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    Here’s a just-for-fun poll…


    Well, I had to vote for 7 times a week, because I could watch it both on SciFi (six nights/week) and in syndication (5 days/week), but I must admit that I only watch sporadically while the repeats are airing.

    I do have everything on tape, however, so I’m never totally without Crossing Over.


    Can we add another option? Crossing Over comes on twice a day on syndication and twice a day on SCIFI, so Atlanta audiences get to see it four times a day. Let’s see 4 times a day times 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) + 2 showings on Sunday night on SciFi = 22 times a week! I record them all on TIVO and scan them to find episodes I’ve missed or new episodes. When they start showing all new episodes, I’ll be very busy!

    ScubaCat :cat:


    Hurray for VCR’s!



    My schedule is too scattered these days to remember to set the VCR! :D
    I do get to watch in syndication, so I guess that would be 4 times a week, and rarely (ok, never) see JE on the weekends, but if I have to be up till the wee hours studying, I’ll watch a half hour of JE at 12:30 am, and is usually a repeat of the morning’s syndicated show.


    If you consider each 1/2 hour show then I get to watch 24 times a week. Can you imagine? I actually had to think about that a minute. The only time CO is not actually on is Saturday. Otherwise it is on from 11 to noon and then 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. – all shows are different.

    I read some place today (hmmm, can’t remember where) that SciFi will be doing a marathon Crossing Over July 9 – maybe it was when I was out on SciFi’s site (duh!!!). Man, I don’t think there is a video tape large enough to encompass a whole day – do you????:D


    to answer your question Irishrose, I think a tape covers 4 hrs, and if you get 8 half hour shows on one tape, your set for 4 hours of “JE time” :D
    Of course if you get someone to change the tape after 4 hrs, it’ll be worth it! Good luck!:daisy:


    ooh, if you use extended play on an 8 hour VHS tape, you can get 16 episodes — not too shabby!


    Wow… 16! Now if one could automatically cut commercials…. :)


    Yes, that would be great!

    I’ve actually held the remote in my hand while watching and taping some episodes, pausing the tape during the commercials. It cuts almost 8 minutes per episode! That’s a lot of saved tape.

    Now, it can be tricky, since you have to remember to “undo” the pause when the commercial’s over, but it can save you a few minutes, especially if you’re nearing the end of a tape and you’re afraid you’re going to miss the end credits.

    How many times have we said the little talk during the credits was the best part of an episode??


    I’ve actually picked up the remote while watching the show live and tried to fast forward through the commercials. DUH!



    posted 06-20-2002 05:28 AM

    “ooh, if you use extended play on an 8 hour VHS tape, you can get 16 episodes — not too shabby!”

    You mean there are 8 hour VHS tapes? I had no idea! (call me a VCR knowledge wannabe, my brother was the electonic junkie in the family, not me, but that’s another story…:D) I’ll have to hunt around town for them, because when I (remembered to) tape JE during the week, the tape would end on Thursday, so I would have to watch Thursday’s shows, and rewind that far to tape Friday’s show. :confused: (I dare try this on a late Thursday night though, I’d get home after choir practice to only watch JE, and fall asleep half way through)


    canadianmom, yes there are 8 hour tapes, but make certain that the setting on your VCR is on “extended” play, or “super long” play. Each VCR has its own term, but you want to get the maxium length out of your tapes, usually. I think older VCR’s had the setting switch on the outside, some now require you going to the menu and changing your option, some have a button on the remote.

    Apparently, the slower the recording time, the better the quality of your recording, but most people don’t notice that much difference and just want to get as many hours out of a tape as they can! If you choose the extended play setting on your VCR, you can get the full 8 hours out of an 8 hour tape.

    Check the back of the VHS tape box, or the insert, and it will tell you how many minutes of recording time you’ll get for each setting on your VCR.

    I’ve already accidentally had my VCR on Slow Play, and was quite surprised to only get 5 episodes on an 8 hour tape! :(


    Tanner, been there, done that! :D

    Of course I’ve often WISHED I could fast forward through the commercials while watching live, too!! We do get used to our tapes!

    I’ve also paused during the recording, then forgot to un-pause when the show came back on. That’s not so good.



    Tanner, so funny, I do the same thing.

    Actually, I watch 7 days a week, but I tape the Scifi Crossing Over every night at 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. and then I tape the syndicated show at 3 to 4 p.m. on CBS. So I watch 2 hours of John every day except Friday, (only once, he isn’t on Scifi on Fri.) Yes, there are a lot of reruns, but I can fast forward the ones I have seen a million times, and there are many that I haven’t seen. I just started to watch John in January of 2001. So he must have lots of readings that I didn’t see. Besides, I enjoy the reruns too.


    During the summer I can watch Crossing Over, for an hour in the morning M-F in syndication, and 1 hour at night on SCI FI Sun – Thurs. I tape most of the night shows,when I have my act together. As my mom doesn’t have cable, so I tape them for her. So in essence with all the tapes I’ve made, plus the current shows/reruns included I could spend many hours a day watching Crossing Over, so I chose 7 days a week, since it was the greatest amount of time.

    During the school year, I watch the evening shows on SCI Fi as much as possible and always on Sunday night. (thus 5 days a week, plus my tapings.)

    When I was on vacation, I actually felt out-of-psync not getting my daily dose of JE (lts like not taking your vitamins.) This show is a big part of my spiritual growth right now because of all I learn from each show (even the re-runs.)

    Thanks for the poll Don, it was fun.

    Love, light, and peace,

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