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    Two Months ago I had a wierd experience in my dream. I went to bed extremely exhausted and as soon as my head hit my pillow I fealt myself start to drift downwards. I didn’t see nothing but darkness but I fealt like I was inside a mummys case but yet I can feel my arms and legs and I couldn’t move them the whole while I am trying not to panic (I usually panic when this type of stuff happens) While I am drifting lower I hear a lady telling me to stay with her….she keeps repeating to stay with her. I still only see blackness. I finally stop sinking and I ask her who she is…and when I asked her that it didn’t come out my mouth but it came out crystal clear through my head (so wierd) and she said she was Amy’s Mom. I instantly started to panic since I knew I was talking to someone dead. I should say I do not know an Amy except for my next store neighbor who i don’t really talk to but for saying hi. I struggled up. I guess you can say I was at the bottom of a pool trying to make my way to the top. I finally pryed my eyes open to only close my eyes again and start to be pulled down. It was an extremely terrifing expereince since I couldn’t stop it. I kept waking up and I couldn’t keep my eyes open I was so tired so they would close and I would drift down….the best way for me to describe again with the water I kept coming up for air to only be pulled back under. It was horrible. Finally it ended and I haven’t had another experience since…I guess I am trying to understand what happen to me.

    5 years back I started having these dreams where i would wake up and be sitting in my bed and I swear I was awaked when all of a sudden I just knew I was still sleeping and at that instant I would wake up again in my bed and I would still sleeping….It fealt like my body was trying to fake myself out that I was really not sleeping. I never got out of bed though I think I knew I was sleeping since my bedroom door was open and the light was on in the living room. Somebody told me a while back that you can die in your sleep by being scared to death and because of this it stops me from finding out who is in my living room.

    From there I started to have those horrible cracking out of your body expereinces which I end up pancking.

    I do keep a dream journal I just think if I could understand what is happening to me I could prepare for it better and try to relax and stay focus instead I panick each and everytime. This last dream I almost fealt like somethng wanted to poesses me and I only say that since it wouldn’t stop pulling me in not and till I prayed to my God to help me. If someone has had similar dreams or knows anything that I could read up on that would be great. Thanks.


    You are correctly identifying these events as out of body experiences (OBE). Unfortunately it’s the most unsettling kind. Have you done much research on the subject? I am no expert but I have read extensively about OBEs. The more you know, the more in control and less frightened you will be.

    It use to be difficult to find information on this subject but now there are many, many good books on the subject. Robert Monroe wrote a couple of good books about his experiences (Journeys Out Of The Body & Ultimate Journey). Although he has passed, the Monroe Institute still carries on offering various training classes in OBEs. There are also many websites with good information. I believe if you search this website you will find some old threads where this subject was discussed. You might find helpful information right here.

    One thing you will notice right away is the number of people who are struggling to have OBEs. I know you don’t feel lucky to be having these scary “dreams” but if you work at understanding them and learning to be in control you may find them to be less frightening and eventually enlightening. Good luck!


    I found an old thread on OBEs but I was unable to “bump” it for some reason. Maybe one of the of the moderators could do so. I searched for “Robert Monroe” and got four hits. The last one was an old thread from 2001/2002 titled “OBE, Sleep Research”. It might be helpful for Agnez.

    Also I forgot to mention that the false awakening – where you thought you were awake but were actually still sleeping – is called lucid dreaming. It’s similar to OBEs and can be very interesting to explore. Please search this site and you will find lots of threads about it. As with OBEs, the more you learn about it the less frightening it will be.

    ScubaCat;124067 wrote:
    I found an old thread on OBEs but I was unable to “bump” it for some reason. Maybe one of the of the moderators could do so.

    The reason you were unable to *bump* the thread is that it’s a closed forum. It’s “Read Only”; you can no longer post to it. But here’s the thread you’re referring to:


    I don’t have alot of experience or knowledge in this area, but I would like to just put my 2 cents in about dying in your sleep. I had always heard as I grew up (from others not my family) that if you see yourself dead in a dream that you will die right then and there. I would like to tell you, in my experience, this is COMPLETELY WRONG. I have seen myself fall and die, die in fatal accidents etc. and I am still here to type this! ;)

    I have only been on my spiritual path about a year now and only ‘under studies’ for the past 5 months…but now when I reflect on my dreams and having read Brian Weiss books, I think this may have been past lives. Not all of them though, some were just a body part aching so my mind put it in my dreams!!

    :hmm: Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring. Protection from negative influences and faith in whatever afterlife/higher power etc will be all you need. I truly believe that we do not leave this life until it is our time. And honestly, don’t we all hope that when it’s our time that we go in our sleep?:P :hearts: Seriously, I do not think you have anything to worry about, you just have lots of exploring to find your own path and answers that work for you.:love:


    ((scubacat)) thanks for the info on OBE and getting the thread bumped/posted, I will also read more about this!!

