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    Pam B

    If you haven’t heard about the Law of Attraction, you have our prayers for a speedy recovery from that coma you’ve just awakened from ;)

    The movie “The Secret”, (in short, a documentary about the Law of Attraction), has been been playing all over the world in people’s homes on their DVD players and in bits and pieces on Google video and

    The movie has received both positive and negative reviews spanning the culture from fundamentalist religions to fundamentalist science. It’s also received wide acclaim from the self-growth movement and New Age thinkers, both in the positive and negative.

    So… what do you believe about the Law of Attraction?

    Do you think it’s real?

    Did “The Secret” do a good job of explaining it?

    Have you tried it?

    Do you think it works?

    Does it work ALL of the time?

    If it doesn’t work, why?

    What about when bad things happen to large groups of people, like wars, holocausts, terrorist attacks or acts of nature like hurricanes or tsunamis that wipe out mass numbers of human life and cause mass destruction? Did the people who were affected create it by way of Law of Attraction?

    Does the movie “The Secret” help the world, or hurt it?


    Do I believe in the Law of Attraction? Absolutely.

    Do I think “The Secret” did a good job of explaining it? Well, Yes and No, IMHO. But I did not read the book, so my opinions are based solely on the video.

    Much of the negative press surrounding the video seems to be stemming from the emphasis put on having or achieving material success simply through the power of positive thinking. I guess they missed Lisa Nichols’ segment? :rolleyes:

    But I must agree that material/monetary wealth and success seems to be a big focus, so in that way, I think “The Secret” could have done a better job of explaining the basic principle to those who are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction. I feel that they did oversimplify, perhaps because of time constraints, the ways to achieve success, particularly in the financial area. Those of us who are already aware of and believe in the Law of Attraction can look beyond that and understand the deeper, richer meaning of the Law.

    Does “The Secret” help or hurt the world? I believe that it could help tremendously…IF people would really apply the Law of Attraction to all aspects of their lives. We’ve seen what it can do — can you imagine how the world would improve if even a quarter of the population used the power of positive thinking? It’s mind-boggling to contemplate… :goofy: but very exciting!

    :hearts: :stick: :stick: :hearts:


    What keeps running through my mind as I listen and read about this topic is what happens when the “attraction” becomes a tug of war between one (or more) people using the technique? The one for whom it works will swear by it, the one(s) for whom it didn’t will be left scratching their heads


    Great topic, Pam! I do believe in the Law of Attraction. While I think “The Secret” did okay with introducing the subject, people need to broaden their scope to get a deeper understanding. I get the impression that a lot of people think if they simply think positively…*poof*…what they want and think will make them happy will land on their doorstep like they waved a magic wand. Not the case obviously.

    However, knowing how the Law of Attraction works and incorporating that knowledge into life can help bring optimal situations or opportunities to you. These opportunities may help open doors to what you want out of life whatever that may be. But we have to remember that the Law of Attraction is not the only Universal Law at work. (There is the Law of Paradoxical Intent, etc…yadda yadda yadda)

    And as much as we believe we can have whatever we want, there is a limit. There is a greater power and a framework we have to live within. What we attract does eventually come to us. But not necessarily on our timeline or in the package we want.

    But as far as mass tragedies, etc and what part the Law of Attraction plays in them, I’m not sure what I think of that. Can a section of society attract something negative for another section? If we are truly all connected, why not? Right? But that’s a whole other controversial thread…


    Yes, but I also believe in Destiney and that sh!t happens.

    It’s really funny but my friend Matt read THE SECRET about 4 months ago and he was so excited and wanted me to read it right away. I couldn’t get really excited about it because I’d been hearing about it here and there and when I did read it, I wasn’t all that impressed. I guess because for me, I’d been reading stuff about manifesting and books like ASK AND IT IS GIVEN and the IDIOT’S GIUDE TO CREATIVE VISUALIZATION. So, I had to tell him it really isn’t a secret, it’s been around, just in different ways.

