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    Farmer Kathy

    Dear JE Friends

    I’m on a voyage and I need directions!!

    I have been meditating with John’s tapes for quite a few months now. I greatly enjoy the exercises he gives.

    My request to you all is, do you have any suggestions of other meditations I could use? I am very interested in developing my physic ability so meditations pertaining to that would be great but any meditation tapes you could recommend would be appreciated.

    I have been taking yoga lessons also, which I enjoy as well.

    Thanks for any and all suggestion:)

    Your friend

    Pam B

    Joan Borysenko has some nice meditation tapes, but beyond Joan and John, I personally haven’t cared for some of the others that I’ve heard. This is why John appeals to me so much, he’s got just the right style.

    Hopefully someone more experienced will be able to offer some input :)


    This is a great question! I’m very curious about this too and there so much crap out there, that without help, its impossible not to waste a ton of money on empty books. Thanks for posing this question!

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