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    I definitely believe! My daughter has the DVD & we have watched it several times…each time gleaning something new.


    I have the DVD I have the book I also have the Secret Gratitude book, along with many cds, DVDs on Abraham ( I am still trying to suss that one out) books and books and more books, Wayne Dwyer and that reminds me Angus and Robertson phoned I have to go in and see Marie to pick up my book that I ordered in By John Holland. I find whenever I enter a book store, Big W or Target or whereever they sell any books, I go in and have a look at what there is and wait for a book to literally jump out at me.

    Then there is the matter of finding a good place to sit and read it. in peace,

    it is 11 month anniversary today since Dions death I went to Port Augusta, on my own this time I think first time since his death.

    people say the first year is the hardest, I don’t think so. not for me anyway because the hardest part is knowing I wont see him further himself. ya know get married have kids, etc

    and the positives I see coming the more I see positives in Dions untimely death. it is sad and I go through the waves, but not once do I ever not show gratitude to Dion for what I have now. I can only hope that my other kids will pick up on that Positive Vibe I put out there.

    Also Last week I went to Adelaide and read the Major Crash investigation reports into the accident. I wanted a full copy of it, and now It is in the post, Even the exact time of death.

    Law of Attraction works. and Dions death I will not allow to be for nothing

    Pam;139267 wrote:
    I forget where I saw this, but I offer it for your consideration:

    Pay attention to your thoughts because your thoughts become your beliefs.
    Your beliefs become your actions and your actions become your habits.
    Your habits ultimately become your reality.

    WOW its one of those sayings that each and every time i read it over and over the words become more powerful I am definately sending these words to my older brother who at this time could use a really good kick in the butt



    Thank you for your reply. I love John Holland, Suzane Northrup, John Edward & James Van Praagh. My daughters and myself were read 2 times by John Edward when he was in Las Vegas. (On 2 different occasions). We were truly blessed.


    Thank you for your reply. Great Quote!


    Thank you for your reply. Lots of well thought out truths in what you say.

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