purchased the shirts.. a few weeks before i ordered bridges so i am still waiting for that to come.. so i will wait patiently! im thinking of also buying the CD’s since i have them on cassette but its more conveinent in the cd player ya know?
    happy purchasing!:lwink:


    Thanks for pointing this out! I just ordered my CAV T-shirt 5 minutes ago.

    Blessings to All,
    No. VA

    Amy Rose

    i ordered my shirts on sunday and the cd set monday and it just arrived in the mail!!!!!!!!!!! i was so surprised it came that fast!!! I’m so excited to wear my JE shirts now and really get involved with the CDs!!! yay!:jumper: :lwink:


    yeah, I bet that the shirts will be really good conversation-starters! :cool:

    Amy Rose

    mrsjones yeah, I bet that the shirts will be really good conversation-starters!

    you sure bet they will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i dont mind at all—i love talking to people about this subject!!!!!!!!!!! :D :lwink:

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