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    I know this is elementary for most of our regular visitors, but the fact that this kind of thing is still happening tells me that some people are still able to be hoodwinked by someone like this:

    From: The Sunday Mail (UK)


    A SINISTER self-styled psychic magician has sent letters warning Scots they could die – unless they send him cash.
    Feng Shui Master Ramdoo Rinpoche warns of danger, and an “infernal cycle of bad luck” in targeted letters.
    And “Master Ramdoo” – who appears as a laughing bearded shaman – promises to send a “Blue Cosmic Yantra impregnated with his “personal magnetic fluid.”
    The letters promise to lift the curse, giving access to “£3million in your pocket, in the very near future.”
    He also offers to send his “magical protective eye” in return for £37.
    The letters have been traced to a PO box in Switzerland and authorities there have been alerted by the Sunday Mail.

    One victim, security guard Allan Sherwood, 61, of Forfar, said: “Master Ramdoo could not be further off the mark.

    “In the past two weeks, I’ve won a bottle of vodka in a raffle, a £10 cheque from a Premium Bond, and I’ve just been told that I’ve won almost £6000 in a contest.”

    Sunday Mail psychic astrologer Frank Pilkington said: “Conmen like Master Ramdoo can do untold damage. These kinds of letters belong in one place, the bin.”

    The Swiss Embassy said: “We need people who have received these letters to contact us at the Swiss Embassy in London—so-i-can-lift-death-curse–name_page.html
    18 December 2005

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