    Pam B

    I’ve never once heard of someone being “scared to death” either awake or alive. As for the tale of dying if you dream of dying, I think it’s just that, a tale.

    Awareness during Sleep Paralylis is a common condition and is not necessarily a methahysical experience. It can be the brain responding normally under certain conditions, due to the chemicals released by the brain. is a site that deals with Awareness during Sleep Paralysis and gives some tips as to how to stop it from happening, and what you might be able to do to keep it from being a frightening experience.

    I’m not saying that it’s not a spiritual experience, or that you were joined by a spirit guide trying to help you though it. But there are some definate “this side” physical explanations for what you describe, and it’s a fairly common experience.


    Thank you all for your replies I am already checking out those different sites. Now that two months have passed I am already working up my nerves for the next time so I am more prepared and I am determined to stay calm and not freak out.

    It is funny to fine out that I am the 5% of people who have had an OBE and didn’t like it….go figure.

    What is the difference between Lucid and OBE….is lucid just a dream that you know you are dreaming and can control it….and OBE is when you are on a different plane? Does that sound correct below is what I got from the monroe site.

    An out-of-body experience (OOBE or OBE) is defined as an event in which the experiencer (1) seems to perceive some portion of some environment which could not possibly be perceived from where his physical body is known to be at the time; and (2) knows at the time that he is not dreaming or fantasizing. The experiencer seems to possess his normal consciousness at the time, and even though he may reason that this cannot be happening, he will feel all his normal critical faculties to be present, and so knows he is not dreaming. Further, he will not decide after awakening that this was a dream. How then do we understand this strange phenomenon?

    Pam B

    @Pam 124090 wrote:

    As for the tale of dying if you dream of dying, I think it’s just that, a tale.

    Well folks without going into the strange details, I can now say from personal experience that if you dream you’re dying, it doesn’t mean that you die in your sleep.

    Yes, I actually dreamt last night that I died. Oddly enough, I knew in my dream that I was going to die and I wasn’t scared, or the least bit aprehensive. I’m not saying I was joyful about it, I kind of felt like “oh heavens, one more thing on my “to do” list, let’s just do this and get it overwith” like I was annoyed that I had go through the process of dying, just to get to the final result (the other side.) Weird, huh? That’s me. :redface3:

    But I can say with certainty now that, “if you dream of your own death, it doesn’t mean that you will die before you wake.” :clap:

    Pam;125219 wrote:
    …I was annoyed that I had go through the process of dying, just to get to the final result (the other side.) Weird, huh? That’s me. :redface3:

    But I can say with certainty now that, “if you dream of your own death, it doesn’t mean that you will die before you wake.”

    Well, I’m glad that you’re here today to tell us that! ;)

    So, what does it mean to dream that you’re already on the Other Side? I had that dream a while back.

    In my dream, I arrived at a place that seemed like a huge kitchen (which sounds more like hell than heaven to me :laff2: ) yet, I knew that I had crossed over. And I was mad about it.

    I was saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me — I wasn’t finished yet! There was so much left to do, and I was right in the middle of….” I was actually fussing and complaining.

    Weird, huh? Yeah, that’s me, too! ;)

    Pam B

    Well here’s the thing. I allowed myself to ingest a pill that I knew would cause my death. I just sort of shrugged and said “oh well let me just do it” — not suicide mind you, in my dream I was “sentenced” by a judge to do it.

    And I could have fought it, but I didn’t. In the dream, the pill caused me to sleep and I knew that I would die in my sleep. I woke up (in the dream, not really) and said “I feel groggy but I don’t ‘feel’ dead” so I wasn’t sure if I was here, or there. I think I perceived that I had died and came right back again, almost like a NDE maybe?

    It wasn’t a scary dream and I wasn’t upset when I woke up.


    Funny I never saw this post before now….
    As far as I know I have only ever had one dream where i actually died. It was when I was around 13/14 yrs old. And still to this day i remember almost ever detail. It was a very violent death. I remember this dream bothering me off and on for awhile. I remember details where the sky was moving like lightening speed .The clouds were dark and swirling. I was in a pick up truck with my brother (it was his truck) and we were racing through the town we lived in their was nobody around but we were being chased by vampires. We went off the road and were driving through a huge field and the truck stalled and then so quickly we were attacked b these vampires:eek: LOL And the hood of the truck opened and they grabbed me slit my throat and wrists and I remember dieing slowly God it was quite awful slept with a light after that one. Now I had a brother who was kind to me (no bullying or anything like that) never ever in my life have dealt with severe depression or had any kind of suicidal thoughts. But you’d think such violence must hold some sort of dark feelings. But this just wasn’t the case!! And I have never had a dream like that one ever again.


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