    Havent’ you ever heard, you get more flies with honey than vinegar?
    Smile and the world smiles with you? etc. etc….

    Yep, what you put out, for the most part you’ll get back.
    Also, Manifesting requires effort and persistance. Physical effort as well as mental and spiritual. If you want something bad enough, you’ve got to be willing to go work for it.

    However, I do believe that there are certain things in life that we came to experience.
    I believe it’s written in our charts and that we choose these lessons ourselves. No amount of positive thinking is gonna change some of the more unpleasant stuff and no matter how much you know it doesn’t take away from the experience or the way your going to feel about it.

    For instance, sometimes when I have a reading with MaryJo McCabe, I’m still blown away when it jives with my astrology chart and numerology readings. Now, these aren’t bad things that are going to happen but just the fact that they DO happen still blows my mind even though by now it shouldn’t.

    Then, some days you could be just boppin along happy as a clam and someone sidswipes your car and then because you didn’t get rental insurance, your stuck without transportation for a few weeks. Bummer. Stuff happens.
    Does it ruin your life? Nope.

    As for major tragedies, I do believe some people choose to cross over together. I’m guessing theres some kind of lesson in it or we just need to be reminded that life is precious and every day is a gift and you never know when your time is up so make the most of it. Without sorrow how would we know joy and without pain how do we know peace. Tragedies do have a way of getting your attention in a big way.

    Does THE SECRET hurt?
    No, life goes on but there might be a few confused people lurking about.;)


    My life has been completely changed by the law of attraction. I have been practicing for 13 years now and can validate that it does work. Did it all change for me overnight? Absolutely not. In my case it took about a year. And the benefits are cumulative. I think that the real secret for me was to rid myself of the desperation that you feel when you are suffering through terrible circumstances and really believe that it was all going to happen the way I imagined.

    Many people have issues around prosperity – so I will use that example. I have manifested several job offers, and each time the initial offer has been the exact salary I pictured. That always serves as a validation that it is truly the law of attraction, and not a happy coincidence.

    I think there is also an issue that some people are raised to believe that they shouldn’t be greedy or ask for too much. When I first learned to use the law of attraction, a lady at my meditation group taught us to reserve a parking space mentally whenever we went to a public place. The people who had a problem with bothering the Universe for something so trivial reported that it didn’t work for them. But others who didn’t think about whether or not it was okay to ask for something like that said it worked. I think that is the key to the LOA – believing you deserve help and that you aren’t meant to suffer.

    I believe that my Higher Power wants me to have a comfortable life so I can do my highest and best work. I am still working through the issues I am here to master, but I can do that more effectively if I am not worried about the basic needs of food, shelter, and safety.

    I don’t practice it flawlessly. When I first began manifesting higher wages I carried the mental attitude that I would have to work tirelessly to deserve that level of income. I went through a succession of jobs where I was overloaded and too much personal time was sacrificed as a result. Eventually I recognized the pattern and manifested a job with an even better salary and minimal overtime. I had to believe I deserved it in order to get what I needed. Now I am working on personal relationships. I am a nice person who likes to help other people, and in the past, I allowed myself to draw people who were opportunistic and wanted a free ride.

    Is my life perfect? No. Of course not. I can’t change certain things. People I love pass away. There are natural disasters that are outside of anyone’s control. Things happen and I can’t chase them away with positive thought. But I can make sure that the part of my environment that I can improve with the law of attraction is supportive and that I am in a good mental and physical position to deal with those disappointments and tragedies.

    The Secret was a nice introduction. The video was better than the book. Both were a little disorganized for my tastes. But I like that it gets people thinking.

    As for Don’s comment about two people who are using the LOA in oppostion – I think I can help with that as well. For it to truly work, you would never take an opposing position from another person. If you and a co-worker are both up for the same position you have to manifest it for yourself by wishing for something better for them as well – the phrase “for the highest and best of all concerned” is what I use in that situation. Or if you are having an awful time with your supervisor you can envision them getting a promotion, or something wonderful happening for them that changes their life for the better.

