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    I’m just curious, why do skeptics even care what we believe? Why are they so bound and intent on converting us to their miserable non-believing way of thinking? Why the anger? If I had absolutely no hope of ever seeing my loved ones that had passed away, that this life was all there was, I would become a sot drunk alcoholic or drug addict. If one day the earth is going to be incinerated and everything that man has accomplished was going to be wiped out – what does anything matter. Astronomers know that the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies are racing towards each other, that there are black holes in the middle of both of them, and most probably our solar system is going to be gobbled up by the black hole in the Andromeda galaxy (because it sets on the outer reaches of one of the arms of the Milky Way galaxy) then what does anything matter? If when we die we cease to exist what possible harm can it do to let people go to their grave believing that there is life after death? Why are skeptics so bound and intent on evangelizing us to their way of thinking? And, why are they so angry if nothing really matters? If there is no God, no life after death, no absolute morality, then nothing really matters anyway does it? If this life is all there is and at the end of it we cease to exist? If we are nothing more than slaves to DNA, a fluke of the Universe, an accident, then why not let people be happy? Why not let them have their hope?
    Why do they care what I believe? – Art


    Random House/Webster’s Dictionary (1992):

    Skeptic skeptik n: a person who questions the validity, authenticity, or truth of something purporting to be factual, esp. religion or spiritual tenets.

    Cynic sinik n: a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested in other points of view.

    Please be courteous when referring to cynics as opposed to skeptics, posters. They are not one in the same. We have skeptics as posters here, and I would suggest on their behalf that you call a spade a spade. As your moderators here (and I believe Mr. Edward himself has intimated if not spoken on) have suggested, it is always best to keep a skeptical ideal when it comes to paranormal activity; please give skeptics their credit of not stooping to the cynic’s level, please give cynics their due accredited them ( :p ), and watch the terminology.

    If nothing else, take advice from the resident English teacher. :teacher:


    I’m not quite sure how I feel about all of this.

    I don’t find it too disturbing, because I decided a long time ago that I do not need all that negativity. It serves no purpose.

    I don’t find it frightening, either; I find it sad.

    Mostly, I find their reaction to the subject matter puzzling. The amount of venom and vehemence in their posts is abnormal. There are many things we don’t believe in and may disagree with, but most of us don’t become so fanatical when stating our viewpoints or beliefs. While reading through those posts, one could feel an escalation in their intensity, bordering on mob mentality/violence, with the exception of Diezel.

    So, my question is: WHY? Why such extreme reactions to this particular subject? There’s more to it than that they’re just trying to help educate “the deluded” segment of the population who believes in LAD, ADC, etc.

    Mob mentality and violence is usually driven by ignorance and/or fear. I do not profess to be an expert in these matters. In fact, there are many at this board who are much more well-read than I, but we’re all doing our homework. Their lack of knowledge is palpable, yet that doesn’t stop them from voicing very strong opinions about something of which they know next to NOTHING.

    That leaves fear. What exactly is it that they’re so afraid of? Are they afraid that life after death exists? Are they afraid that after-death communication is possible? Are they afraid that those who have crossed are still around us and know what’s going on in our lives? I don’t know anything about any of these people personally, so I would not presume to say that they have no belief system. However, if I had none, I would certainly be very afraid to find out that I was wrong.



    I find myself asking the same questions? Is it ignorance? Or is it fear? May be a little of both. I can only come to the conclusion that it is mostly fear. They fear the “unknown” (in their eyes).

    Are they afraid that life after death exists?
    IMO, they fear it DOES NOT exist……again, the “unknown” to them.

    And if they fear that, then everything else will fall behind that fear including ADC, NDE, and so on….

    I am no expert either on this, no way, this is just my assumption.


    Gee, I’ve never been in a cult before. What to wear…what to wear?

    I was all ready to be outraged and ended up having a big laugh after a very long day. Please, JREF members, allow me to communicate my sincere appreciation for your extremely entertaining exchange, and validate the important part you have all played in relieving the tension that was threatening to cause me a terrible headache. Laughter is better than a foot massage!
    I hate to pick on Diezel, but this is my favorite line:

    Let’s try to be better than they are. We think we are already, all I am asking is that we act like it.

    I’m probably doing old Diezel a favor. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to be considered a JEF sympathizer.
    As for “truth,” the only truth I see in these inane ramblings comes from someone called budddyh:

    “they’ll get added pleasure out of people coming here and whining about it.

    Now there’s some truth!
    Oh… and one more thing JREF trolls. I’m praying for you.;)
    Thanks again,


    I try to be kind and think of a reason for their hatred. The kids in my library that are the foul mouthed, dirty lookig, misbehaving children are the ones who are neglected at home, come from broken marriages, and no one seems to care for them. The people who come here and voice their disbelief and hatred of us could just as easily come from a family that has lost a lot of loved people and are also expressing their feelings of rejection their leaving has given them. Since they aren’t open to hearing from them they come here to belittle those of us who do.
    This is just my opinion.


    ……….reads posts………..turns around…………..shakes head and walks away!!!!!!

    Farmer Kathy

    First of all–AriesMoon loved your debate!!!

    I’m sorry but no one is ever going to convince me that all the signs I have recieved from my son and my Mom aren’t real.

    I also have no desire to convert them (more cookies for me:))

    John has helped me to see these things by being a great teacher who has helped me to harness my own physic potential. This board has allowed me to share some of my experiences with others who will not make me feel like an idiot. For that I am very grateful. So Thanks Pam and all my other JE friends:)


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