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    Barnes and Noble called me yesterday to let me know my pre-ordered book, Crossing Over-by John Edward is now in stock!!!
    Just a little…FYI for yall…..:user:
    As Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble used to say..“CHARGE IT”…..


    I was in Chicago over the weekend for an autism funraiser walk and went into a B. Dalton bookstore to look around. I went to the section where John’s books are and I found the new book on the shelf and bought it, they didn’t even have a special display for the new book or nothing, just on the shelf with his other books. Oh well I got the book ahead of time! I am so happy, it made my day! :D :reader:


    Oh well I got the book ahead of time! I am so happy, it made my day!

    Is that what you call being in the right place at the right time? or fate??
    How do you like it?? Or have you read anything yet?
    I’m planning on picking mine up today, or tomorrow…depends on which mall I take the daughter to the movies at.


    :) I guess I would say that I felt that I was guided to the book. I saw his other book there and didn’t think there was any other books. But something told me to look to the left and there was 3 copies of the book. So far I have read the first chapter , and it is an interesting book, I can’t wait to read some more. Good Luck getting your book! Have a great day! Kim :reader: :thumbsup: :wave:

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