    I know – I sound to a lot of people like I am wearing rose-colored glasses. Let me tell you though- the view is pretty wonderful!


    ooohhhh, GREAT topic Pam! I voted yes, definitely, yes. Like attracts like, and IMHO we seem to receive what we project. Wish I had more to add on this subject but you’ve all said it so beautifully already:hearts:


    Believer and legna, thanks so much for your informative, thoughtful posts! And legna, thanks for sharing some of your personal experience! You have made some excellent points. :thumbsup:

    legna;136207 wrote:
    …..I like that it gets people thinking.

    This is so true. While The Secret may not really much of a “secret,” it has reached the masses, and certainly has gotten people thinking. :bulb:


    While I think that the “Secret” was at times overly simplistic, or maybe the way I am seeing the media spread the concept is overly simplistic, I think it only serves to do good.
    So what it is not a new idea. It reminds when a new generation brings back an old fad and revels in its “novelty.”
    Even in its most simplistic state, imagine a world where we all used the positive energy of ideas like the “Secret.” Wow!


    Heck YEAH never more so than now, I have always believed that negativity attracts negativity, and positive attracts positive. I found with the slow and steady demise of my near 20 yr marriage, the effect living with a negative person and the effect it has on self worth, self esteem etc. once rid of that part of my life. I have found that I have picked up considerably and never felt better within myself. then with the death of my son 12 weeks ago, OMG such a horrifying thing to go through, I found as much as I wanted to scream and yell, and get it all out there, I couldn’t because I look at this tragedy in my life and I have to turn it around and find something positive in it. That is a very hard thing to do, when thoughts of him creep into my head, and that overwhelming sadness that comes and goes. lpeople tell me that I shouldn’t allow the anger that I have for my husband eat me up, cos it takes up too much energy, well one thing I have noticed is that I don’t dispell ANY energy at all in my hatred of him, it takes no energy at all. I am here for my surviving kids, and I will not allow that man to crucify me any longer. The Secret helped simplify it all for me, and now I make the most of life, I don’t believe that I attracted my sons accident, but I do believe that my husband attracted that negative into his life.

    Santa Maria

    Attraction is the Law and so be it.

    Spirit Realm

    I heard about the book but did not realize it was a movie. I was thinking about getting the book to read and I shall have to do some research on it. I do appreicate finding this post and shall also read it more. Thank you.


    Laws of Attraction by Byrnes
    Ask ye shall receive by The Bible

    Either way, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    What they are both basically saying is, “YOU have the power, USE it!”

    You’ll never know unless you give it a try.


    Pam B

    I forget where I saw this, but I offer it for your consideration:

    Pay attention to your thoughts because your thoughts become your beliefs.

    Your beliefs become your actions and your actions become your habits.

    Your habits ultimately become your reality.


    Introducing Laws of Attraction to the public was not easy, but “The Secret” opened up new paths and options most people never considered available to them. There may be a bit of fear mixed into the concept, but I don’t believe you should let fear rule your life to the point that you don’t reach out to and for new ideas.

    How about every reality begins with a thought? Thoughts give birth to new ideas, which in turn can become reality. So….watch out what you think and/or wish for.

    Have you ever wished someone bad and it happened? Not so far fetched. I know I’m really careful about wishing anything on somebody, unless it’s good.

    Like the old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, and that definitely includes thinking too. I wonder where that old goody came from? Someone was on the ball. Chums right up with what goes around, comes around.

    Has anyone done the wrist band thing. You wear a wrist band and every time you have a negative thought, you take it off and switch it to the other wrist. Most people break 3 or 4 of them before they have finally have some control of these thoughts.

    I wonder how many negative thoughts we have a day. Might be interesting to find out.

    It’s all interconnected. Think about one thing leads to another, or least my brain does. Goes all over the place and drive Don nuts.

    Its all good things to think about so you can make your own reality.


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